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Best iPhone SE Cases and Covers for Protection

Now that Apple has announced that they will be releasing the iPhone SE, there are several people who cannot wait to get their new device. This device does mark the re-entry of Apply into the compact smartphone market. With this being said, the release of this new iPhone is quickly becoming the go to technical event of the year, with many people who are not even going to use this phone looking forward to its release.

For those who are looking to buy one of these phones, then they know that it is imperative that they get the additional options to help protect their phone. This is referring to the screen protectors that ensure that the screen does not become scratched to the point that this affects how it operates. In addition, this also includes the phone case that you can place your iPhone SE into. The case that you get should be one that is going to protect the phone in the event that this is dropped, and it should also be one in which you are comfortable with carrying.

Titanium Clear Shock Absorbing Casetrianium-clear-case (1)

This type of case is great, especially for those who want to appear as though they are not using a case at all. There are two layers to this case. One is going to absorb the shock should the phone be dropped, while the other layer is going to guard against cracks and scratches. There is a lifetime warranty on this case, and it does ensure that the camera and screen is not touching a hard surface, which could damage the phone.

Versus High Pro Shield Caseverus-brushed-metal-case (1)

This case is one that is highly versatile when it comes to style, meaning that many people are finding this case attractive. There are two layers in this case. The first is a Thermoplastic Polyurethane that is meant to help protect the phone against small bumps. While the outer coat is a polycarbonate material that is meant to protect the phone from intense drops and falls. The case has a brushed metal texture that many are loving. And it has numerous colors in which a person can choose from to fit their style.

Silk Vault Card Cover for iPhone SEsilk-vault-case (1)

This case is very slim and is made in one piece. The rubber structure is meant to help deflect and protect the phone should it be dropped. What makes this case something that many people are checking out is the built in credit card slot in the case that will allow you to carry up to three cards right next to the backing of your phone. For many people, this is a huge plus and helps to clear their daily holding of clutter. In addition, the phone is going to also include a screen protector when purchased.

Speck CandyShell Grip Casespeck-candyshell-grip (1)

This case has textured finger pads on the case, great for those who always feel as though they do not have a good grip on their iPhone. The structure is actually enhanced with the addition of these grips to help ensure that during a blow this phone is protected. In addition, the interior layer is rubber, which once again helps to minimize the shock if this phone is damaged. There are numerous colors available that can make this case even more personal.

Otterbox Defender Series Caseotterbox-defender-1 (1)

Perhaps one of the leading names when it comes to phone cases, this case is one that people are going to want if they want serious protection. There are three layers within this case. The layers include materials of foam; polycarbonate and a port cover to ensure that dust does not get into the device. This case also has a belt clip holster that will also double as a kickstand for those who are interested. There is a one-year warranty on the case.

UAG Feather-Light Composite Caseuag-feather-light-composite-case (1)

If you want a case that is strong, yet is not going to add much weight onto your device, then the iPhone SE UAG Feather-Light Composite case may be the best option. Though it may be light, it is definitely a case that is meant to be seen. With a sold armor outer shell, that is resistant to drops and shocks, along with the skids pads on it make it a great choice. This case even meets the Military drop test standards and is still functional!

Spigen Slim Armor Casespigen-slim-armor (1)

This case is very classic, but still also sturdy for those who want the best of both worlds when it comes to protection and style. There are two layers to this case. The exterior is Poly Carbonate, while the interior is a thermoplastic polyurethane meant to help absorb even the hardest of falls with your phone. In addition, there are a few colors to select from so that you can show your personal style.

Griffin Square Card Readers Case for iPhone SEsquare-reader-case (1)

This case was designed for those who will be utilized the Square Reader with their iPhone SE, which is usually those who are in business. Before, a person would have to have their phone out of the case in order to plug in this device to use it fully. However, with this case, that is no longer a problem. The only problem with this case is that it is not available throughout the world, only in Canada and the United States.

Pad & Quill Pocket Book Casepad-and-quill-case (1)

For those who want to be very suave with their iPhone, then this case is going to make your phone appear to be nothing more than a wallet you old. The case is completely leather with nylon stitching. The part that is holding your phone inside is made from Baltic birch wood. The warranty is amazing, as it has a lifetime guarantee on the wood in the case, along with a 25-year guarantee on the leather.

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