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Android N Tricks – Hidden Features You Should Know

With the arrival of the latest Android N comes even better features and drastic changes from the traditional Android Marshmallow. If you are a fan of the possibilities with Marshmallow, then wait till you get your hands on Android N. While Android N has a long list of major features, it still holds a few surprises for those who are willing to search and take the plunge into the System settings. With the new features there comes some sweet hidden tricks to unlock the most potential from your Android device. These tricks and tips can save you heartache, data usage, battery life and even help you personalize you device to fit your personality. Some tricks have been purposely hidden to keep people from accidently changing the way their device works, but with these tips you can unlock some of the best features to come out to date, and show your mad Android skills. Plus you get to say you got to work with some “experimental” features. And who doesn’t like to “experiment”?

With that in mind here’s the list of the best features to start mastering your Android N device:

1.System UI Tuner For Better PerformanceAndroid-M-System-UI-Tuner1

The new System UI Tuner allows you to turn your Android N device into a mini computer while unlocking some sweet goodies. While a System UI Tuner could be found on Marshmallow, it really gets its chance to shine with the new Android N. With the System UI, you can unlock a host of personalization goodies and experimental system settings. Features like a color coded Night Mode, the ability to personal the display color calibration, battery display, clock style, and being able to set gestures for multi-window, the customizing is on a whole new level. If you really want ultimate control over customization, pop over to this article on how to Unlock the System UI to learn how to unlock you Android N and it’s true potential.

2. Emergency Info On Locked Home screenAndroid-N-tricks-Emergency-info

Finally, a way for people to contact you when they find your phone without having to unlock it! With this user-friendly feature unlocked, you can enter a phone number, address, and vitally important information in case your phone gets lost or you are in an accident. It can all be accessed from a locked screen without the device being unlocked. For people with medical history this is a lifesaver, as you can put important information on your locked homepage, so if something happens they will know who to contact without getting into your personal files. To make your information visible, go into Settings, then find Users, then Emergency information. Moreover, you can add all sorts of information such as emergency contact, blood type, address and more.

3. Set Custom Display SizeAndroid-N-Screen-Zoom

Have you ever been trying to read only to have the default print size make your eyes hurt? How about having the apps too small to make out the whole name properly? Now you can change the text size and have it remember your setting. With this setting unlocked you can choose between the five different settings ranging from Small, Default, Large, Larger and Largest. To find it just go to Settings>Display>Display size and change it to what suits you best. With a single setting you no longer have to fix the settings in each app individually, because it remembers your setting and applies the changes across the whole system.

4. Drag and Drop TextAndroid-N-drag-and-drop-text-in-split-screen-1

With Android N’s ever improving split screen multitasking, this saves you from having to go back and forth between app windows and directly highlight, drag and drop the text into the box you want. While it’s great that they are improving the multitasking, it does come with some major unfriendly flaws. While it works wonderfully with Google Hangouts, it doesn’t seem to work for all apps. The list of compatible apps is currently rather short, and you can’t be sure if it will work till you get to try it. The fact that it exist at all and seems made to work with Google apps suggest it is a continued work in progress, and that is sure to get better with time and feedback.

5.Make It Easier to Find Your AppsPin it Android N

When you’ve a massive amount of apps, it can be hard to keep the ones you use daily on the top of the share menu. Android N has come up with a solution for that, by allowing you to pin your most used and favorite apps directly to the top of the share menu. To keep an app on the top of your list you must press, hold the app you want at the top, and wait for the option to “Pin” it . When you choose to pin, and the app will appear front and center on your share menu. Never lose another app when you need it.

6. Block Unwanted CallsAndroid-N-tricks-call-blocking

This is one of the most request and prized tricks that Android N added. This new call-blocking feature makes keeping unwanted calls away a breeze. Just add a number you want to block, and that number will be blocked not just by the dial app but by numerous apps. It even blocks them via the service provider. To find this stress-reducing gem, you have to go into the phone dialer app. In order to block numbers, open dialer app and hit the settings button (via the three dots) on the top right. In the settings look for call blocking and add the numbers you want blocked. With cross app use, this keeps you from getting anything from that pest ever again!

7. Get Notifications via LED lightAndroid-N-Tricks-enable-LED-notification

Sometimes you need light and sounds to wake you up and grab your attention. For people who do better with light then with sound alarms, this is a great hidden prize in the Notifications settings. Android N comes with this naturally disabled sadly by default. To turn it on, go to the settlings, then Notifications. If you find the settings cog icon at the top right, then look for “Pulse notification light” and switch it to on. Now your screen will light up and get glowing LED notifications. This also makes it easier to find your phone should you lose it, as it will light up with notifications.

