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10 Minute Mail Alternatives – 10 Best Sites like 10 Minute Mail

Whenever you want to sign up on a site it requires an email id and some of those sites keep spamming your inbox every now and then. We recommend you to use a temporary and disposable email id for these type of sites. These email ids expire on their own after some time and you do not even need a password to access them. 10MinuteMail should be your first option for creating a temporary email account but there are many alternatives as well.

In this article, we are going to see the best 10 Minute Mail alternatives that you can use to create temporary email addresses for different work. You can take advantage of this list to sign up on various sites that you need access to only once. If you use any other site like 10 Minute Mail, then make sure to share it with us using the comments section below.

best 10 minute mail alternatives

Best 10 Minute Mail Alternatives


Mailinator is an open platform that accept mails from any email address no matter if it is a spam and publish it on there site and they allow everyone to read it. No registeration or any authentication through password is required. The main idea behind Mailinator is to provide their users an anonymous and disposable email id to reduce spam in there inbox.

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Guerrilla Mail

Guerrilla Mail is the most popular and one of the best alternatives to 10MinuteMail. It will create a disposable email account for you and does not require any registration. You can either generate a random email id or create a custom id on your own.

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Air Mail

Air Mail is another alternative for 10 Minute Mail and can be used to create a temporary email address to register on spammy sites or check out untrusted sites yourself. All the emails can be seen in the temporary inbox generated for few minutes.

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Temp Mail

Temp Mail does not store your IP address and has a VPN shield installed to prevent any unauthorized person to steal your data. Your privacy won’t be compromised. The email id and its information is only temporarily stored and everything gets deleted after 25 minutes. Moreover no backup is made.

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Fake Mail Generator

Fake Mail Generator is a free service to create a disposable email account. It can used for any type of email id verification and the mail gets instantly delivered on their website.

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Throw Away Mail

Throw Away Mail is another alternative to 10 Minute Mail. Every time you go to their website, a new email account is generated instantly for you. You can use that email id to receive email for verification or try out untrusted services and the mail gets instantly delivered in the inbox. Nobody other than you can see the email that you have received.

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Mint Email

Like Throw Away Mail, Mint Email also instantly generates a temporary email account only for you as soon as you visit there website. You can use that email id anywhere you want and the email is received within the web page in your inbox. You will get informed whenever the email is obtained by a blinking title bar update.

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Fake Inbox

Fake Inbox is another and one of the best sites like 10 Minute Mail where a disposable email account can be created in few clicks. The email id generated gets expired after a certain period of time. You can read and even reply to email that you receive.

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Incognito Mail

Incognito Mail allows you to register on other sites without using your personal email id. You can instead create a safe, anonymous, temporary and disposable email address that will last for only 60 minutes and then get deleted. 60 minutes is an enough time to receive emails that contain verification link, activation link or download link and you can also reply back to those emails.

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Melt Mail

Melt Mail is an alternative to 10 Minute Mail and is a well know temporary email forwarding service to prevent your inbox from getting spammed. It is a free service and even has an iOS and Android app. You can easily create a temporary email account and forward it to your real email account. After certain time period the temporary email account will get deleted.

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These are the best 10 Minute Mail alternatives that you can use when next time you need a temporary email account for verification purposes or trying out some untrustworthy websites. If you use any other sites like 10 Minute Mail to create temporary email accounts, then please share them with us.

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