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Baidu Browser App – Fast and Secure Browser for Android

When you have an Android smartphone, you need to have a fast web browser app installed as well to surf the Internet at super-fast speed. Other than speed, you should also consider if your web browser app is secure or not. There are many web browser apps for Android available in Google Play Store and one of them is Baidu Browser that not only allows you to surf the Internet at fast speeds but also provides privacy protection when you are online. In this article, we are going to see Baidu Browser app review and have a look at some of its features.

The browser app not only provides you fast and secure browsing speed, but also comes with a number of amazing features that will help you in managing the websites you visit. If you visit some particular websites on a daily basis, then they will be displayed on the homepage for faster access and with the Quick links feature, you already have the most popular websites on the homepage and with a click, you can access them. Compared to other browsing applications for Android, Baidu browser (Google Play link) is light-weight, is optimized to provide the best speed and doesn’t crash much even if you use multiple tabs at the same time. So, check out Baidu browser app review for more features.

Baidu Browser App Overview

When you use a browser app on your Android smartphone, you have to make sure that it is light-weight so that it opens fast and doesn’t eat up too much of RAM and doesn’t crash while you are in the middle of something.

Baidu browser is a light-weight app, is faster and very small in size (4.5mb installation package). Moreover, the browser comes with one-of-a-kind T5 engine that speeds up the browsing and page loading speed to provide you a better user experience compared to other browser apps for Android.

baidu browser app review

So, in this article, we are going to have a look at the features of the browser app and also learn how to use the app to surf the Internet.

Baidu Browser App Review

The first thing you need to do is download and install the browser application on your Android device. Click on the link below to download it from Google Play Store for free.

download baidu browser app from play store

Once the app is installed on your smartphone, follow the steps below to know how to use the app effectively.

App User Interface

The user interface of the app is clean, simple and elegant and you won’t find any difficulty in getting used to the app.

When you launch the app, it will ask your permission to enroll you into the user improvement program, install the T5 engine to enable fast page loading and enable the desktop widget. You can select/deselect them all and click on Accept and Continue button.

You will then see the homepage of the browser app where you will find Quick links to almost all the popular websites like Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, YouTube, Google, IGN, 4Shared, Craigslist, Hulu, 9Gag, etc.

baidu browser app user interface

Baidu Browser Options

When you tap on the Options button from the bottom menu bar next to the home button, you will see a lot of options like bookmark/history feature, read later option to save webpages for later use, download manager, wallpaper and Exit button.

Swipe right and you get more options like Settings feature, Incognito mode, check for updates, take a screenshot and share option.

baidu browser app options

Browsing Feature

The browser app offers you super-fast speed that loads web pages faster than expected. You can enter the website’s URL in the search box on top or use the quick links to load the websites.

The app also supports multiple tabs, so you can use multiple websites at a time without any issues or any lags.

baidu browser app browsing

Baidu Browser Settings

You can go to the Settings option by using the Options button next to the Homepage button at the bottom of the screen. You will see 2 different tabs – one is General and the other one is Advanced.

General Settings

  • You can change your region and language, font size, UA settings and adjust brightness.
  • If T5 engine is not installed, then you can install it from the Settings option.
  • Clear user history, set Baidu browser as default browser, enable user improvement program, enable notification bar reminder and search, reopen pages on startup and enable monitoring tool.

Advanced Settings

  • You can turn on Javascript and enable the status bar.
  • You can change the video playback from auto-play to click to play or vice versa.
  • Change the privacy options to allow/disallow cookies, allow access to your current location for better search and enable to webpages preload for faster loading.
  • Enable the Gesture operation and window switch animation or simply restore the default settings.

baidu browser app settings

Other Features of the App:

  • Security: When you visit a website with threats or risks, then the browser app will warn you by giving you a notification of the threat.
  • Privacy Protection: Use the Incognito mode in the browser so that none of your browsing history is saved.
  • Most Visited: When you visit a lot of websites on a daily basis, then the browser will track your searches and display your most visited websites on the homepage for faster access.
  • Night Mode: If you have T5 Engine installed, then you will be able to browse comfortably with the Baidu browser app and protect your eyes using the Night mode feature.
  • Other Features: Some of the other features of the browser application include gesture browsing, smart video playback, fast downloads, huge video and pictures collection, desktop widgets, daily weather reports, etc.

These were some of the features of the Baidu browser app and you should download and install the app because it is super fast in loading web pages.

download baidu browser app from play store

If you liked the review article of Baidu Browser app and you have used it, then let us know about your experience with the browser app. Also, share the article with your friends and recommend them to download the app for better and secure web browsing.

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