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Best Free Reddit Apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Best Reddit Apps for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch: Reddit needs no introduction since you’re already using it and member of it among millions of others. It is a site where people share various news related to almost all the topics – science, technology, health, astronomy, design, social media, trolls, memes, movies and lots more. Reddit is a site where you can find almost anything on almost any topic. And you get to stay connected with like minded people.

You came here searching to get the best Reddit apps for iPhone or iPad, so that you can scroll through the valuable content on the go, right? You’re likely to learn about best free Reddit apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch in this guide here and your trouble is going to be no more.

Best Free Reddit apps for iPhone, iPad and iOS devices

There isn’t any official app of Reddit for the platform yet. There is only a website which can be accessed using the browser (Safari) in your iOS device. So you’ll be using your favorite social networking website right from an app rather than launching Safari for that.

1. Alien Blue

alien blue reddit app for iphone
This app is most popular and best because of the customization feature offered by it. You’re going to surf Reddit in night mode or normal mode and to make your surfing experience great there is lots of tweaks which can be used among themes. There are lots of themes which can be selected as per our likeness

It supports multiple account and offers an ultra-low contrast mode too so that you can surf through content during night time as well. The content formatting is done nicely and PIN lock support is also there.

2. iReddit

ireddit app for ipad
This is another option you can try but it isn’t the best as of the above one because of limited features in the bag. One of the unique features in it is that you can surf through fresh content by simply shaking your iOS device. Comment threads are visible within there and user interface is simple overall. But sharing options are very limited in this app which is a problem for every user.

3. Karma

karma reddit app for ipod touch
If you had already used first app I mentioned here in the list and found it having too many features then here is a simple form of the same. It can be called a simple version of Alien Blue because it provides features are mostly required. It got very elegant user interface and supports all kinds of comments and threading systems.

It lacks themes so you can’t have much to do when it comes to customization. You can upvote, comment or share any content or thread with any of your friend pretty easily.

4. Upvote

upvote reddit app for ios download
If you wish to use an app which is focused on offering best image viewing of Reddit then this one is better than any other. You’re likely to view images being shared on Reddit in crystal clear quality and can easily upvote them or start sharing your views via comments.

It even got an ultra-dim mode so that you can do the reading during night timings. Another impressive feature that app is very lightweight so it won’t be consuming much of the CPU resources.

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So these are four best free Reddit apps that will support all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices running on iOS platform. Do let me know which one you chose finally and why.

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