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11+ Best Call Recorder Apps for Iphone and Ipad

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If you’re looking for call recorder apps that will give you the best results, this app is the best app that you can use to record, import, cut music as well as share. You can use this app to record lectures, podcast, interviews and ambient sounds. There are features which include importing files via iTunes and Wi-Fi as well as sending files over Email and social media platforms such as iTunes, Facebook, Twitter and other cloud technologies. Special features that accompany this app include advance wave effects, background recording as well as an Auto Save option to safeguard your recorded music from accidental closing or loss of your files. In addition, you can send Mp4 or WAV files on email.

Quickvoice2Text Email


This app is famously known as PRO Recorder on iTunes App Store. You can use this app to record voice memos just like the other apps. However, the app has nice features that make it unique. For starters, you can email a recording; this is cool if you have a great sound. In addition, you can email recordings as text. Quick Voice has cool features that will enable you to easily and seamlessly record voice over your iPad and iPhone. The simple and friendly user interface makes it easy to record something. Voice mail has the capability to send up to 20Mb while users enjoy a simple to use easy speech record with a single touch. In addition, this app allows you to send email via SpinVox up to a maximum voice file of 30 seconds.

Audio Memos246x0w (1)

Audio Memos is amongst the best apps for recording with millions of users having successfully used the app to enjoy voice recording at its very best. As an Apple product for iOS lovers, the app has a low price and it comes with an impressive and simple to use design. The audio quality is superb and you can do your recording in the background. In addition, this app allows you to transfer files through USB. In addition, you don’t need to worry about security because this app has a lock code function and only authorized access is permitted. You will also get to enjoy unlimited time to do your recording. Audio memos integrate perfectly with top cloud storage platforms such as Google Drive, Dropbox, FTP, Evernote and Box.

Audio Memos Pro246x0w (2)

Audio Memos Pro is a feature rich app that makes it special and stands out from the rest. If you’re looking for voice memos, this is the app to go for. Of course, you can make simple recordings with the app but it also allows you to tweak your recordings. The beauty about Audio Memos Pro is you can re-record sections of your clip, add a new recording to an existing one, add markers as well as combine multiple recordings that have been saved for. keep in mind you can email everything that you record as well as transfer your files via FTP, WebDAV or Wi-Fi. Thanks to the numerous settings, you can adjust the recording quality. When you purchase the app, it comes with 15 extensions which provide added features for your recordings. It’s not cheap buying them but you can use them for a 15-day trial.

Mastering how to use Audio Memos can be a little tricky in the beginning. Even though doing your first recording will be simple, the added features that come with the app can make it challenging to perform some tasks because some things may be hard to find. However, the good part is Audio Memos comes with an introductory video that enlightens you on how to use key features of the app. The video is lengthy but once you are done with it, you’ll have a good idea of how to use the app.

Being one of the best apps available, pro users are privileged to use really cool and unique features that make the experience enjoyable. This app is ideal for lectures, music classes and other environments that demand high quality recordings. Those interested can download this app at $9.99. Interestingly, the app has a recorder with a timer limit, powerful search and sort options that make it easier for you to find items. Other features include Email support, save your picture as you record and ability to upload to the best cloud storage facilities.

iTalk RecorderiTalk_iCon

iTalk is unique in its own way and there are numerous advantages of using this app. For starters, the app has excellent ratings and allows a large number of downloads when compared to its counterparts. Whenever you want to start recording, press the big red button. Once you’ve stopped recording, you can manually edit the recording by tapping through with a fingertip. In addition you can share your recordings using the saved title as well easily discard a recording and begin once again. iTalk Recorder provides a direct email option as well as a top notch quality recorder so you can be sure you’ll have the best recordings.

Voice Memosios10-3-voice-memo-icon

Voice Memos is an inbuilt voice recording app available for iOS platforms. It offers great competition for all other apps because it comes installed on the phone and you cannot remove it. This Apple built-in app has the capability to take care of all your recording and there might be no reason to download another app. Voice Memos basically records your voice and syncs the recorded memos to iTunes not unless you instruct the app not to. It also makes it possible for you to share your recordings via email or MMS. Luckily, this app has a beautiful interface and functions effectively. That’s all you can do with Voice Memos.

Clear Record Premium6-ClearRecord-Premium-Voice-recorder

If you’re an iPhone owner looking for the best voice recorder app, Clear Record Premium is your best bet especially if you’re looking for a voice recorder that will remain clear even in a noisy environment. In addition, there is an unlimited recording feature so you can continuously record without having to pause. This app works extremely well when you don’t have sufficient storage space. You can download the app for $0.99 and enjoy the convenience of sharing with iCloud space as well as a noise free recording experience; you can use it comfortably in restaurants, on the street in traffic an in an airplane. With Clear Record Premium, noise can never be an impediment to your recording.


Recordings is a great app that allows you to easily record incoming and outgoing calls. In addition, you can set this app to record at a specified time, record with Now Playing, record with a selected video or audio and record only when one speaks. As you can see, the vast settings allow you to perform many tasks i.e. you can make a ringtone, increase recording volume and save your recordings to albums. This app allows you to mix, trim, encrypt and merge your recordings. Recordings also offers support for Apple Watch. One of its core functions is recording incoming and outgoing calls which makes it popular.

TapeACall Lite

TapeACall Lite is an amazing app with the capability of recording an entire outgoing or incoming phone call. The Lite version however has one disadvantage; you can record an entire conversation but you’re only allowed to listen to the first 60 seconds. It’s only after you upgrade to the Pro version that you can listen to the entire call. This app performs excellently when it comes to recording incoming and outgoing calls without setting time limits. You can also transfer your recordings new devices, download recordings and save them to a computer and upload your recordings to Google Drive, Dropbox and Evernote. You can also play recordings in the background, push notifications to direct you to the recording as well as access call recording laws. The app is simple to use, has no per-minute fees, free with in-app purchases and doesn’t restrict the length of recordings. Overall, this app is a great choice especially if you’re looking for an app that supports unlimited length recordings while still maintaining high recording quality.


This app is unique because when you record something, it automatically appears in your Dropbox folder once you’re done. Some people say it limits you because it only has a single Dropbox feature. But, you can still record a voice memo and send it to your computer. For those who’ve used this app. They agree the recording quality is quite good and so you can expect great results.

Smart Record Lite

Smart Record Lite is undoubtedly among the best recorder apps for iPad and iPhone. Millions of users have successfully utilized this app for both personal and business use. With superior quality 30+ features, you can expect nothing less than optimum performance.

Because of its rich features, Smart Record Lite is loved by many users who agree it’s a great asset for your smartphone. To make it even better, the app is completely free to download; it costs you nothing.


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