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10+ Best Apps for Rooted Android Devices in 2015

Android OS is the most popular mobile operating system and the sole reason for its popularity is that it allows its users to customize their smartphones the way they want to. You can easily root your Android device and install one of the best custom ROMs and give your smartphone a complete makeover. Also when you root your Android device, you will be able to install some of the best Android root apps on your device that will make your smartphone a lot more efficient.

There are many reasons to root your device – you can gain full access to your system, you can remove the bloatware apps, you can boost the battery life of your smartphone, you can make your device faster and also customize it the way you want.

You will also be able to download and install some of the best Android apps for rooted phones that will help you use your smartphone more efficiently. So let’s get started with the article and see some of the best apps for rooted Android phones – both smartphones and tablets.

android root apps rooted phones

Please keep a backup of your Android device data before you root your Android device or install one of the below Android root apps.

Best Apps for Rooted Android Phones

1. Greenify

When you use your smartphone to install a lot of apps, you will start witnessing that the battery life of your smartphone is getting shorter. Even when you are not using your device, you will see that the battery keeps on getting drained. This happens because there are many applications that keeps on running in the background.

Greenify app will let you pick the battery consuming apps and put them in hibernate mode to save the battery juice. There are other battery saving applications as well but those apps stops the app entirely but Greenify merely puts the application to sleep and doesn’t disable their function entirely.

Download the App

greenify android root apps

2. Root Uninstaller

If you are fed up of the bloatware apps that take up a lot of storage space then you can uninstall those applications using the Root Uninstaller app. You can not only uninstall the apps but you can even freeze it or hide the useless apps to free up space.

However you should also keep this in mind that removing the system apps might lead to system crash so be careful and know what you are doing before performing any action.

Download the App

root uninstaller

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3. SuperSU

SuperSU is the application that gives you Superuser access management tool and can be installed on only rooted Android phones. If you ask me then I will say that SuperSU is one of the best Android root apps that you need to install immediately after rooting your device.

Download the App


4. Titanium Backup

One of the most popular backup tools for Android device is Titanium Backup and you can use this app to take backups of all the data from the Android device and you can transfer this data to your computer using a USB cable.

You can even schedule backups so that all the important data in your phone is always saved. You can then easily restore this data using the app.

Download the App

titanium backup

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5. BusyBox Installer

BusyBox Installer is the best installer app for Android rooted phones in the Google Play Store right now. The app combines many UNIX utilities into single, small executable and since Android is based on Linux, it will be able to run these complex UNIX commands and BusyBox will simplify these complex processes.

There are many apps that work only on rooted phones and the custom ROMs and these apps and ROMs depend on BusyBox to run their scripts and make them work so you should have the app installed to make sure everything works perfectly.

Download the App

busybox installer

6. DataSync

This is the application that you need if you have multiple Android devices and want to share the data from one phone to the other phone or tablet. You can use DataSync to sync your data between multiple devices using 3 options – WiFi, FTP, Dropbox or Drive. You can even schedule the sync process.

Download the App


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7. Font Installer

If you love to use different fonts on your smartphone to make it look even more interesting and attractive then you should download Font Installer app for rooted Android phones. You can then save any font to your device and install it to start using it on your phone.

Download the App

font installer

8. Pimp My ROM (Beta)

If you are looking to perform a lot of tweaks on your rooted Android phone then you should install Pimp My Rom on your device because it is the all-in-one tweaking tool which you can use to enhance your Android experience.

Download the App

pimp my rom beta

9. Link2SD

If you have an Android smartphone that have very low internal storage space and is rooted then you can use Link2SD application to move all your installed application to your external storage to save the internal storage space.

With Link2SD, you can move the installed app to SD card to save the internal space and make your Android device run smoothly.

Download the App


10. WiFi Protector

If you use public WiFi to access the Internet then using WiFi Protector app will protect your smartphone from any external attacks. This app will protect you and also let you know if there is any live attack on your device. You can also use options like vibrations and ringtones to act immediately when the app detects any attack.

Download the App

wifi protector

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11. ROM Toolbox

ROM Toolbox is the best Android root app that every root user should install on their Android device. This is a monster app that comes with almost all the functions and features that you need to customize your device.

You can install ROMs using the app, you can create, manage and restore NAndroid backups and it also contains features like App manager, root explorer, font installer, script and terminal emulator, boot animation installer, theme manager and lots more.

Download the App

rom toolbox

So those were the 10+ best apps for rooted Android phones that you need to install right now on your device. If you liked the list of the best Android root apps then do share the post with your friends and let them know how to make their Android device more efficient.

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