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The Best Apps for Sharing Files Between Android Devices

Do you have a large file that you need to transfer between two Android powered devices? Maybe a friend of yours has downloaded a television show onto their Android phone, and wants to transfer it to you. It can be a pain to send it via email, or wait for the file to be compressed to assist in transfer. How can you accomplish such a fantastic feat?

You certainly don’t want to wait the entire hour it would take to copy the file from one Android device to another. Luckily, there are certain apps that can be used to instantly share large files between Android devices. With these seven apps for android, you’ll have no problem at all moving those files from one Android device to another. Take a look and figure out which app is best for you!

1. SHAREit is the most popular file transfer app available for Android devices. It has been downloaded over one hundred million times from the Play Store, so it’s the file-sharing app other users are most likely to have. Using a Wi-Fi connection, SHAREit allows you to share all types of files between different devices. The speeds at which pictures, movies, and music can be shared over Wi-Fi is vastly superior to transfer speeds using Bluetooth.

One of the unique features of SHAREit is an option called CLONEit, which allows you to copy all the information from one device to a new one. Furthermore, in addition to the Android app in the Play Store, you can also download a desktop version that will allow you to share files between your PC and your mobile Android device. Instantly transferring files has never been easier! While it sometimes takes a few tires to get two devices connected using SHAREit, once they have connected it is by far the best file transfer app!

2. SuperBeam is another popular file transfer app, with over one million downloads from the Play Store. SuperBeam transfers any type of file between two devices using Wi-Fi direct. By scanning the other user’s QR Code, you will receive their data and the two devices will connect. Once this is accomplished, the app makes transferring any sort of file a breeze!

If the automatic connection doesn’t work, you can easily connect devices manually, but entering the name of the Wi-Fi network, which will give you a unique link to send to the recipient. Once that link is clicked, the connection will be made, and your phones will be prepared to transfer.

3. Xender is the next app for easy file transfer between two Android devices. Just like SHAREit and SuperBeam, Xender uses a Wi-Fi network to transfer any type of file between the two different devices. The intuitive interface allows you to easily organize and transfer your files. Plus, this app also allows you to transfer files to other platforms, like your desktop or even a device running iOS.

This app also boasts the awesome feature of allowing you to share files with up to four other devices at one time. Once all four devices have been added to the same Wi-Fi network as the sender’s phone, it is a cinch to transfer the file to everyone. On top of this, Xender also features an option to copy all of the data on an old Android device onto a new one.

4. Zapya specializes in ensuring you can send any type of file between any kind of platform – whether you’re using an iPhone, a Windows Phone, or any variety of other types, as long as its on Wi-Fi, Zapya can transfer between them. Zapya also offers the option to create a group of up to four recipients for a single file transfer.

As far as bells and whistles go, this app includes support for multiple languages, and offers multiplayer games. With over one million downloads in the Play Store, it’s another genuine hit!

5. Mesh it up! File Transfer is a relatively new addition to the Play Store, but it is already proving to be an excellent app for transferring large files. With Mesh it Up, you can either send files over a pre-existing wireless network, or you can create a new Wi-Fi network through this app. Once all the users are on the same Wi-Fi network, Mesh it up! Easily transfers files between them. Although this app is very easy to use, if you’re having problems figuring out how anything works, it includes a very clear tutorial to explain how you use all of its many features.

6. CM Transfer might just be the fastest option when it comes to connecting two devices. In only a matter of moments, you can connect two devices and have them transferring files quickly and painlessly. This app is compatible with all variety of files, from music to text. With over a million downloads and one of the highest ratings in the Play Store for a file transfer app, CM Transfer is sure to please.

7. Last but not least on our list is T Share. With over 500,000 downloads on the Play Store, it may not be the most popular app on this list, but it may just be the best. This app uses Wi-Fi to transfer files, music, or apps between two Android devices, either over an existing Wi-Fi network or by creating a new one.

Which App to Choose

There’s out list of seven different apps to choose from when you’re looking to transfer files from one Android device to another quickly and easily. Most of these apps work in a similar fashion, connecting to a Wi-Fi network in order to transfer the files between platforms. When you’re looking to transfer a large file quickly, and without too much fuss, be sure and think of one of these seven great apps! And remember: if you’re transferring a smaller file, using one of these apps probably won’t be necessary, since you can just send it via WhatsApp.

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