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6 Best Android Apps that Tech Geeks Will Love

Apps come in all shapes and sizes nowadays and there seems to be a category of apps for every possible group of people out there, from games to useful tools or just media. They morphed from a simple piece of software to a diverse industry which includes mobile monetization, research and fascinating advances in technology. Since what is generally called “geek culture” has become a force to be reckoned with in everyday media and the world of tech has responded, creating a series of gadgets that have managed to capture the attention of geeks around the world.

The following list will showcase some of the most interesting, well thought out and popular Android apps for geeks. If you have an Android smartphone, then you should download and install the apps mentioned below as it will bring out the inner geek in you.


iFixit is a truly amazing app that can help users repair, improve or thoroughly clean their gadgets. From cameras to phones and everything in between this nifty little app will give you a well-planned, step by step walkthrough with pictures included that can help even the most unskilled tech owner solve his or her problem. You may even end up saving some money by not paying for a professional to fix your gadgets.

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ifixit android app

My Tracks

Geek or no geek, everybody likes to take a relaxing walk every now and then. Whether you want to do so in a city, a park or through the wilderness is up to you but remember to give My Tracks a chance when you do it. This cool app tracks you whole journey via GPS and allows you to share it on multiple social media platforms. It also comes with a series of fun tools that will allow you to measure distance, average speed, terrain and numerous other aspects of your trip.

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my tracks android app

Google Sky Map

While just about everyone uses Google Maps every now and then to get where they need to be, the internet giant also launched an interesting new app called Google Sky Map. We have all been at one point or another fascinated by the vastness of outer space and the beauty of out starry filled skies. This complex app allows you to better understand astronomy or simply have fun while learning something interesting.

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google sky map app

Mindjet Maps (Thinking Space)

You don’t necessarily have to be a geek to need something to quickly write down a thought or idea you just had. Mindjet Maps (formerly Thinking Space) is the app to permanently solve this problem. This interesting mind-mapping app will allow you to easily write down and remember even the more complex trains of thought you have and export them at a later date to wherever you may need. The user friendly interface as well as the pleasant design and clever features really make this app better than the classic pen and paper.

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mindjet maps thinking space


Tasker is the perfect tool to use if you want to truly have every smartphone feature at your fingertips. Its intuitive design and numerous features will allow you to make changes or setting to your phone simply and time effectively without having to delve deep into the setting feature. Set your phone to go into airplane mode ahead of time, tinker with your audio setting for that crisp sound or increase the quality of your videos.

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tasker app

Team Viewer

Whether you have to help out your parents with their PC or you need to get some file off of yours, Team Viewer is a cool app that allows you to access any PC remotely; once you’ve installed the software that is.

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teamviewer app

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