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10+ Sites Like Evite – Best Evite Alternatives (2017)

Are you planning on throwing a party but don’t want to use Evite to send invitation? If so, then you are at the right place because in this article I will be telling you the best Evite alternatives that could make inviting people a bit better and easier. You can use these alternatives to make things a bit quicker and send invites over the internet which is environmental friendly as it saves paper. Evite has a lot of ads and the experience is not that great anymore. Despite being among the best and oldest sites used for social marketing, newer versions have emerged worldwide that give better and improved services around.


Among the benefits of using Evite is that it is a free social-planning site that can be widely used by individuals to create, send and manage online invitations given to a group of people. It has a user friendly interface that makes it super easy to use and the online invite sent is thus referred to as ‘an Evite’. It used a very simple mechanism to pass the invitation messages that is by putting the required email addresses for the invitees and it gives responses on four basic categories i.e. attending, not attending, maybe or not yet responded.

Some of the advantages were the host of the event could track the funds raised during the invitation process if it is at a fee. It issues reminders to alert invitees in the prior days to the event and the host preferences of the design of the invitation is keenly put into consideration while creating the desired invite. It also has an updating option of the information put in the site in case there are any vital changes that the event might have undergone or are required to brief the invitees.


To send out online invitations, you simply have to use an online service and add the email addresses of prospective guests and the site will send out invitations. Since, you are not looking to use Evite to send online invitations; we have put together a list of some of the best sites like Evite to help you out. After much critics about the services offered in Evite and the need for better services offered around the net, there are other better and improved services around and in the following article we will highlight the much need changes and updates in other websites.

If you search on the internet, you will find that there are much better alternative sites available and here, we are going to list the best Evite alternatives that you can use to send invitations to your friends and family members. Depending on your preferences and what your invitees would love to see in their invitation, a person can choose specific sites with specific qualities that can suit their needs.

best evite alternatives



Punchbowl not only helps in sending invitations for a party but also helps you in planning it from the very beginning to the end. It is a user friendly site since it is easy to use and gather information about the organize event or party around. It a major development compared to Evite in terms of features and offered services. It asks some questions regarding the party and based on your answers it gives you suggestions about the invitation. The best thing about Punchbowl is that it gives you information about the required type of event and offers a paper feel like interface to improve interaction between the user and the sent interface. It is equipped with different designs of invites and one can input different characters and pictures in the invite to make the invites more appealing using the saved character e.g. there are cartoon figures that attract kids when it comes to invites involving kids. It gives an intelligent invite in that the type of invite sent to your devices by the hosts give a look and feel of paper.

You can also see whether your guests can make it to the party or not. You can also buy party supplies and decorations, import email id from your mailboxes in order to make a guest list and you can also invite friends through Facebook and Twitter.

Among the powerful features that come with Punchbowl website is the advance feature options that includes complex invitation options that can be essential in terms of improving the quality of invite sent and some of the advance feature offered include potluck list or polling option. Punchboard also allows invitees to discuss about the party.

If you are ready to experience the Punchbowl features and services visit their site for more information.


Celebrations also known as Pingg can be used to invite guests and it allows you to choose the template by occasions like birthday or wedding. You can choose a template that suits your needs and create an invite instantly. Pingg is a unique website since it can boost from all the online invitation websites as the only on that offers an independent designer community in its services. This is to differentiate itself from other websites offering almost similar services all rounds. You can invite friends through social network sites or via sending an email.

When it comes to using Pingg there is always something for everyone depending on what someone needs and preferences set by host of an event. This range from greeting card to announcement and offering you the unique services of a designer community. In their website they offer options to look for the popular designs being used around. You can get the latest designs and the latest events that are happening or will happen to keep you up to date.

The websites give you a variety of designers to choose from of which some are premium to offer you the best services any online invitation site could offer. The best thing about Celebrations is that the steps and settings are provided on a single page.

FACEBOOK EVENTfacebook_event

Facebook as a social website has gathered a staggering amount of followers over the years and it is a platform where people interact either socially or in terms of business. It’s because of it high number of users that makes it among the best platforms to advertise a public or private event and capture the attention of the required audience. From its desirable features to the services offered in the Facebook event options, it makes it a powerful website for online invitation compared to the rest.

You can invite for a party through Facebook as well. To do so you need to create a new event using your Facebook account. Then you need to fill in all the details and select the friends you want to invite for the party. Facebook gives you the option to invite them publicly and privately as well. All the invites will instantly get informed via a notification. The host and invitees can also discuss about the party by posting on the event wall.

It is a desired site for online invitation because of its features, like most people discover event in their news feeds and you have the option of posting it on the news feed. From the descriptions provided and options of individual invites, one is able to attract the attention of the required audience and can manage the event effectively when it comes to discussions on the site and editing event details.

An additional feature is where you can promote your event or party off Facebook to other sites through provision of a QR code and also one can sell tickets in the Facebook pages. A powerful option in the Facebook Event category is the ability to measure event performances in its installed features.

If you are looking for a wide based social platform to invite people then Facebook is the most recommended.


