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7+ Best Installous Alternatives To Install IPA Files

Installous has long been shutdown and the iOS users are still debating on the matters as to which app can be counted as one of the best Installous alternatives. Hackulo.us shut down every operation related to Installous. There might be no app as good as Installous and we all agree that it was the best app to install IPA files, but as it is no longer available, we have to move on and look for some of the best Installous alternatives that might come in handy.

It’s been a long time since Installous stopped its operation but ever since from then people are looking for some really good options that they can use on their iOS smartphones to install applications. To tackle that problem, we are going to share with you some of the best and the most popular Installous alternatives. These alternatives might not be as good as Installous was but they are not too bad to use.

Here we have prepared a list of some of the best ones out there that are considered good alternatives for Installous. I hope that this might be the list you are looking for and one of the apps might help you out in installing an IPA file in your iPhone. So let’s get started with the Installous alternatives list.

installous alternatives
Disclaimer: This post is purely for Informational purpose. We don’t intend to promote or encourage app piracy. We are not affiliated with any app/developer mentioned in this post. Developers work hard to build apps so spend some buck and buy them. This list of the best Installous alternatives has been made just to serve the purpose to install the apps that are too costly to buy and to try them before actually buying them. So you should always go out there and buy the apps instead of using the free IPA files.

Best Installous Alternatives for Your iDevices

1. Kuaiyong

Kuaiyong is currently considered as the best alternative to Installous because using this application, you will be able to install applications on your iOS device easily and all you need to have is an Apple ID. The interface of the application is very easy to use and it comes with an explorer feature so that you can look for some specific applications easily and install them on your smartphone.

2. Zeusmos

The second best Installous alternative is Zeusmos which is not only popular but very efficient in finding the applications and installing it for free on your smartphone. You can easily download the application through Cydia on your phone and that’s it, you will be able to look for apps from within the application.

3. vShare

vShare might be considered as the closest app to what Installous was. Formerly App VV, vShare is pretty much the same as Installous was with a slight interface change. The interface changes are good and most of the users might prefer that and welcome it. You require to install the “hackulo.us” repo to run the app on your iPhone.

4. iFunbox

iFunBox is one other great alternative to Installous as it comes with a dedicated desktop app that helps you install IPA files more easily than ever. The app is user friendly and there is not much of a learning curve in it and users will easily get used to it. With iFunbox, you can install IPA files by directly downloading it from inside or the ones you already have downloaded from elsewhere.

5. AppCake

What makes AppCake as fine choice for users is that it is pretty much similar to Installous and users who have used Installous won’t find any difficulties dealing with this app. AppCake comes from the iphonecake repo, another popular one. As I said, the usage is pretty much similar and that’s the reason that makes it one of the finest and the best Installous alternatives.

6. IPA Search

Not as versatile as other apps in the list, but IPA Search gets the work done easily. When you visit the site from your iPhone, it will help you search for the valid IPA files from the app.su server. Not as much popular, but a good alternative if you are looking to download IPA files directly to your iDevices. With IPA Search, you can get that done easily but you’ll need some thing like iFunbox to install the downloaded IPA files.

7. AppAddict

AppAddict is a relatively new service than the others in this list and is an online repository of all the cracked apps for your iPhone and other iDevices. It works a lot similar to AppTrackr. When you visit the site directly from your iPhone, you will get the iOS version of the website loaded and that’ll make it easier to find and download apps on your smartphone.

Which of These Installous Alternatives Do You Use?

You might all agree with the fact that the 5 alternatives that are mentioned in this post might be some of the best Installous alternatives that are available today and working.

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However I am sure that we might have missed out on some other great ones that you use as an alternative to Installous. So we would like to hear from you your favorite apps that you use to download and install IPA files on your iDevices.

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