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10+ Best Custom ROMs – HTC One M9

HTC One M9 has been quite popular smartphone ever since it was released and if you have one for yourself and you want to install a custom ROM to change the look and feel of the smartphone, then here are some of the best custom ROMs for HTC One M9. The smartphone runs on Android Lollipop OS, but if you are running the stock ROM, then you won’t be getting much out of it. If you know what an Android device can do and how much you can customize it, then you would want to install a custom ROM on your smartphone.

There are a lot of custom ROMs for Android smartphones that you can download but you need to check whether they are compatible or not before installing on your device. However, we have put together a list of the best custom ROMs for HTC One M9 so that you don’t have to worry about anything. You can check out all of its features and decide which one you want to install on your smartphone. So, let’s see the best HTC One M9 ROMs.

Best Custom ROMs for HTC One M9

ViperOneM9viperonem9 htc one rom

If you want to go with the best ROM, then I would recommend you to install ViperOneM9 custom ROM on your HTC One M9.

The ROM comes with full support of Team Venom and offers the best performance along with tons of inbuilt features and app settings. You can customize your installation, remove unwanted applications and as it is the first Sense ROM to support multiple users, you can create upto 4 users for your smartphone.

If you like to customize your ROM, then you will find a lot of settings to make your smartphone look the way you want. So, click on the link below and go to their official page to download the ROM.

ViperOneM9 Official Page


LeeDroid One M9leedroid m9 rom for htc one

LeeDroid One M9 is another awesome ROM for the smartphone that has been tweaked to deliver the best performance. The custom ROM comes with Sense 7 themes engine.

As the theme comes with Aroma Installer, you can customize the installation the way you like. The ROM is pre-rooted so all the unwanted applications and the bloatware apps are not present in the ROM saving you a lot of time.

The ROM is based on the stock ROM with improvements, is rooted with latest SuperSU, comes with BusyBox installed and is enabled for faster charging.

LeeDrOiD One M9 Official Page


Eragon M9eragon custom rom for htc one m9

Another amazing ROM for HTC One M9 which comes with lots of features and customization options. The ROM comes loaded with 600 fonts and OTA updates are available as well.

The custom ROM is rooted with the latest SuperSU, bloatware apps are removed, better battery performance is available and there are many mods to make your device work efficiently. The ROM also comes with additional features like Omniswitch and PieControl.

EragonM9 custom ROM is based on the stock Android OS, so the ROM is light-weight with a lot of performance tweaks. You can check out all its features and download it using the link below.

Eragon M9 Official Page


Android Revolution HDandroid revolution hd htc one m9 rom

Android Revolution HD is considered to be the best custom ROM for all the Android devices. There are no visual changes but it makes the performance of your smartphone much better. It’s basically an improved version of the stock ROM.

The ROM is fast and stable and comes with full HTC Sense 7.0 interface. Software rendering has been removed, root access has been granted, latest version of BusyBox is installed in the ROM and speed optimizations and RAM optimizations are done to the ROM.

This is one of the best custom ROMs for HTC One M9 as it is fully optimized and tweaked, bloatware apps are removed and offers you excellent battery life.

Android Revolution HD Official Page


Even though there are many custom ROMs on the market, CyanogenMod seems to always take the top spot. It was hardly a few months after the HTC One M9 was released when CyanogenMod become amongst the first ROMs to add support for the gadget. With the increased support were a number of qualities that are expected of a popular player such as CyanogenMod. Even if CyanogenMod has fewer capabilities than ViperOne, it still has an immense impact on the overall performance as well as the battery life. This custom ROM enables you to customize your Android’s various features such as the home screen, lock screen, app drawer, notification menu and navigation bar among others. CyanogenMod features a couple of new features on its customization menu which makes it possible to toggle options such as double-tap for customize brightness and to sleep.

The main aim of CyanogenMod is to ultimately improve HTC interface using its theme supported library that allows you to fully change your device’s appearance. The ability of CyanogenMod that allows you to either leave HTC as it is or completely change it demonstrates a level of freedom that many users love.

Download Link: https://download.cyanogenmod.org/?device=himaul


MaximusHD was among the first HTC One M9 custom ROMs to come into the market. No doubt, this custom ROM has lived up to its expectation and set good standards for what ideal HTC One M9 ROMs should look like. MaximusHD fixes a lot of issues users experience with this HTC One as well as adds a few cool features that lacked in the original HTC One M9.

What are the advantages of using MaximusHD? This custom ROM comes with numerous features and customization options which makes it likeable. Some of the features include; native display color control, multi-user support and new keyboard. Like Android Revolution HD, this custom ROM facilitates some technical adjustments in order to ensure hardware optimization. MaximusHD greatly improves HTC One M9 performance through more efficient CPU/RAM/GPU usage as well as improved battery life. In addition, MaximusHD also plays a key role in solving issues that early users of HTC One M9 camera experienced.

Just like Android Revolution, MaximusHD is instrumental in improving the original HTC One M9 model. However, this custom ROM beats Android Revolution as it has more customization options as well as optimization features. You can rely on MaximusHD to handle specific tasks very well and beyond expectations.

