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A Beginner’s Guide to Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

For those who are just begging with the Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft game, one of the first things that they will notice is that this is not your usually game. This is a card game, meaning that in order to compete within the game, you have to have the cards to do this. You will be given free basic cards when you start playing that you can then build into more game cards along the way. This guide is going to highlight some of the methods for doing this, so you can get the most out of this game and succeed at it.

There are two options when it comes to getting cards to utilize with the Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. You can purchase these with money or you can collect the in-game gold to buy these with your digital currency within the game. The easiest option would be to collect the gold throughout the game, so that you are not having to pay for these out of pocket. Plus, it is a safer and more suitable option for a beginner, as it gives them time to hone their skills in playing this game. A word of advice, now that you are ready to play be sure that you are playing on the beginner level and collecting all the gold that you can to build up your card supply before going on to play against others in the multiplayer level.

Basic Quests for Collecting GoldQuests

As stated before, the best way for collecting gold is through these quests, and these are the basic quests that are going to get you started on the right direction. There are 9 quests that are looked at as beginner tasks that are going to be very easy to play and get through. These 9 quests are:

  • Win 5 Practice Games: in this basic quest you simply have to win 5 games while playing in practice mode, simple enough. Plus, this is going to give you some knowledge of the game on a basic level to slowly start to build your skills. In return for winning 5 games, you are going to receive 1 classic card pack.
  • First Blood: This basic quest is going to mean completing one game in the Play mode. In return, you receive 1 classic card pack.
  • The Duelist: This is awarded to a player who wins 3 games within the Play mode. The reward is 100 gold.
  • Level Up: With this reward all you have to do is to get any class to a level 10. The reward is 1 classic card pack.
  • Ready to Go: With this question you must unlock every Hero and this will earn you 100 gold.
  • Crushed Them All: This question is going to require that you defeat every Expert AI hero, and you will earn 100 gold.
  • Got the Basics: This quest requires you to collect every card in the Basic set, earning you 100 gold.
  • Crafting Time: With this quest, disenchant a card and you can earn 95 arcane dust.
  • Enter the Arena: Just entering into the arena is going to earn you 1 arena credit.
  • Chicken Dinner: In any mode, win 100 games and get rewarded with 300 gold.
  • Big Winner: Win 1000 games in any mode and earn 300 gold.
  • One of Everything! This question requires you to collect every card in the Classic set and you earn 100 gold.

Upon completion of these quests, you will have:

  • 400 gold
  • 3 classic packs
  • 100 or more Arcane dusk

With the gold, you can purchase 4 more packs of cards, and have a better understanding of how this game works. On a side note, we recommend that you utilize your gold to purchase those classic packs at first. You will find that having more classic packs before moving on is going to be more beneficial.

You may find that you can earn more gold when playing in the arena, which you can. However, this is a very difficult challenge for most. In fact, the first time you enter it is free. But, you have to pay for every enter afterwards, which costs you gold. And in the event that you do not win, then you have wasted gold that you could have used for gaining more cards.

Gaining Card Packs from Platforms

One of the neat features about this game is that you can earn classic card packs based on the mobile platform that you are using to play this game. For example:

  • Play on your iPad and earn 1 Classic card pack
  • Play with an Android Tablet and earn 1 classic card pack
  • An iPhone will earn you 1 classic card pack
  • An Android phone will earn you 1 classic card pack
  • Play on any Samsung Galaxy S6 phone and you can earn 3 classic card packs

The Daily Quests

There are several daily quests that you can play as well that are going to earn your gold, depending upon the quest. You should be certain that you are playing these on a daily basis to earn even more gold.

You are also going to find that you can gain more gold by completing 3 matches in either the Casual, Ranked, or the Tavern Brawl mode, on top of these daily quests. You are capped at a maximum of 100 gold per day for these mode quests; however, it can be a simple way of gaining experience and gold at the same time.

Buying Card Packs within the Game

Though we have focused on how to earn gold to buy these card game packs with, there are many who prefer to spend their actual money on these packs so that they can get them sooner. There are two ways to buy cards:

  1. The adventures
  2. The expansions

The adventure cards are those in which you are going to want to buy with your own money, as they are going to offer a much better deal. The adventure cards are going to contain an array of different cards that will come in handy, including legendary cards, which are not always guaranteed when buying expansion packs. The expansion packs can have any count of cards and arrangements of cards. The cards that are found in the Adventure packs are often those that are used in the top decks of game play.