8. Block Annoying Notifications with a TapAndroid-N-block-app-notifications

Don’t you hate when unwanted notifications keep making your device ring, killing your battery and annoying you at the worse time for something usually unimportant? Now you can get rid of them with this simple setting change. Swipe left or right lightly on the notification and find the settings cog icon right in the notifications try. You can also just press and hold the notification to bring up the options. Choose “Show notifications silently” or “Block all notifications” depending on what you want. That’s not the only wonderful setting to be found here. You can also find the option for “More Settings” for even more options, such as “Hide sensitive content” and “Override Do Not Disturb”. These features explain themselves.

9. Set Unstoppable AlarmsAndroid-N-do-not-disturb-automatic-rules

Setting an alarm only to not have it go off after forgetting to turn off “Do Not Disturb” has probably cost more than one person some major heartache in the past. While Do Not Disturb is a great way to keep your devices from going off a bad times such as the movies or at work, not remembering to turn it off could cause a mountain of trouble, but not anymore. You can now make sure that when you set your alarms to go off, the Do Not Disturb goes off automatically as well, allowing the alarm to do its important job. To do this, go into Settings>Sounds > Do Not Disturb> Automatic Rules and then choose enable “Alarm can override end time”.Android-N-Do-not-disturb-visual-interruptions

Along with this lifesaver comes the new “Visual interruptions” option. It does just as it name says, allowing you to stop Visual interruptions by going into the Sounds > Do Not Disturb menu. This allows you to stop notifications from coming up when the screen is on and block notifications from lighting up the display when Do Not Disturb mode is on. No more having notifications kill your battery.

10. Control Apps Data UsageAndroid-N-Whitelist-apps-in-data-saver

Now your background apps won’t cost you an arm and a leg in data usage. Android N has added one of the most asked for modes for those of us on a budget. Of course I speak of the lifesaving Data Saver Mode that restricts app usage to help save you money by lowering your data charges. With this mode you also get the ability to allow selected apps to work without this restriction while restricting others. To add an app to the list, go into Settings, then Data usage. From Data Saver find “Unrestricted data access”. Here is where you can choose to enable the apps, which you want to have free range. You will never again have a stray app drain your wallet.

11. Disable Annoying Touch Soundsdiable touch sound

Some people like their devices silent. With so many noises for everything you do with your device, it can get pretty annoying and loud at times. You can disable those bothersome sounds, and it just takes a little trip once again through the settings. In order to disable the dial pad tones, charging, screen locking and touch sounds go to Settings, followed by sounds, then on to Other Sounds.

If you like you can even configure if it plays in stereo or monotone. From the same settings you can also choose to have Android N play in mono. To have it always play in mono just head back to Settings, then Sounds.

12. Have Multiple Languages at OnceAndroid-N-multiple-languages

Anyone who is bilingual or multilingual will tell you how much faster you learn and retain a language when you use it on a daily basis. Before, Android devices could only run one language at a time. Android N allows you to add numerous languages for your device to recognize, allowing you to be able to do Google searches in those languages. You can add new languages anytime by going into Settlings, and finding Language & input. You then go to Language and choose from a menu. While you can use multiple languages, the device’s primary language will always be the first one you choose. With that in mind, they have made it so you can simply reorganize languages on the list.

Looking Forward to the Next Update

With the list of improvements and continued updates, we look forward to seeing what the Android N can bring to the table after all these great options. Will Google improve their drag and drop paste ability? Will the System UI Tuner be used to make your devices even more customizable and personal? While these tips are great, we can’t wait to see what the next update has in store.

While the System UI Tuner is technically experimental features, they do bring a list of vital operations to the platform while making life easier for the daily user. Don’t let the “experimental” tag throw you off trying these sweet customization options; it’s well worth trying. Plus, who doesn’t like saying they “experiment” with an Android, kind of makes you sound like a mad scientist!

You Can Help Expand the List of Tricks and Tips

Installed Android N on one of the Nexus devices? Have you tried them? Found a new hidden feature you can’t wait to share? Please let us know, as we’ll continue to update this page as progress is made with each new update. We love this new update so much, we won’t be happy till we’ve got every trick and tip of the Android N. We’d love to hear your thoughts, comments and opinions in the section below. Keep your eye on this space as our exploration of Android N continues.

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