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15+ Best Freelancing Sites in India (2017)

Gone are the days when people wanted to get a steady job in large MNCs. Now instead of being trapped in a 9 to 5 job, people want more freedom and they want to work in the field they love. Startups and freelancing are the new trends and there is a huge rise in the popularity of these two fields. Freelancing is rising as new and talented people are taking up jobs as freelancers to make money. Hence there are many new freelancing websites launched to help them get new projects. In this article we are going to see the best freelancing sites in India.


As the trend goes on, many people are venturing into freelancing since it gives an individual the opportunity to work at the comfort of your seat from anywhere in the world for a client who is situated anywhere in the world too. Freelancing has little restrictions to consider while working and gives an individual the opportunity to work on the desired area of study. It involves applying taught or learned knowledge at a fee of course. It is an independent for of work where there little or no required terms or working rather it only depends on the conditions set by the client you are working for.best freelancing sites in india


As a freelancer your earning will depend entirely upon you and the work done. Some of the qualities that differentiate different freelancers are:-

    • Patience before one gets their first work

    • Communication skills gathered.

    • Your skill level in the domain you are working on

    • Your understanding about graphics and layout

    • The bids that you have initiated.

With the rising number of people who are keen on joining the freelancing sector, there is dire need to categorize the many freelancing site so as to get the best of the best services from the desired website. Different websites have different working terms, environment and popularity too. Hence before selecting a website you think is vital, it is important to see the best online freelancing websites in India.


If you live in India and you are keen on finding new paid projects on a freelancing basis, then you should consider bookmarking this page so that you can refer to it in the future as well. We are going to keep this page updated by adding new freelancing websites in India as we come across them. So go through the list of the best freelancing sites and register with them and try them out and don’t forget to come back here and share your experience with us.


Job Portals (Naukri, OLX, Quikr, Shine)

Despite humble beginnings, the scope of freelancing in India has expanded rapidly and freelancers are drawn from across the board. These sites have grown into some of the greatest platforms for Indian freelancers sourcing for opportunities. Regardless of your profession, these platforms are definitely a must try.

Job portals are not entirely freelancing websites because they advertise a lot of things and therefore, target a large user base. However, freelancers can also use these platforms to find freelancing gigs and contact employers looking for quality work and performance. These websites are ideal to check out because you can find numerous opportunities that might be of interest to you. However, employers can get disadvantaged because there is no guarantee to find professionals since these sites are not dedicated for freelancing. Unlike other freelancing websites, there is no payment integration in these websites and therefore, a freelancer and client have to agree on how payments will be made.



If you’re looking to start a career in freelancing, DreamStarts is the place to begin your job search. This site describes itself as a startup jobs board and consists of numerous freelance as well as part time opportunities for freelancers cut across different sectors. Indian freelancers get the chance to view various projects located in different locations thanks to a filtering feature that enables you to focus your search on areas of interest and specific locations. The website has a special section for both freelance and part time jobs. The only issue with this site is it has no payment processing capabilities. It also lacks a freelancer review system and therefore, it is hard for you as a freelancer to build a profile. On the other hand, employers find it difficult hiring freelancers with no past reviews.

TouchTalenttouch talent


TouchTalent is a social community and marketplace that brings together creators. Located in New Delhi, members are allowed to register and create a free account. Using this account, you can be able to post and share creative works such as paintings, sculptures, songs, fashion items, digital art, comic, videos, animation and photographs among others. If you’re looking for an opportunity where you can showcase your talent and earn money from your creative talent, this platform is a good choice.

HiFreelancerhi freelancer


HiFreelancer.com is based in Varanasi and its structure resembles WorkNHire.com. This platform basically connects employers and freelancers in India. Despite being based in India, the main currency is the US dollar. Clients looking for freelancers are required to pay their project fees via escrow. Payments are released to the client after the job has been completed.

WORKNHIREworknhire freelancing website

Visit Site: www.worknhire.com

This is India’s first ever freelance marketplace after it has been discovered that India’s marketplace has been found wanting. This was developed to try developed a local freelancing website rather than dependency created on foreign sites like Elance in the recent past. It was developed to help startup companies and small businesses who are usually in the lookout for online freelancers to conduct minor and major tasks required by the institutions. WorknHire.com follows the structure similar to some of the biggest freelancing websites in the world like Elance. You sign up with the site, create your profile, mention your skills and bid on the projects.

There are a lot of opportunities on the website. It doesn’t matter whether you are a content writer or a designer, whatever things you are good at, you are going to find a job where you can apply your skills and make some money. All the payments are carried out in Indian currency.

Some of the benefits of using worknhire are the ease of locating specific freelancers in India, it has a clean dashboard making it very easy to browse through the site and the use of India’s local currency bring transparency in terms of exchange rates and easy to get the value of a certain task to be handled. The bids are usually in INR and not the common USD used by many sites around the internet.

The only downside of worknhire is the compensation threshold since working in INR is a little bit less in value compared to working using USD. The difference arises due to the currency value that is a major difference.


freelancer website india

Visit site: www.freelancer.in

If you have been working as a freelancer for a long time, then you would know that Freelancer.com is counted as one of the best freelancing websites in the world. Freelancer.in is the same website for Indian market places.

