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Android Gaming in 2017- What Will It Be Like?

It’d be hard to argue that mobile gaming isn’t the future, or at least a massive part of it. We are on the go more than ever before, and it’s getting to the point that anything we can do on our laptop (and some things we can’t) can be done from the convenience of our Android or other mobile device. Not only does this apply to taking pictures, figuring out directions, or even paying for things, but also now for gaming and gambling.

While video game consoles are far from dying, the accessibility of mobile gaming reaches a much larger audience since pretty much everyone has a smart phone these days. So with such a large audience and an envelope that is consistently being pushed by game designers, it’s only natural to wonder what’s next. Thankfully, the forecast for Android gaming in 2017 is extremely bright and we are excited to write about some of the highlights (of many) on the horizon.

android gaming 2016

Nintendo’s Miitomo

The world’s most famous video game company has been teasing us for a while with the promise of their own mobile games, and recently announced that they will be releasing five games for Android and other mobile devices by Spring 2017.

What any of those games would actually be though was under wraps until very recently, when the Japanese company announced the release of Miitomo in March 2017. The free game will build upon the Mii social network that Nintendo has been building since the Wii was released in 2006.

In Miitomo, players will import their existing Mii avatar or create a new one, then interact with other people’s Miis in a virtual world while also playing mini-games and completing different tasks. Nintendo execs haven’t released too many in-depth details, but apparently the game will focus heavily on social interaction with other players’ Miis, and your own avatar may wander off and make new friends even when you aren’t playing.

Pokemon Go

However, Nintendo will be keeping busy with more than just their own line of Android and mobile games. They’ll also be working on a Pokemon project simply called Go with The Pokemon Company and Niantic, set for release sometime in 2017. If you are familiar with the insanely-popular mobile MMORPG Ingress, then you are already familiar with Niantic’s great work.

Pokemon Go, like Ingress, will be based off of your real-world location and allow you to catch and battle Pokemon dependent upon your actual locale. The game will also come with a Bluetooth device (that looks like a Pokeball of course) called Pokemon Go Plus that connects to your Android and gets worn on the wrist or your clothing. When you come across a Pokemon or something else important in the game, the device will light up and vibrate so that you never miss a thing.


Another super collab, Respawn Entertainment is teaming up with mobile game-developing all-stars Nexon to produce and release a mobile version of Titanfall in 2017. For the uninitiated, Titanfall is a PC and Xbox One game that won Best of Show from many critics at E3 2013 and feels like Mechwarrior meets Call of Duty. An FPS, game players control both speedy mechs called Titans as well as their human pilots in 6-on-6 deathmatches.

However, the game isn’t going to be a direct console-to-Android port, and is instead being called “a whole new type of {Titanfall] game” by Nexon CEO Owen Mahoney. The partnership between the two gaming influencers is actually a multi-game one, meaning there should be even more great games from the two to come in the not-so-far-off future. Other than say it would be released in 2017, probably won’t be an FPS, and will take advantage of the Android’s tech capabilities, the game remains shrouded in mystery for the time being.

Android Online Casino and Poker Gaming in 2017

While Android casino and poker gaming is growing in popularity in every day, casino app developers are still figuring out how to best use a smartphone’s technology to deliver an engrossing mobile gaming and poker experience.

There are already many great online casino and poker apps out there (here’s a few for Australian players), and it seems like every week one of your favorite online casinos is releasing their own or making a major update to their existing one. As these online gaming companies become more and more invested in pleasing their mobile audiences, we don’t think it’s a stretch to predict that 2017 could be one of the biggest years ever for Android online casino and poker gaming.

In the mobile online gambling world, it’s common for things to be released and go live quietly with little fanfare. But, taking into account the following…

  • The Mirror estimates that 168 million people will gamble online from Androids and other mobile devices by 2018.
  • “Social” and “freemium” casino games like Big Fish Casino are expected to rake in over $3.5 billion by the end of 2015, according to CNBC.
  • There are now almost as many cell phones in this world as there are people.

… then we think it’s fair to say that 2016 is primed to be a big and loud year for Android gaming.

It’s also important to point out that numbers from the NPD market research company show that those in the 35-55+ age group are spending even more money on apps than their younger counterparts. Similar to the demographics at land casinos, these baby boomers and slightly younger is obviously a huge demographic that online mobile casinos aren’t likely going to want to miss out on.

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