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Surf The Web In 3G Surfing Speed On 2G Data Plan

Have you got a 2G mobile data plan and desire to get 3G surfing speed with a 2G data package? I really hope this kind of easy technique will assist you to obtain 3G surfing speed on your 2G data plan helpfully.  But this specific yet easy technique is only going to quicken your surfing speed but not the downloading. Your download speed will stick faithfully to your 2G speed plan.  In fact, it also relies on your network service provider.

Follow the methods beneath:

  • Click on “Menu”. Start by opening phone “Settings”.

  • In settings below “Wireless and Network,” search for “Additional Options”.

  • Click on option “Additional Options”. Tap on “Mobile Networks”.

  • Click on select “SIM Card,” (For dual SIM devices only). Choose SIM with an active data plan.

  • After that look for an option named “Network Mode” and click on it.

  • You will discover 3 options such as GSM only, WCDMA only and WCDMA/GSM mode. This time, choose WCDMA only.

  • Restart your cell.

You can now take pleasure by 3G surfing speed in your 2G plan.  Remember to share this technique with your family and friends.

Do not forget:

  • Just surfing speed is going to be 3G. Although downloading speed will remain like 2G.

  • Your web service agency needs to have 3G services in your area or nation.

  • These specific settings may not be employed by several network companies.

In case, you find this technique isn’t working for your network then remember to comment down below.  We’d be pleased to assist you with several additional settings.

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