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5 Ways To Have An Easy Thanksgiving Thanks To Technology

Thanksgiving, the time of the year where you spend the entire morning slaving away in a hot kitchen preparing an elaborate dinner for your loved ones and in-laws who always seem to be of no help. The hard work always pays off in the end however when everyone’s around the table having a good time and are thankful, especially for the delicious food you just spent hours preparing. We’ve been doing this for years, and we’ve been doing it the same way. With technology rapidly improving our lives and making things easier why don’t we let technology give us an easy Thanksgiving. Making Thanksgiving easier doesn’t mean it won’t be as good, it just means you will get to enjoy it that much more. Remember work smart, not hard.

Easy Thanksgiving

There are numerous ways you can have an easy Thanksgiving by using technology. From remote sensors, new appliances, and even apps that will help get the grunt work out of the way. Here’s a list of how you can have an easy Thanksgiving using Technology we love so much.

Here’s How To Have An Easy Thanksgiving:

1. Long Range Wireless Digital Thermometer

It’s like a baby monitor, except for your turkey. In all reality for those few hours of prep and cooking that turkey really is your baby. Cleaning it, stuffing it with more food, and giving it all your attention. There’s nothing worse than the idea of overcooking it and ruining all your hard work just because you stepped out of the room to spend time with family. With this wireless thermometer you will be able to leave the kitchen and spend time with your family (isn’t that what Thanks giving is about?) without worrying about a crispy turkey.

Ivation IVAWT738 Dual Probe Long Range Wireless Digital Thermometer Set W/ DBTech Meat Temp Magnet easy Thanksgiving


2. Multi-Timer

Turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, steamed veggies, the list goes on. There are a lot of things you have to cook and prep. No longer do you need to use your phone timer, oven timer, and your clocks alarm to keep track of when food is ready. With this timer you can set three different timers all at one place. No longer will something burn because your cousin Ned forgot to tell you his timer on his phone you borrowed went off.

OXO Good Grips Triple Timer easy Thanksgiving

3. TaskRabbit

Forgot to pick up some spices? How about the actual turkey? Maybe you don’t feel like cooking anything at all. With taskrabbit you can pay someone to do almost any task for you. So no more worrying if you forget something or driving to the store just to fight through crowds just to stand in line. Enjoy an easy thanksgiving.



4. Electric Carving Knife

After cooking all day we all know how worn out we are. Having to cut through a turkey is never any fun. Having this simple tool laying around will make your Thanksgiving easier, much easier.

Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife easy thanksgiving

5. Skype

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Thanksgiving is about being with family and friends. It’s not always possible whether it be distance, or finances. Skype is a video call program you can download so you can still see your distant relatives. It may not be the same as having them there but being able to see them and talk to them is a great way to have an easy Thanksgiving.

Skype easy Thanksgiving


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