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12+ Call Recorder Apps for iPhone & iPad

If you are thinking of recording your calls because you want to use it as a proof to show that a particular conversation did happen then having a call recorder application installed on your device is a must. And if your smartphone is an iPhone or you use an iPad then you can install one of these best call recorder apps for iPhone and iPad to record your conversations with anyone and use that recording in the future.

Such call recording applications have been available for a long time for various smartphones and since nowadays a lot of people use their smartphones to do almost everything. Like you can conduct business meetings or conference on mobile phones or interview some celebrity or politician or businessman over the phone. And at such times, recording your conversation becomes a must. And that’s the reason we are going to see some of the best call recorder apps for iPhone and iPad so that you can record calls whenever you want to.

best call recorder apps for iphone ipad

Best Call Recorder Apps for iPhone/iPad

Google Voicegoogle voice

Download Google Voice from iTunes

Google Voice is the simplest tool that can be downloaded for free from the iTunes store. You will need a free Google Voice account in order to use this application so you need to go to the official Google Voice webpage and create your account there.

Once you have setup your account then you need to login to your account and then go to Settings, click on the Calls tab and then lastly tick on the box for recording under Call Options. This will enable the call recording feature on your smartphone. Now when you are in a conversation, you can start recording your phone calls by pressing the 4 on your phone’s keyboard. If you wish to stop the recording then you can do so by pressing 4 once again.



Download iPadio from iTunes

If you are looking for an application specially designed for iPhone then iPadio might be the best choice for you. It is free to download and it works on all the iOS devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and works on iOS 5.1 or later versions.

The application was originally designed to create and share audio files but you will be able to record calls as well. Create an iPadio account so that all your recordings will be saved in your account. However the process to record calls is a little bit complex.

You first need go to the homepage of the app and on the bottom-left side of the screen, press the Call/Record tab. Your phone will then call iPadio and you will hear a recorded message asking for your PIN. Once you enter the PIN (that you will receive), press the + button in order to add the call and then enter the desired person’s phone number. Then the recordings will be saved on your iPadio account and if you wish you can make changes to your account afterwards.


Call Recordercall log pro

Download Call Recorder from iTunes

This user-friendly application allows you to record your calls easily on your iOS device. You will also be able to enable and disable the call recording feature anytime you want. However you need to note that the application is not free.

You can use Call Recorder apps to record national and international phone calls on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch as well. You can then play the recording, send it via email to someone or sync it to your PC with iTunes. Moreover you can also delete any recording you want and to better manage all your recordings, you can set a unique title for each recording.

Call Log Procall recorder

Download Call Log Pro from iTunes

This application is considered to be one of the best call recording apps for iPhone because it allows you to record calls hassle-free and it provides you with the safest environment and is guaranteed to work as described.

The application is free to download and once you download it on your phone, it will give you one or two free minutes to test the application. You need to register with the app using an email and a password that you need to keep safe so that only you can access your recordings. To record the calls, you need to go to the application and make a phone call from within the application. Fast, easy and simple to use!


TapACall Protapacall pro

Download TapACall Pro from iTunes

TapACall Pro is a paid application that you can download from iTunes. Though it is a pricey app, it is still one of the best call recorder apps for iOS devices. And the best part is that you can easily record calls from within the application.

Since it is a paid application, you won’t have to pay for any more minutes of recordings. You can record both incoming and outgoing calls, there is no monthly or yearly fees and absolutely no limit on how long you record or how many recordings you can make. You can upload these recordings to Dropbox or Google Drive, mail it to yourself in MP3 format or share the recordings on social networking sites.

Those were some of the best applications for iPhone and iPad that you can use to record your phone calls, but they are not the only ones as there are other applications as well on iTunes store.

Call Recording ProCall Recorder pro

Download Call Recorder Pro from iTunes

Recording Pro is a powerful app that enables you to record countless number of calls per month. The best part is you get an mp3 link emailed to you immediately the call ends whereby transcripts are generated and emailed together with your recordings. Every recording has a 2-hour time limit and when you are done with the recording, you’re free to share on social media channels such as Facebook or Twitter. Alternatively, you can upload a recording to either your Dropbox or SoundClould account. This app also offers an unlimited length audio recorder which enables you to quickly post your audio to the internet just with one click. You can also play, pause, record, save and easily share recordings with your friends. Call Recording Pro stands out thanks to its capability to allow call recordings of up to 2 hours. Also, emailing of Mp3 and transcripts is a great plus. In addition, users in many countries are allowed unlimited recordings.