Download Link: http://forum.xda-developers.com/one-m9/development/rom-maximushd-1-0-0-android-5-0-2-sense-t3076909


If you are looking for the best custom ROM that will deliver exceptionally when it comes to extending battery life, SkyDragon custom ROM is your best bet. The fact that this custom ROM comes with great graphics is enough reason for one to believe this custom ROM is good. Although, there are cases where nice custom ROMs have been developed by third party developers but no graphical detail has been included in the logo. The SkyDragon team has done a good job with their logo enough to lure you to give this custom ROM a chance.

What features are associated with SkyDragon? Better performance, Full Language Support, Better Battery, Enabled SDCard R/W, Build prop tweaked, Support Music Ringtone, System r/w, SkyDragon Boot Animation, Rooted with SuperSU, support blacklisting calls, Less nagging (ADB/MTP), System Tweaked, Busybox Added, Increased Camera Quality, Enabled Flashlight quicklaunch, Removed system startup sound, Remove Google Apps, Remove HTC Apps and Full Aroma Installer.

Download Link: http://forum.xda-developers.com/one-m9/development/rom-sd-1-0-1-32-401-17-android-5-0-2-t3113322

crDroidcdroid m9

crDroid shares the same goals as those of other custom ROMs. However, the difference is crDroid offers you better reliability compared to the stock Android you would find from Google developers. crDroid ROMs are CyanogenMod based and is a perfect choice if you love CyanogenMod based custom ROMs.

CrDroid features include; SlimDim, Navbar on/off, Force expanded notifications, IME advanced settings, volume panel timeout, Non intrusive incoming call, Slim recents panel, Disable quick settings, Network traffic meter, Wakelock blocker, Lock app on recents panel, clear recent location, ADBlocker, SlimRoms custom lockscreen shortcuts, Sound panel option on power menu, Ticker notifications, Kill app back button, SlimRoms Heads up, Swipe behavior, Four tiles per row and Power menu in navring targets.

Other offerings that come with crDroid include; Power menu toles, SlimPie controls, CAF task manager, System apps remover, SELinux switch, Battery saver enhancements, Touch outside behavior, Hardare keys on/off, Ambient display, Superuser indicator, Vibrate on tiles touch, RAM bar in recents panel, notification tiles and an Option to disable battery saver orange bars.

Download crDroid ROM Link: http://forum.xda-developers.com/one-m9/development/rom-crdroid-release-weekend-t3167440

DarkSensedark sense rom

The DarkSense ROM isn’t as popular compared to other custom ROMs for HTC One M9 device. However, the developers have had great success in developing an advanced power menu that is very helpful and should be sufficient reason for users to acquire this custom ROM. The power menu comes with 3 modes namely; safe mode, recovery mode and bootloader mode. In addition, this power menu comes with a reboot and hot reboot options.

The key features associated with DarkSense include; Android 5.0.2, best AROMA experience, Advanced Power Menu, Long Press Back to Kill, Extended Native Quick Settings, HTC One M9 1.32.401.15, Sense 7.0, Flashlight in Power Menu, Zoe Camera, Harman/Kardon Support and Stripped debugging info from framework among others.

Download Link: http://forum.xda-developers.com/one-m9/development/rom-darksense-one-m9-1-0-0-sense-7-64-t3075836

Candy SiX ROMcandy 6 rom

The team behind the development of this custom ROM refers to it as “fun and friendly” which gives you a hint on what to expect. The Candy team is a popular player in the custom ROM industry having successfully developed numerous custom ROMs for many devices. These are nice custom ROMs that you can install on your device without having concerns about experiencing stability issues.

Candy SiX ROM features include; Omni switch, Custom lockscreen wallpaper/see through/blur, Navbar customization, LCD density options, Battery Bar, Multi-window, status bar customization, Lockscreen shortcuts, Lockscreen weather, SystemUI tuner to CandyInterface, DarkUI switch, Quick setting customization, Tons of qs tiles, Quick setting pull down options, Time context headers in panel, Headsup toggle and Force expand notifications.

Download Link: http://forum.xda-developers.com/one-m9/development/rom-t3265048


This ROM is based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow and HTC Sense 8 WWE base 3.3 5.40 1.12. The good thing about this custom ROM is it supports all ACC M9 variants which includes Verizon, International, T-mobile, Sprint and AT&T. A lot of languages are also enabled by default. ICE M9 ROM is a pre-rooted ROM that is accompanied by busy box. Some of the benefits you should anticipate include improved battery life and performance as well as enhanced memory management. This ROM disables logging and gets rid of bloatware that exists on a smartphone. This custom ROM also boosts the Quick Settings tiles from 12 to 15. ICE M9 ROM comes with a beautiful and colorful navigation bar. You can expect enhanced call recording capabilities since this ROM has features that support both native call recording and auto call recording.

Download Link: http://forum.xda-developers.com/one-m9/development/rom-insertcoin-m9-1-0-0-sense-7-android-t3074217

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