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Great Alternatives To Microsoft OneNote

Having a note taking application on your computer, tablet or other mobile device has become a necessity for many people. They often find that these programs come in handy when they are on the go and they simply do not have the time to devote to writing something down or they simply want an easier method to do this while they are online. With these note-taking applications, there was once only one program that you really had to choose from. This was the Microsoft OneNote application.

There were supposedly competitors out there, however, these applications could never really compare to the one that started it all. Thus, many people found that they had to go with Microsoft OneNote; otherwise they had no application for note taking purpose. However, that has changed now. There are several other alternatives on the market that are going to compete whole-heartedly with Microsoft OneNote. And the best news is that these are free alternatives! For those who are ready to get their life under better control and who are ready to make sure that they have the ability to take notes whenever and wherever they are, these free applications that compare to the Microsoft OneNote are going to be the best choice out there.


For those who are not new to the note taking market, they are going to find that Evernote is one of the applications that everyone praises for being so comparative to the Microsoft OneNote application. For those who have worked with Evernote, they are going to find that it is rather simple to utilize. The application is set out in an easy to see format and allows you to do basically the same things as if you were using the Microsoft OneNote application.

Within this note taking application you can take simple notes, add images that you find on the web, and also utilize this to collaborate with more than one person. It is a great application for team members to stay on top of what needs to be done and has been done on a project.

Google KeepGoogle-Keep

This application was designed by Google, and is considered a great note-taking app for those who are utilizing a mobile or tablet. It is not available for a PC or Mac to stand alone on its own, which is one of the drawbacks of this particular note-taking app. Within this application you have two basic formats for taking notes. You can utilize the simple note format or a to do list. Though it cannot stand on its own with a computer, you can access this via the applications website. This is completely free and for those who already have a Google account, they can simply activate this app to get started.

Wunderlistwunderlist organiser

This application is completely free and is available to stand alone on its own with a PC, or it can be used with a mobile device. For those who use this, they can simply type into the app any notes or to do lists that they want to remember. They can then assign special tones for each item so that you can easily keep track of what you have done and what you still need to do. That is one of the more special features about this note taking application.

Cintanotescinta note ever note competitor

This is one of the more basic note taking applications that is out there. It is simple without any bells or whistles that make it stand out on the market. For those who are looking for a simple way to take notes, then this application is going to be a winner for them. It takes up less room that other types of note taking applications, making it perfect for those who may have limited memory on their device.

Nevernotenevernote ever note alternatives

The name is a bit misleading, however, it is very comparable to other note taking applications on the market. For those who look at this, they are going to find that it is very similar to Evernote. It is simple to use and does not have many special features that make it stand out. However, for note taking of simple things, it can come in quite handy. You can also make lists with this, along with setting up reminders for these lists.


This is a note-taking feature that also works as a Wiki page update. For some people, this is more desirable than a simple note-taking app. You can utilize this on your PC. You cannot only take notes, but you can include links that are going to be fully functional within these notes. You can also export the notes that you take to HTML if you want to publish this or the like. It does integrate well with calendar notifications, and also includes an equation editor for those who are interested in these types of features.

LavernaLaverna keep notes private

This note taking application is one that values privacy above anything else, but also brags about how it can help you to write notes even faster than other apps out there. The reason for this is the live markdown-editing feature of this app. It also includes a distraction free mode, which many find to be helpful when they simply want to focus on their notes. These notes can be put into a dropbox file so that you can have access to your notes, no matter where you are at. It also allows for you to enable the encryption feature to keep your notes completely private.


This note-taking app was designed for Windows users only. You can take quite notes on what looks like sticky notes on your screen. You can sync these with other computers and devices that have a Windows account, allowing you to keep your information with you at all times. This is a free option that many Windows users are utilizing. And it does come highly recommended from those who have tried it due to its simple design and unique method for taking notes.

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