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25+ Trippy Wallpapers and Psychedelic Backgrounds for Desktop

If you love trippy backgrounds then you are going to love our collection of the best trippy wallpapers and Psychedelic backgrounds for your desktop computer and laptop. These types of wallpapers are classified as trippy because they are completely different from the normal backgrounds. You can easily differentiate these backgrounds from others as they are based on optical illusions and confusing patterns. Moreover, these types of backgrounds can also make some people feel dizzy.

We have shared some amazing wallpapers for iPhone 6 and also shared the Android lollipop wallpapers recently. So, we thought of giving you the best collection of trippy wallpapers that you can set as your desktop background. Most people think that such trippy wallpapers are a work of creative minds and if you are one of them, then you are going to love our collection of 25+ Psychedelic and trippy backgrounds for desktop.

25+ Trippy Wallpapers and Psychedelic Backgrounds Collection

These wallpapers and backgrounds range from simple hand-drawn images to high quality computer generated 3D renderings. As these wallpapers are based on optical illusions and complex patterns, some people might feel dizzy looking at it.

To download the wallpaper, click on the image and download the wallpaper in full size and set it as your desktop background.

abstract freedom wallpaper
globe trippy wallpaper
color crystal trippy background
psychedelic trippy background
skull psychedelic wallpaper
colorful food trippy background
trippy digital art psychedelic
trippy psychedelic wallpaper digital art
colorful trippy digital art
psychedelic skull background

abstract colorful trippy lines
psychedelic waves background
digital trippy colorful art
digital art trippy
trippy psychedelic digital background
trippy wallpaper digital art

psychedelic bubbles background
trippy optical illusion background
trippy wallpaper background
abstract trippy colorful wallpaper
psychedelic desktop lion background
cloud explosion trippy wallpaper
psychedelic trees artwork
trippy wallpaper background art
optical illusion trippy wallpaper
psychedelic pattern wallpaper
trippy psychedelic hypnotist wallpaper
trippy colorful wallpaper artwork

So that was our collection of the best trippy wallpapers and Psychedelic backgrounds that you can use one your desktop as a wallpaper. We will try to keep adding more high quality and HD wallpapers in this collection and keep the article updated.

If you liked our collection of 25+ trippy wallpapers and Psychedelic backgrounds, then don’t forget to share the article with your friends so that they too can try out something new and give their desktop a whole new look and feel. Download these trippy backgrounds and set them on your desktop to give it a creative look. If you have any feedback, let us know in the comments below.

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