PurpleTrail allows you to use various themes to create your invitation. It offers a lot of customization options like add own message, photo and embellishment. It is a website that offers room for an individual to express their creativity and ideas using easy and affordable customization.

It has a unique feature that allows the users of the website to create personalized perfect gifts and stationary, gifts and décor to achieve that special event or party. In addition to that, it offers the chance to create other party planning items like envelopes and customized party banners to give you the perfect even. In the invitations sent, one has the option of including personalized stamps generated and custom address label.

The website also offers various kinds of event party ideas and invitation options that one can choose from to make the whole experience a little bit easier and better. Invitations can be sent for free and there are no ads as well. It allows the invitees to decide the location and the trimmings for the event. There is also an option where invitation cards can be printed and delivered to the guests for a few dollars.

The website also highlights some of the popular events and invitations sent around to help you in selection and act as a reminder.


Smilebox is very unique invitation service as it allows user to add music and animations to the invitation cards. You can create collages and slideshows as well. Smilebox gives the recipient a unique feeling in the invites sent that cannot be found in many other websites. The experience that is offered in the Smilebox website online invitation goes beyond texting and email of individuals.

It is equipped with a variety of formats, themes and styles to enhance the experience. One of the helpful features that come with Smilebox is that the messages can be sent also via email addresses provided and a schedule sent feature to help remember about an event.

It also gives the option of viewing some popular events around and the invitation cards that are on demand as popular event invites being sent. The invites can be shared on Facebook and sent via mail.


Anyvite not only sends digital invitation cards but also informs the guests via SMS. It is a simple but yet a feature rich website that allows you to create invitation messages. It is a helpful site since it provides assistance in terms of organizing the event details like venue. There is an option of sending the invites via Email or by importing address book.

Another unique feature is the option of tagging event details that happened for reference after the event depending on what was posted on other social websites to act as a scrapbook. It is essential for all types of events be it a detailed event invitation or a simple event invitation. You can also sell tickets and collect the money through Anyvite for an event.

It also allows guests to invite their friends and you can set a limit on the number of people they invite. You can also create an open event and post it on your social media accounts. There are lot more options and customization available on Anyvite.


Sendomatic has many templates to choose from and you can customize them as well. The invitations sent through this site are 100% customizable. It provides enhanced services in their website in that one can organize, create, manage and promote events with the help of its installed features.

Some of the specific features that make Sendomatic a useful website are: –

  • Online RSVP
  • Ticket management
  • Polling
  • Custom design
  • Video embed
  • Customer support
  • Social promotion and tools

If you want to send invites without ads then there is a fee for that. It also allows you to manage the response of the invitees and the data can be exported as an excel file. They also have the functionality of selling tickets and accepting money. It provides an easier option for event registration and funds deposited are directly channeled to host’s account.


Invititude is a mobile friendly service. The invites can be viewed from a mobile phone and invitees can RSVP from a mobile. You can also inform the guests about the weather of the venue. You can also share images, videos and notes in the invitation and all this for free of cost. There is a more advanced feature of online seat booking at an event to add on its characteristics.

The website has an interactive map that can be used to direct invitees to the event destination with so much ease. The website gives users various options in the page like add to calendar feature and option of background music too. It is truly a major step forward when it comes to online invitation and a revolution in the online invitation options.


Paperless Post has a variety of templates to offer. You can choose a template and enter the text accordingly. In its customizable designs offered, you can personalize the invites to match your desired needs. An advantage about the Paperless post is that it is available on the desktop site and a mobile application option.

You can see the RSVP status of the guests. The free version allows you to invite up to 500 guests while the paid version allows you to invite up to 15000 guests. They also allow to reschedule or cancel an event. There is also an option of tracking the invitees and communicating with the RSVP through the private message option and public comments posted. The various updates posted in the site have made it a popular site, mostly among mobile phone online invitation options. It also allows you to share photos of the event in the photo gallery.


Manvite is an invitation service for men. If you want to host a football match or a bachelor’s party and want to invite only boys then Manvite is the right choice. It not only allows you to send invites but also track the responses. It also provides options for posting comments and online address book available.

the site offers also a just for men features like post game wrap up page, option for accept or reject Manvite and a hotties allowed option equipped in the site. It is a one of its kind website that brings out the manliness of the invites in its design and content.


These were some of the best Evite alternatives that you can use for your next event or party you are going to host. You can also use some of these services like PurpleTrail to send invite cards by post or services like Sendomatic to sell tickets online for an event.


The sites mentioned above have a little bit of something for everyone and they give the option of choosing the best alternative according to what an individual want. It is therefore important to look at the characteristics of each site and pick the best site depending to the desired content.

Online invitation is growing around and it is also an eco-friendly option since it helps in saving the environment we live in and providing better and cheaper alternatives. They also enhance the whole feeling of getting an invitation since it cannot be compared to sending of mails and texts with its user interactive nature depending on the audience targeted.

Let us know what you think about the list of the best sites like Evite and also share your experience with us if you have used any of these online invitation websites.

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