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6 Best App Monetization Platforms to Maximize App Revenue

If you wish to earn money online then creating a website or doing it through social network isn’t the only option in front of you. You can also try make money through apps these days. You just need to learn how to create quality apps or hire a developer and an idea which can get thousands of downloads from starting itself. Then all you need to do is implement one of the best app monetization platforms to start making money with your app.

Free games like Clash of Clans makes around $1.4 million daily and Candy Crush Saga generates $989K on a daily basis! These apps prove that with a simple idea you can easily make a fortune. Build an app if you know coding or hire a developer to develop the app for you and once the app is live, you will need to do some marketing through social network and blogs under the niche to give it a headstart. And once the app picks up, you can add the app monetization platform to start reaping the cash from it.

Why You Need These Best App Monetization Platforms?

Games like Clash of Clans and Candy Crush Saga makes money by using in-app purchases. They are free to download and play but there are many amazing features and power-ups that you can purchase from within the game. This way you can make a lot of money. But if you are just starting out and you don’t have enough money to invest then using the monetization platforms to make money with your app by showing various ads would be the most ideal choice.

best app monetization platforms
Here I’m sharing 10 best app monetization platforms that you can implement now to maximize your application’s revenue. You can try any of these options I have listed down here and believe me you’re going to make cash out of your apps.

1. AdMob

AdMob is an advertisement network by Google for apps and games. Since its from Google so you can expect higher CPC (or any other related term) and lots of advertisers who are eager to show their ads within your apps.

Its SDK is simple to use and you can use the same to integrate it with iOS, Android and Windows Phone apps. So you can target all three platforms at a single time and compare the revenue generated from these versions. There are lots of various options that you can use to tweak the ads performance and make the most out of it.

3. Millennial Media

With mMedia, you can not only monetize your apps but also your sites that generate mobile traffic. The service supports Android, iOS and Windows Phone and more and also allows you to add various ads in your app.

You can easily sign up with their service, add your apps and integrate their SDK within the app and start monetizing your app’s traffic. You can add various types of ads like video ads, snippet ads and the conventional banner ads into your apps.

4. Tapjoy

While playing Subway Surfers you must have opted buying for bunch of coins, remember? The same kind of advertisement is offered by this Tapjoy. It targets games only and asks users to buy coins and other related stuff rather than forcing them to buy another game to complete previous one.

5. Admoda

Their human powered support system is the power back behind which helps users with everything from integration to earning. It serves rich content ads as well as lower ones and a normal developer can easily integrate its code and can even analyze outcomes from the campaigns using analytics and insights feature.

6. Chartboost

Planning to do heavy promotion in a professional way on your games? Chartboost is simply the best with their best in class advertisement campaigns, support system and off course the simple integration. It targets only the games as most of advertisers it got are from gaming industry itself.

7. Flurry

Flurry is the monetization platform from Yahoo, so you can be sure that you are going to get quality from it. Powerful analytical software houses are at the back and they got huge database of user’s history and activity which can help you serve better apps. This thing isn’t going to help you on iOS due to strict privacy policies but if you’re targeting Android then you’ll count lot of cash soon.

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So those were the 6 best app monetization platforms that you can use to serve ads in your app and make a lot of cash from the traffic. But make sure when you implement the ads, don’t add a lot of ads in your app interface as it might annoy users and we don’t want that. So try out these app monetization platforms and make huge cash from your apps!

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