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7 Best CyanogenMod 12 Themes for Android Devices in 2017

Android rooting is one of the best ways to start the customization process of your device and it gives you the ability to have control on each and every aspect of your smartphone. However the most important reason that a person roots his device is the ability to install Custom ROMs on the device and when it comes to custom ROMs, CyanogenMod comes in everyone’s mind. So today in this article, I am going to show you some of the best CyanogenMod 12 themes that you can apply on your Android device.

There are many advantages of rooting your Android device like getting access to the awesome Android root apps but the main advantage is that you can install various custom ROMs on your smartphone to give it a new look. There are hundreds of ROMs available out there but the best one is CyanogenMod ROM and almost all Android users knows about this. Since CyanogenMod ROM supports almost all the Android devices and it is the most stable one, it automatically becomes the first choice when installing a custom ROM.

best cyanogenmod 12 themes for android

After you install the CyanogenMod 12, you will be able to customize its looks further by installing various different CyanogenMod 12 themes that are available in the Google Play Store. You can choose from the best ones and download them to your smartphone right away.

Note: Since the theme engine has been added to CM12 based ROMs, the following themes that I mention in this article only work on the ROMs that are based on CyanogenMod 12.

Best CyanogenMod 12 Themes for Android

1. materiaL

The materiaL theme brings the simple Material Design to your smartphones and the awesome color combination of green with black background is simply stunning. If you love themes with a dark color then this theme is a must have as it can be considered as one of the top CyanogenMod 12 themes.

You must have a ROM compatible with the latest CM12 Theme engine for this theme to work properly. Paranoid Android ROM is not supported yet by the materiaL theme.

Download From Google Play Store

materiaL cm12 theme

2. Vault

If you love your smartphone’s layout to look black and dark and at the same time, it should look stunning then you should check out the Vault theme for CM12 because it would suit your needs perfectly.

The Vault theme works only on the ROMS based on CM12 so if your smartphone doesn’t have the ROM based on CM12 installed then first do that and then download Vault theme.

Download From Google Play Store

vault cyanogenmod12 theme

3. Red Theme

The combination of Red and Black colors is always deadly and looks super-cool and that’s what happens with your smartphone when you install this ROM, it become awesome. The Material Dark Red is yet another dark theme that changes many areas of your smartphone.

The theme has been tested for CM12 based ROMs like Liquid ROM, Resurrection ROM and CyanogenMod and works with the latest CM12 theme engine.

Download from Google Play Store

red theme cm12 rom

4. Elixium UI

If you love minimal design on your smartphones then Elixium UI might be the perfect theme for your CM12 based ROM. When you install this theme, you will notice the changes in a lot of sections of your smartphone.

The themed areas include Settings, Google Play Store, Contacts, Dialer, Calculator, Fonts, Boot Animation and lot more.

Download From Google Play Store

elixium ui theme

5. Dark Holo

The Dark Holo theme is, according to me, one of the best themes for CyanogenMod 12 based ROMs because it combines the colors blue and black and gives you a much cleaner UI wiht dark boot animations.

The UI and the other apps are themed black with Holo blue accents and a lot of other sections are also themed like Dialer, Contacts, Google Play Store, Calculator, Google Keyboard and lot of other apps and sections.

Download From Google Play Store

dark holo theme

6. Dark Color Theme

This the best CM12 theme that focuses on showing all the colors and combining them with the dark background to give the best look to your smartphone. The theme also comes with wallpapers, lock screen wallpapers and sound pack.

When you install and apply the Dark Color theme to your Android device, the Contacts, Dialer, System Apps and Settings will be themed.

Download From Google Play Store

dark color cm12 theme

7. DarkOut theme

The DarkOut theme brings the best color combination – black and dark red – to your smartphone and the result is just amazing. With this theme, you phone’s look will completely change to a more badass look dark red color gradient on the black background.

The theme will change the Settings, Framework, Dialer, Music, Camera, Contacts and lot of other sections and give theme a makeover.

Download From Google Play Store

darkout theme

The above themes are some of the most popular CyanogenMod 12 themes and if you have a CM12 based ROM installed on your Android device then you can try out some of the above themes and let us know your experience with it.

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There are still hundreds of custom themes for CM12 based ROMs out there on the Google Play Store and the XDA forums but we tried to search for the best ones and according to us the above ones were the best and the most popular CyanogenMod 12 themes for Android devices. So if you liked the article then do share it with your friends and if you use some other CM12 theme then do let us know which one via the comments below.

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