Phone TapPhone Tap

Download Phone Tap from iTunes

Phone Tap is a product of Clever Panda LLC with amazing abilities to record outgoing calls. Currently, the price is listed at $4.99 which makes it worth giving a try. The key feature of this app is it notifies both you and the person you are talking to on the phone that the call is being recorded from the moment it was initiated. Some believe this is great because it helps to avoid legal issues that are associated with recorded conversions or recording calls without one’s knowledge. The app allows only 20 minutes of recording time but you can increase recordings by purchasing more time. Phone Tap allows you to email your phone recordings. Overall, it’s a basic app but great for use.

Opa! – Call Recorder with Free International Callsopa call recorder

Download opa! from iTunes

If you’re looking for an app that offers good service when recording calls, Hola is your best bet. This app shares a lot of similarities with Call Recorder specifically Int Call. When using Holla, you pay for credits in-app which is then utilized as minutes when you’re making a phone call. However, this app has a couple of unique features that distinguishes it from its competitors. For starters, Hola enables you to use your own phone number when making calls. Despite all calls being transmitted via VoIP, Holla allows you to enter your personal mobile number. A verification code is then sent to your number enabling it to be used from the VoIP.

However, this app has its own disadvantages. Hola only allows you to export your recorded files using email, AirDrop or iMessage. While this may be sufficient for someone who doesn’t make calls regularly, it may be inconveniencing if you need to utilize the app regularly over a long period of time because of the lack of a well defined functionality structure.

You don’t need a cellular plan to use Holla because it sends and receives calls via VoIP. However, an active data connection is required; in this case 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi is appropriate.

Call Recording by NoNotes.comCall Recording by notes

Download Call Recording from iTunes

For starters, this app is free and a lot of people agree it’s probably the best ‘freemium’ app. NoNotes has a good call recording payment model which is best suited for individuals who only record a call once in a while. After you’ve downloaded the Call Recording app, you get a prompt to register for a NoNotes.com account. After sign up, you’re allowed 20 free minutes monthly allowance which is ideal if you need to quickly record one or two short phone calls. Should you happen to surpass your monthly limit, you are then required to pay in order to receive additional minutes. Compared to other apps in the same category, NoNotes is not cheap at $0.25 per minute.

NoNotes has a transcription service that allows you to submit your audio files for purposes of transcription but you have to pay an additional cost. This is an essential feature especially for individuals who record audio with the aim of publishing the content online. Even though the interface of NoNotes seems like that of any other call recording app, it is accompanied by unique features and robust functionality that makes the app a good choice for anyone looking for a call recording app that allows them easy reference.

Record My TalkRecord My Talk

Download Record My Talk from iTunes

Record My Talk is a powerful call recorder app which is known for its rich features. Aside from recording incoming and outgoing calls, you can record an unlimited number of calls which is exciting. In addition, you have no reason to worry when you purchase a new iPhone because you can easily transfer your recordings from an old phone to a new one. Recordings using this app can be recorded to your personal computer. Furthermore, you can easily email and share your recordings on SMS and social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. This app’s friendly user interface makes it easy for you to name recordings in order to find them easily. New features are regularly added especially if you are a PRO user. 3 way calling require your carrier to support the call.

Edigin Call Recorder – FreeEdgin Call Recorder

Download Edigin Call Recorder from iTunes

Edigin allows you to easily access your recordings from your iPhone, tablet as well as PC/Mac. This is possible because all your recordings aren’t stored on the phone but are instead, stored on the cloud which saves a lot of space on iPhone. Cloud storage makes it easy to search, playback as well as download recordings from an iPhone or any PC/Mac. You don’t need to worry about security because accessing recordings depends on whether you have the permission to do so. When using this app, you’ll enjoy 100% privacy since the app has no pop-up, ads or tracking. This enables you to conveniently use the app without being interrupted. It is easy to link the app with all your contacts in the iPhone. Note that before using Edigin Call Recorder app, you first need to agree to the contract.

CallRec LiteCall Rec Lite

Download CallRec Lite from iTunes

CallRec enables you to easily record both your incoming as well as outgoing iPhone calls. CallRec Lite version has the capability to record your entire call but the catch is you can only listen to 1 minute of the recording. Should you download the CallRec PRO version for $9 or upgrade to PRO, you can listen all your full recordings. This app doesn’t limit you when it comes to the duration, destination or frequency of calls. All call recordings are stored on a server and you can access and listen to them via app Listen or download the entire recording from the web and save it on your computer.

It is pretty easy to use the app. Just follow the steps below to have a successful recording.

  • Using the phone’s standard dialer during a call, launch the app and click on the Record button.

  • The app will make a call to your phone. Hold on until the conversation screen reappears.

  • Wait for a few seconds until the Merge button becomes active and click on it to merge the calls. Once the conference indicator that the top of the screen, you’ll know the call has been recorded.

  • To listen to your recording, open the app and go to the Recordings tab to listen to your recording.

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So I hope that you will now be able to record any call you want at any time using one of these best call recorder apps for iPhone and iPad and if you liked the post then do share it with your friends via social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

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