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15+ Best Epub Reader For Windows

For as long as anyone can remember, there has been a war between what is best to read. Regular old-fashioned books or books on an eReader. While this conflict has been up for debate for a long time, it is really up to the consumer to choose their preferred method. It is established that any device that enables eReading and other associated solutions that help with handling everyday life when it comes to this debate.

While most people prefer the feel of an actual irreplaceable book in-between their fingers, others prefer the more technological approach to reading. Whatever the case, it always an interesting topic to talk about or to at least, bring up.

In this article, bear witness to a list of 15 of the best eReaders for Windows and Windows Phones. You never know, this list might help you, the reader decides on what you want to use if you are considering downloading an eReader app to your phone and/or Windows device.

NOOK from Barnes & NobleNook-Ebook-reader-app

What is better than a free book? A free eReading app! NOOK is compatible with so many devices and that now includes Windows 8. If you are a Windows user that has an 8.1 based computer on their person, the NOOK app is ready for download in the Windows Store, completely free of charge. Pretty cool, huh? What a lot of the people don’t realize is that Barnes & Noble has its own application. This being said, you might not need to buy the eBook eReader if you already have a really good Windows Tablet to read your books on.

The app comes from Barnes & Noble, one of the world’s most popular and well known book retailers.

Other than the Import ePub and PDF files feature, NOOK has its own built-in store that has books, newspapers, comic books, graphic novels, magazines and more that can be purchased or if a product is free can just be read using a Microsoft account. A few features that notable include:

  • Highlighting and coloring
  • A good looking and impressive looking User Interface
  • Supports EPUB and PDF files

NOOK is supported on Windows 8.1 and is free for purchase from the Windows Store.

Icecream eBook Reader

Ever wanted an eBook Reader that is named after everyone’s favorite summer treat? Apparently, someone had that very same thought. The app is really easy on the eyes when it comes to its UI design. However, it is not as light as other eReaders.

The Icecream eBook Reader is a solution to the eBook reader solution that was developed by Ice-cream Apps (Yes, there is a developed with the word ‘Icecream’ in its name too). It is the best place to store all your ePub-based eBooks. It even allows you to read them in quite a fabulous way that is very comfortable to the eyes. The app is only 14.2MB in size and some really cool features are:

  • Support for various different platforms which include fb2, mobi, PDF, CBR and CBZ

  • The eReader also has a full screen mode

  • Bookmarks

  • Night mode and other features

The Icecream eBook Reader is supported by Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 and is free to download.


Love comic books? Cover is dedicated in meeting your comic book reading needs. In addition to having the ability to support ePub and files, Cover helps to find the reader find their taste in reading their favorite comic books and others they might like to read. The app has an assortment of extra features that users will love.

The best part of this tool is that it is tailor-made to fit the user’s needs. Cover works amazingly if the Windows device that the app is being used on is touched-enabled. The best part of this app is that you can feed the app images and it will ‘convert’ them into something similar to a comic.

File platforms that are suitable for the tool include:

  • PDF
  • EPUB
  • CBZ
  • RAR
  • CB7 as well as others
  • Image-based books

Cover is supported on Windows 8.1 and is free for download with In-app purchases in the app itself.


Also known as Sumatra PDF, Sumatra is an eBook reader that is able to support various eBook formats which include:

  • PDF
  • epub
  • mobi
  • XPS
  • CBZ
  • CBR

The app has a user interface that makes Sumatra unlike any other eReading app that is available on the Internet today. Because of this, readers will have the most unique reading experience that they have ever had.

The app is available in two ways: the first is a standalone app while the other is a portable app that can used on a PC running the Windows operating system without the need to physically install it.

Sumatra is supported on the Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Windows 8 with the Portable version of the app being available. It is free for download.


Are you looking for an eReading app that is a one-stop shop for all your reading needs? Well, Calibre is your best bet for an awesome reading experience. With a minimal chance of distraction, Calibre allows the user to manage and edit eBooks and there is a lot more where that came from.

When it comes to the features of the app, the News feature is considered one of the best because of the feature’s ability to ‘fetch’ news from a number of different news websites from all over the world in several different languages.

Calibre is simple enough that a beginner can use the app without worrying too much about the advanced features. Other people would say that with all the advanced features, that the app is more difficult to work out how it works while others will say the opposite about the app.

The app is supported on the Windows operating systems Vista, 7 and 8 and is free for download to these devices.


Does FMReader sound a little familiar? There is a reason for it. The name is often associated with Android or Windows phones. The FBReader is a free app that offers PCs that are running the Windows operating system a dedicated version of the portable devices app of the same name. Its appearance is very simple and basic so it is not all that difficult work out. It has a standard drop-down menu and text rotation as some of its features.

