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5 Best Free VPN Services That Are Reliable and Safe

A VPN service helps users to protect their identity over the internet and gather greater security features at time when they need it most. You can expect much better services if you are using a paid VPN but that doesn’t mean that using free VPN services will harm you in any way. Of course, they have limitations but that’s what you will expect from a free service.

Today in this post, I’m sharing some of the best and free VPN services that can be considered both, reliable as well as safe. With these VPN services, you will be able to protect your identities while surfing over the Internet and also be protected all the time. So do check out this guide as it will definitely help you not only in saving money but also keeping your identity private over the web.

Why Should You Use Free VPN Services?

I’m assuming that you’re already aware of what a VPN means. If not then I’ll give you a short introduction about it. VPN means a Virtual Private Network that enables a separate connection hiding your original Internet connection details which helps you protect your original identity which in turn can help your system to stay protected from various attacks like stealing private details and invading your privacy. It also protects you from malware attacks. It’s like providing you a private tunnel to do your business while still lying in the original domain.

best free vpn services

1. Private Tunnel

If you’re not using higher data while surfing the Internet and you are not downloading anything then Private Tunnel VPN can help you out for sure. It currently offers only 100MB of free data but it’s a complete reliable and a safe option worth  trying out. It will let you choose servers of many different countries like US, Canada, Australia etc.

Once you’re out of your free data then you can buy credits and pay as you go. There are no hidden or monthly charges. If you wish to extend your free data quota then that can be done by referring your friends. Its available for Mac, Windows, Android and iOS devices (iPad and iPhone) as well.

Visit Site – Private Tunnel

2. HotSpot Shield Free

Available for iOS, Mac, Android and Windows platforms it offers its best services at no cost which is the good thing but it also serves a lot of annoying advertisements which is a really bad thing. If you can survive through those annoying ads without affecting your productiveness or any other task then HotSpot might be a great free option that you should be trying out right now.

It offers good data transfer speed and will help you gain privacy protection against different types hacks and malware protection. So give this free VPN service a try.

Visit Site – HotSpot Shield

3. CyberGhost VPN

The data transfer bandwidth offered by CyberGhost VPN is limited to 1 MBPS and the monthly quota offered is approx 1950 GB. If you are okay with these two things then I don’t see why this can’t be a great option for you. Not only the VPN offers you privacy protection to protect your private details but it also gives you the power to choose servers from among 19 different countries. And the best part about the VPN is that the user interface is extremely simple and easy to use.

Visit Site – CyberGhost VPN

4. OkayFreedomVPN

It offers 500 MB of free data every month along with options to select servers from the different countries available to you. If you want to increase your free data then this free VPN service also offers free data to you when you refer new users. Though the webpage might not look as professional as the other services above, you can still try it out when nothing works.

Visit Site – OkayFreedom VPN

5. JustFreeVPN

Though its standing at the second last position but it can still offer you great reliable data transfer speed while staying connected to any server lying either in US, UK or Canada. Users don’t have options to chose among a particular server but the service quality it offers is marvelous at free of cost.

So these were the 5 best and free VPN services that you can use to anonymously surf the Internet and protect yourself from privacy theft. Do let me know what you think about these services in the comments section below and don’t forget to share the post with your friends as well.

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