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4 Best Sites to Test Your Internet Speed and Connection

You need Internet more than anything nowadays the use of smartphones, tablets, computer and laptops have increased exponentially. You can get Internet access by using different data providers but what happens when you don’t get the promised speed. You can use the best Internet speed test sites to check the connection of your Internet and its speed and take further action by contacting the data provider.

This speed is the maximum download and upload speed offered to you according to the price you’re paying for that service. As a normal user you can’t calculate what speed you’re getting manually, you might cheated by your network provider if you are using some scam company for Internet access. This cheat is easily possible and very common when users get lesser data speed then what was promised at time of opting the data plan. So you should keep checking the Internet speed using these test sites regularly.

How to Use These Internet Speed Test Sites?

Before providing you the exact list of internet speed testing websites, I wish to let you know how you can use them. You can use them to know the actual internet speed you’re getting at a particular instance of time. Once you’re having the results with you then you can take screen shot of that (press PrtScr button from keyboard while webpage is opened).

If the speed after test is lesser than what was promised to you then you can contact your internet provider and can show that screen shot as a proof. This is how you can either opt for money back since you’re paying for a service which you’re not getting up to the mark or you can tell them to fix it.

If your internet service provider isn’t handling your case well even after you caught him cheating then it’s time to switch to a better provider.

Before using these sites, you need to make sure that you are connected to the Internet properly. Check all the wiring in your router and modem to see if they are properly connected. Now you can go to these best Internet speed test sites to check the connection speed.

1. Speedtest.net

speedtest internet site

This is one of the most popular websites and its pretty much dedicated to this particular task itself. It brings near to accurate results using the local server in your area to calculate the bandwidth you’re getting.

Simply open the webpage and click on ‘Begin Test’ button in front of you once complete webpage is loaded up. Within few seconds both download and upload speed will be there in front of you. You can even opt for testing again easily or chose a new server if you think server may be the reason for poor results.

2. Speedof.me

speedof test internet connection

Designed using HTML5, it’s a light weight website which can serve the purpose at your end of calculating the download and upload speed you’re getting at a moment. Its user interface is extremely simple to understand. Just click on the ‘Start Test’ button to begin the Internet speed test.

3. TestMy.net

testmy internet speed site

Its user interface isn’t that good in design terms but still it can bring accurate results which are needed for us to calculate the download and upload speed which our network provider have been offering.

4. Bandwidth Place

bandwidthplace test internet speed

It can run on mobile devices as well which clearly shows how light weight it is and since I have listed it here so you can expect it to serve the purpose you’re looking for. Just hit the ‘Start’ button and the speedometer will show you your download and upload speed.

By using these test sites, you will be able to check the speed of your Internet connection easily and then get in touch with your data provider if you find that the speed is not what was promised to you. So please share these best Internet speed test sites with your friends as well!

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