The site comes with different options but very easy to use for those posting projects and freelancers searching for online work available. With a large number of freelancers ready to take the jobs posted, freelancer.in gives the client the perfect chance to get the job done. It covers any kind of work that needs to be done. It has introduced desktop application as well as a mobile application to assist the clients to have a clear communication channel with the freelancers.

With Freelance.in clients get the option of viewing the work done before payment to see whether it has been done to perfection. It aims at giving the best experience in the freelancing world.

You can find some really good and high paying jobs on the website. Since freelancer is a very big brand and the most trusted name, you need to expect a lot of competition when bidding on projects. The payment process is really simple. Once the job is accepted, the payment will be released to you via online bank transfer or via check.


Visit site: www.freelanceindia.com

Freelance India is one of the oldest freelancing website in India and is one of the most popular choices. Though the interface is too old and doesn’t look as professional as it should be, it is still worth a try as you can find really good projects. The site also caters to the freelancing needs in various different countries like USA, Sweden, UK, Canada and other such countries.

FreelanceIndia has several interesting features despite the average interface like the option of posting services or buying services, searching and posting for projects with listed categories on the site. They offer a variety of options when it comes to your area of interest and the best part of it all, it is very easy to sign up with the account. It is among the best freelancing websites developed in India.

ONCONTRACToncontract freelancing sites

Visit site: www.oncontract.com

It is India’s largest online market place which is meant for people and services on contract it helps companies and various institutions to get experienced and determined individuals to complete the required assignment.

The website provides users with very attractive pricing plans that are hard to resist and among the best there is. With the various options available like hiring, being employed, individuals are able to exploit their skills while working for their clients. When you work online as a freelancer you should always stay safe and work with only professionals. However, you might still find some of the scammers online that ask you to do a certain job and then at the time of payment, they are nowhere to be found.

Oncontract is a website that solves this issue as it allows the businesses and freelancers or agencies to sign a contract before making the deal so that the parties are safe. It is a great place for both freelancers as well as agencies to find a proper job with a legitimate contract.

Working on contract basis is prevalent where many professionals in India have already ventured into the scene. Freelancers have the option to choose from either the type of work one is interested in doing, the charges one is comfortable with for a specific assignment or even the time one is most suitable with when it comes to working hours.

Despite giving you the option to choose the kind of assignment one wants, it also gives you the freedom of choosing how you want to work and the specific periods one is comfortable with working to ensure the freelancers give standardized output in the end. Under this there is an option of working full time, part time and also one time under the selection options.


Youth4Workyouth4work site

Visit Site: www.youth4work.com

Youth4Work is not similar to the other freelancing sites in India as it works in a different way. When you create your account with the marketplace, you can take tests based on your skills and talents. These test results will then reflect on your profile.

The companies will contact your directly if they find your skills suitable for the job. You have the chance to choose how you want to work – full-time or part-time. You can even work on freelance basis or do internships in companies to enhance your skills.

Truelancertruelancer freelancing sites india

Visit Site: www.truelancer.com

Truelancer is a website that offers you a chance to not only get freelance jobs but you can also create your own services and wait for people to buy it.

It combines the freelance websites with micro-niche job sites like Fiverr. If you are skilled in a particular task like creating a video or designing a logo, then you can create a service for interested buyers to see.

DesignHilldesignhill freelance jobs

Visit Site: www.designhill.com

If you are a designer and you are looking for projects, then you can join DesignHill website as it connects the clients from all around the world with talented designers. There are lots of jobs like logo design, merchandise design, flyer design, business card design, t-shirt design, web design and lots more. So if you are great in one of the designing jobs, then you will be able to find many job opportunities on the freelancing design website.

CreativeFreelancersIndiacreative freelancers india

Visit Site: www.creativefreelancersindia.com

There are hundreds of job opportunities around you and all you have to do is just look in the right direction. CreativeFreelancersIndia is one of the best freelancing websites in India where you can find clients and companies looking for people who are expert in the fields of designing, flash animation, content writing, sound editing and other jobs.

The membership for the website is free so you can join the site right now and find a job that enhances your skills more.

FreelanceCirclefreelance circle projects

Visit Site: www.freelancecircle.com

FreelanceCircle is another popular freelancing website particularly focusing on the Indian marketplace and connecting companies with job seekers and freelancers. You can bid on projects and when you are selected, start working on it. There are many jobs available in different categories so that you never run out of job prospects.

TheFlexiPorttheflexiport website

Visit Site: www.theflexiport.com

Comparatively newer and different freelance marketplace, TheFlexiPort outsources tasks to other small business houses. They don’t have the traditional bidding system, but if you work with an agency, then you can check out the listings.

If you are looking for a job to put your skills and talents into action, then create an account with these freelancing websites and bid on projects that you think you can complete. At first, you might not find a lot of projects, but keep working and start doing the small jobs to build your portfolio and earn great reviews. This will build up your profile and you will start attracting high-paying freelance jobs.

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So these was the article listing the best freelancing sites in India and if you liked it, then share it with your friends and help them find a freelance project. If you have any queries or suggestions, drop in a comment below.

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