Like many other eReader apps that have already been mentioned, FBReader is super easy to use and to read with without having all the distractions. Many people say that it is a great reader app and they would recommend it while others say it is not really a great app if you want a lot of features. But if the user is after an app that is simple and minimises the risk of being distracted then this is the app for them.

The app supports the following file types:

  • epub
  • fb2
  • mobi
  • rtf
  • html
  • DjVu

FBReader is free to download and can be used on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. There is also a FBReader app available for the Windows Phone which will be talked about later on in the article.

Cool ReaderCool-reader-ebook-apps-2015

Are you really into open sourced reading or want to give it a go? No worries! Cool Reader is a free open-sourced app that can be used on a PC running Windows. It even has a pretty cool interface. The program looks through all the book files on your computer (see the list of book formats below) and they will be added automatically to the app’s library which is a great relief to anyone who dreads doing anything manually. The app has a bookmark system, full screen mode and supports a wide range of formats are supported. Some of the features on the books such as the fonts and page margins are customizable. One of the features that stands out is the Night mode which allows for the interface to change to reverse colors in order to allow for comfortable evening reading. The app is also very easy to use is it ideal for beginners but it can be used by other readers who have more experience in using eReading apps. The formats that are supported include:

  • fb2
  • txt
  • rft
  • tcr
  • doc
  • html
  • epub
  • mobi

The app is free for open source and is supported on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.


Of all the mentioned eReading apps in this article, EpubReader is the first and only one in this list that is a premium app which means that it is worth a little bit of money. It is worth it however. The app has some good features that are overly impressive. The app is used to help Windows 8 users read books straight off their devices. The features that EpubReader has at its disposal include:

  • Local Library Management
  • In-Book customization

If the user wants to pay for an app like this for their reading experience, then EpubReader is a great solution as it is also cheap. It will work at its greatest potential if the device running that will need to be running Windows 8 has touch screen support.

So, EpubReader is supported on the Windows 8.1 platform and is worth $2.49.


If you have Windows 8 and are in need of a good eReader app, then Bookviser is right up your alley. The app supports almost every eBook format under the sun that you might see online or even might be familiar with.

The app allows the user to download free eBooks from Project Guttenburg and to read them inside the app. The app also allows files to be imported from the file system. The app has a vast array of free books and has minimalistic reading for anyone that might end up being distracted whilst reading.

There is also a Windows Phone version of the app that will talked about a bit later in the article.

Bookviser is supported on Windows 8.1 and is free to download.


Want a reading app that that is not only easy-to-use but can handle different eBook formats at the same time? Look no further then Freda for Windows 8. It is a great app that offers the user to customize the app but on the downside, the app does not have many features but it allows the reader to read their favorite books in whatever format they want.

Freda is available for only the Windows 8.1 format and is free to download.

FBReader for Windows PhoneFBReader-ebook-reader-for-windows-phone

Ever wanted to read your favorite books from you FBReader desktop computer app on your Windows phone? You’re in luck! There is now a FBReader app for the Windows phone available for download.

This version of the FBReader app has support of SkyDrive Integration and Microsoft Translation. Because of this support, FBReader for the Windows Phone is a great app as it supports the formats, epub and fb2.

Like its desktop version, FBReader for Windows Phone is free use and to download.

Bookviser for Windows PhoneBookviser-windows-app-for-book-reading-on-phone

As it was mentioned above under Bookviser, the Windows Phone also has an app for the Windows Phone. Bookviser for Window has a clean looking interface that is great for any bibliophiles that might want to give this a go.

Like the original desktop app, Bookviser for Windows Phone is free to both use and download.


Legimi is great app for the normal reader. It mostly only users the ePub eBook format. The user can either import books from their device or use OneDrive but it depends on what books are wanted on the device.

Unlike many of the eReaders that have been mentioned in this article already, Legimi doesn’t have a lot features but it does have a pretty good user interface which is super easy to use. This is great for any Windows Phone user. Again, this app is free.

Freda for Window PhoneFreda-ebook-reading-smartphone-app-windows-8

Yes, we know you’re thinking. There was a Freda app mentioned earlier in the article but this one is dedicated to all those eReading Windows phone users out there who might want to read their favorite books on their phones. The Freda Windows Phone app supports the following formats:

  • html
  • fb2
  • txt

Freda is great for anyone that is thinking of venturing into the eBook market for the first time as the user interface is a no brainer.

Like it’s desktop version, the Freda Windows Phone app is free for download and use.

MoHoo ReaderMoHoo-Reader

One of the most popular of all the eReader apps available for the Windows Phone, the MoHoo reader truly is the most impressive over its counterparts. The reader allows for the user to import books from various other devices such as:

  • SkyDrive
  • Wi-Fi Transfer
  • SD Card

Like it’s previously mentioned competitors, the app is free for download and is a worthwhile app to have at your disposal.

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