Crafting and Disenchanting Cardscrafting

When stated beforehand that this game runs off of cards, most people do not realize just how much the cards play a vital role in game play until they get to the point in which they can craft and/or disenchant cards. This is where your arcane dust that you have earned through the various quests is going to come in handy. In fact, this arcane dust is just as important as earning gold coins throughout the game.

The arcane dust is going to allow you to take whatever card that you have and turn this into the card that you need. While you may be buying cards to play in this game, you will find that these packs are random. There is no telling when you could check off the card that you truly want. Hence, while arcane dust has been introduced as a way to allow players to build the card deck that they want.

Remember that when you are getting ready to craft a card into something else that you are sure about this. You have to pay the entire amount in arcane dust to this, and then if you do miss up, you are going to find that you have to pay even more arcane dust in order to disenchant the card back to its original type. Therefore, be sure of your decision and do your research to determine if this is the best decision for you or not.

The cost of how much it is to craft a card is going to depend upon the rarity of the card itself. Here are the common rarities and the cost for crafting and disenchant these cards:

  • Common: to craft 40 arcane dust and to disenchant 5 arcane dust
  • Rare will cost 100 arcane dust to craft and 20 arcane to disenchant
  • Epic cards will cost 400 arcane dust to craft and 100 arcane dust to disenchant
  • Legendary cars will cost 1600 arcane dust to craft, while costing 400 arcane to disenchant
  • Golden Common cards will cost 400 arcane dust to craft and 50 arcane dust to disenchant
  • Golden Rare cost 800 arcane dust to craft and 100 arcane dust to disenchant
  • Golden Epic will cost 1600 arcane dust to craft and 400 arcane dust to disenchant
  • Golden Legendary will cost 3200 arcane dust to craft and 1600 arcane dust to disenchant

Keep in mind that golden card is not considered special when it comes to game play. They look great and have animations, but that is about it. They are going to do the same thing as a regular card does, thus think of this before deciding on whether to craft or disenchant one of these cards.

Your Card Deck

In order to play the game in a way that is going to be successful, it is imperative that you understand the way in which these cards are handled within the game. Each player that plays on this game is going to construct a thirty card deck that is going to comprised of three main types of cards:

  1. Minions
  2. Spells
  3. Weapons

Within these three main types are numerous subsets that are categorized within this type. Within the Minions category you can have these types:

  • Beast
  • Demon
  • Dragon
  • Murloc
  • Totem
  • Pirate
  • Neutral, meaning that they are no specified type of minion

Within the spells type of card, you can have over twenty different types of spells in your arsenal. These can include:

  • Mark of Nature
  • Nourish
  • Starfall
  • Wrath
  • Claw
  • Healing touch
  • Wild growth
  • Animal companion
  • Explosive shot
  • Snake Trap
  • And much more

Weapon cards are only available to certain types of heroes, including Warrior, Paladin, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock and sometimes Priest. Within the weapon cards, a person could have many options, including:

  • Battle Axe
  • Blood Fury
  • Gorehowl
  • Light’s Justice
  • Wicked Knife
  • Ashbringer
  • Doomhammer
  • Fiery War Axe
  • Sword of Justice
  • Many more

It is important to note that you can make any deck of 30 cards that you have in your disposal to best win the game. However, you are only allowed to have any two of a common, rare or epic card in the same deck. You can also only have one legendary card in the same deck.

Each card is defined by the artwork. For example:

  • A minion card is going to have an oval shaped border
  • A weapon card is going to have a circle shaped border around the artwork
  • A spell card is going to have a square shaped border

Each card is going to be ranked according to rarity as well, which is going to tell you how strong the card really is in play. The easiest way for finding out how rare a card is, is through looking at the color of the gem that the card has. The colors are:

  • No gem, means it is a free card
  • A white gem means that the card is common
  • Blue gems mean the card is rare
  • A purple gem means the card is an epic
  • A gold gem means the card is a legendary card

For those who are ready to play, they are going to find that the card system is often one of the more strenuous of things to learn when wanting to master this game. Be sure that you remember to think carefully about the decisions you make before making them so not to waste gold of dust on changing cards into what you think you may need. Through learning about these cards before playing, you are going to find that you will be a master of this game before long.

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