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5 Best Dating Apps for Android Devices

Best Dating Apps for Android: Thinking to have a special friend of your life who will not only spice up your life but will also fill the space then we are here with a list of the best dating apps for Android which will help you to get attached with your soul mate soon with no hassle and will give you an opportunity to find your Mr./Ms. Perfect. There are many people who are always sad as they find it difficult to get a date, meet someone. So you can use the technology that you carry wherever you go to find someone. Here is a list of the best dating apps and with these awesome dating apps, you can find the best date for you instantly.

So you can now stop being sad about not finding someone as you can use these dating applications on your smartphone to find someone that is perfect for you. With these dating apps, you can find a date in your city, so if you are free tonight you can catch up for a casual or special date with your them.

Best Dating Apps for Android

1. Down

down dating app for android

If you like someone in your Facebook friends list and want to know whether they are also interested in you then you can express your interest via Down app as it allows you to initiate and if they like you as well then you will get to know as they accept your point of expression, then you can make plans to meet or date as you like.

Down is one of the biggest hookups for straight people but if you’re a gay or lesbian then they have equal opportunities for them too as their communities are different in this array. Down features the most sexiest design feature hookup which can be linked with Facebook list which is totally free and easy to understand but while using it you should be little cautious as your personal information is shared and many people do complaint about these app ideas and think down upon them.

Download from Google Play Store

2. Tinder

tinder app for android

This app helps you to date friends and people, you get interest notifications and if you are interested then you can accept the request by sliding it to the right and if you are not then to left but before accepting such request do make sure any of your known Facebook friend knows about him or her for safety purpose.

Tinder is a steadfast app which allows you to flirt openly and interestingly and the best thing about it is that you have huge options to choose from and your interest gets disclosed only when it is accepted otherwise its kept secret.

Download from Google Play Store

3. Pure

pure dating app

Pure is not aligned app as above ones, it’s quite different and unique as it gives space to people in a way that you actually don’t chat before with that person or interact, you get to know them when you are in-front of them by this you maintains the thrill and even the pace.

Thus Pure features a quite different user interface which is totally free and is based on spontaneous interactions which makes the meet more exciting but maybe some people don’t want to get it all along because many of them feel to know a person first.

Coming Soon to Google Play Store

4. Skout

skout best dating apps

This is one of the best dating apps for Android as you can find local hotties and nearby people to date which makes your search more feasible. You can meet them, check their profile, show interest and many more. This app is very user friendly and you get to meet new people and friends pretty easily.

You have an option to shake your phone as you do so you get all people who shake there phone at that time and you can have conversation with them. The app protects your location until you don’t reveal it from your side. It is a diversified app and has different communities of adults and teens which make it easier further.

Download from Google Play Store

5. Match.com Dating app

match dating app android

Last but not the least, it’s the official app from popular Match.com website which offers tons of features using which users can find lots of dates pretty easily. The app is available for Android and it does offer lots of neat features that’s going to help you in hooking up with new match around in your area.

Download from Google Play Store

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So download these best dating apps for Android devices and give them a try and find some hot date. Make sure you make a really good impression on your first date and don’t forget to let us know about your experience.

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