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Free Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge from AT&T

You may have been hearing exciting things about a new cell phone telephone that has hit the market recently. Yes, there’s more to these whisperings than rumors, because the brand new Samsung Galaxy S7 and the S7 Edge. These two recently released phones have been discussed excitedly even since they hit the market, and it has proved to be an exceedingly popular cellular device. In fact, anyone would be lucky to get their hands on such a cell phone telephone – but how would you like to get your hands on not one, but two?

It might sound too good to be true, but AT&T is offering a limited time deal that gets you a second Galaxy S7 or S7 edge absolutely free of charge when you purchase one at regular price. That’s right, you’ll only be paying for a single Galaxy S7 or S7 edge, and the second will be included for the low price of no money whatsoever! Two phones for the price of one, or buy one get one free – call it whatever you want, because whatever it’s called, getting two cell phones for the price of one is a great deal.

When you take advantage of this limited time promotion, you will not only be able to get your hands on the newest and shiniest Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, you’ll also be able to get earlier models in the Galaxy family: last year’s Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge, the Galaxy S6 edge plus and the Galaxy S6 active, not to mention the Galaxy S5, and even some others. Yes, there is a veritable galaxy of phones contained within the Galaxy galaxy, and they’re simply waiting to be discovered by you. Blast off with a great deal today!

To take advantage of this offer, there are a few simple steps for you to follow. If you take each step in stride and complete each of them, soon you’ll be on your way to taking advantage of AT&T’s spectacular limited time offer. First things first, you need to purchase both devices you’ll be apply the promotion to. In order to do this, you must first determine which of the Galaxy cell phone telephone devices you prefer. You can research online to learn all about the many features offered by the Galaxy phones, or perhaps call a local AT&T store and ask them about the various features the phones have.

However, in order to qualify for this stellar but limited promotion, you must purchase both cell phone telephones a specific way. If you don’t purchase the cellular devices in this manner, than you will not qualify for the promotion. The specific way you must purchase them is to buy both cell phone telephones using the AT&T Next 24 payment option. Once you have successfully selected the phones through this payment option, you will want to purchase a qualifying service plan. Does this seem easy so far? That’s right, it’s a complete breeze!

Once you have purchased both cell phone telephones, and opted for a qualified service plan, the next step is simply to play the waiting game. What, all you have to do is just wait around? That’s absolutely correct. All you have to do after purchasing both cellular devices through AT&T Next 24, and opting for a qualified service plan, is simply wait for three months. After three months have passed, the second device purchased will begin to receive a monthly credit on its bill. These bill credits can total up to six hundred fifty dollars, thus making the second cell phone telephone essentially free for you!

Isn’t it aggravating when you already have a contract with a cell phone telephone company, and then you hear them running some big promotion you’re not qualified for because you already have a contract? Well, that isn’t a concern in this instance. Both new customers to AT&T and existing customers can qualify for this promotion! No matter who you are or whether or not you already have a contract with AT&T, you are eligible for this promotion. What a great deal! Nothing’s worse that being left out of such a great promotion, and now you don’t have to worry that you will be.

On top of all these great benefits, there’s even more: for a limited time, when you purchase either a Galaxy S7 or a Galaxy S7 edge, AT&T is throwing in one of the news, shiniest, coolest accessories ever made for a cell phone telephone: the Gear VR headset! Whoa, did you just read that right? You did! A free Gear VR headset with purchase of a Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge. Now there are some very impressive deals you can find these days, but do you really think you can top something as impressive as free Gear VR headset? I didn’t think so.

On top of all this, AT&T has plenty more amazing deals to astound you and save the stress on your wallet. If you find yourself fed up with your current cell phone telephone contract, that now is the time to look into new options, and you won’t find a more satisfying deal for a better price than AT&T is offering with all of these incredible promotions. If you’ve been considering making the switch to AT&T, let me tell you, now is just about the best possible time to take the plunge!

In addition to the previously mentioned deals, AT&T has plenty more besides. Until March 31st, you can earn up to six hundred fifty dollars in credit just by switching for your current carrier to AT&T. It’s just a matter of opening a new phone line with AT&T, bringing in your current phone number, and then buying a new cellular device using the same AT&T Next 24 deal described above. Why hesitate? What are you waiting for? AT&T’s great cellular service and amazing cell phone telephone deals are right there waiting for you –Don’t delay!

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