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Monogram Fonts: The Best 30 Free Download

There are many free and amazing fonts online. Each of these fonts are perfect for any occasion. Monograms can be used various projects such as inventions, business cards, and DIY projects.

For those who are wondering, Monograms are large letters that create a decorative motif. These themes include retro, geometric, and elegant designs. Designs vary and are dependent on your project. This list of the 30 best monogram fonts that you can download for free is based on the design of the typeface.


Geometric designs are prefect for those who want to make a statement with their project.

The top three free geometric monogram fonts are as followed:

  • TrajanusBricks
  • Monoton
  • Debonair Inline

TranjaunsBricks is a font that has two different forms since the lowercase lettering does not have a border that surrounds it. Mixing the uppercase and lowercase lettering can produce an interesting and unique design for your project.

Monoton is an attention catching typeface that is perfect for websites. The font is also perfect to be used as logo.

The Debonair Inline font is one that is nice for any professional projects like business cards. The perfectly straight lines of the font’s design give it a clean geometric and retro look. Debonair Inline is a font that gives people a strong first impression.


Retro designs are favorable among those who like DIY projects although the fonts can be used in other projects.

The following are the four best retro themed fonts that are free online:

  • Little Lord Fontleroy
  • Black Rose
  • Carrington
  • Park Lane

Popular with the DIY crowd, Little Lord Fontleroy has a design that makes it easy to transfer it as an embroidery for any textile project. The outline design of the font allows it to be perfect for people making a retro looking project.

Black Rose is great for any type of project or document whether it is for a formal or casual setting. The font itself is thick and even its lowercase letters are very readable.

The ornateness of the Carrington font allows it to work amazingly well for monograms, but it is usable for titles and logos as well. The ornateness of the font does not make it unreadable, thus it has multiple uses.

Park Lane is great for many uses such as professional looking business cards or for magazine and website titles. The designs of the Park Lane font is one of the few that supports accents and extended character use.


Traditional monogram fonts are the type that one associates with items that have monograms.

There are three amazing traditional style fonts that are free online. These fonts are:

  • Freebooter Script
  • Rothenburg Decorative
  • Black Chancery

The Freebooter Script is a very beautiful and elaborate font. An interesting thing about the Freebooter Script is that it is so readable that one can write paragraphs in the font if they choose to do so.

The Gothic inspired Rothenburg Decorative is a perfect font for any design or project that has a history or folklore theme. Rothenburg Decorative works well as a traditional monogram font since its design stands out from any other text.

Black Chancery, like the previous font, is a Gothic pattern. Black Chancery is not as elaborate as most Gothic inspired fonts. Because of this, you can use to font for any text as well since the lowercase letters are not too elaborate which makes it readable.

Fancy, Elegant, and Classy

Fonts in this category have designs that have a fancy, elegant, or classy theme to them. This types of fonts are usually used for weddings.

The free fonts that fit this category are the following:

  • Exmouth
  • Riesling
  • FreeMonogram
  • Lover’s Quarrel
  • Cinzel

Exmouth has a traditional quality to it since it is a classic font for monograms. The design gives off the illusion that it is a beautiful handwritten script helps set the font apart from the previous category. Instead of being very traditional, Exmouth is more elegant and classy in its effects and design.

Although it is perfect for a minimalist project, Riesling is also perfect for magazine headlines. Riesling is not overly ornate, and its simplicity gives off a classy vibe that would work for any minimalist project that wants to be fancy.

FreeMonogram is popular font although it does not support a wide range of characters. FreeMonogram is a perfect font for event invitations, especially if that event is a wedding.

The design for the font Lovers Quarrel is not chaotic as the name suggest. The font has clean and stylish design. This font is perfect for any wedding monogram needs which is ironic considering the name of the font.

If you need a typeface for your business cards or invitations for a formal event, Cinzel is the font for you. Cinzel has a clean and refined design that supports many characters and has six different styles such as bold and decorative.


For those who do not want any overly ornate fonts for their monogram project, then using a simple font is for you. While these typefaces may not be as bold or stylish as the previous categories, but their simplicity makes the fonts perfect for many different types of projects and documents.

Here are the four simple fonts that can be found free online:

  • Henry Morgan Hand
  • Chocolate Box
  • Shangri La
  • Sail

Henry Morgan Hand may look like a simple font but it is perfect for projects that need a readable text. The handwritten effect of the typeface maybe simple but it is more neat than the average person’s handwriting.

Chocolate Box has two different styles and is great for those who want a design that is simple and not too ornate. Like the name, the Chocolate Box font is pretty sweet.

Shangri La may look like a simple font, but nothing about it is simple. Unlike some of the fonts in this article, Shangri La supports a wide range of accents and special characters. This is a perfect typeface to use if your project or document is in a different language.

The simplicity of Sail makes it a great to use since the ornateness of the font design is very thin. This font is perfect for any monogram designs, but it can be used for other documents like posters.


The final category is other. The fonts here are all unique and can be used in many different ways.

The eleven fonts that make up this category are the following:

  • Apex Lake
  • Square Caps
  • Sortefax
  • Precoisa
  • Itsadzoke
  • Caslon Initials
  • Dearest
  • Selfish
  • Maravilloso
  • Calendar Note
  • Magical School

Apex Lake is very ornate typeface. The font has a Victorian era vibe since there is an adorned frame around each character. Despite its design, Apex Lake is readable and perfect for any project that has a clean design.

Despite being similar to FreeMonogram, Square Caps has more character since the uppercase lettering is uniquely surrounded by a square. This font is perfect for those who are using an illustrated background and for any project that has a fairy tale theme.

Storefax is a font that has a lot of character. It supports a wide range of characters and comes in three different forms. This font is great for documents especially if you need initials in your text.

Precosia is a unique and unusual font since there is a floral print design inside the characters. The thickness of the typeface gives it a unique blend of ornateness and readability.

Istadzoke is great if you need to write a headline. This font is interesting in that it mixes lowercase and uppercase letters automatically. Like some of the fonts in this article, Istadzoke has multiple styles and supports an extended amount of characters.

Cason Initials is great for all projects and documents. This font comes in regular and calligraphic, so you can do a lot with this typeface.

The medieval inspired Dearest is perfect for those who are working on a project from this area or want to make a statement with initials. Dearest looks like it belongs in a medieval manuscript.

Selfish is not a text font, in fact it is better suited for signatures and initials. This typeface is overly extravagant and has a handwritten quality. Unlike the other fonts that look like it could be someone’s handwriting, Selfish is not that readable.

Maravilloso is a perfect typeface for logos and unconventional designs. This unique font is one-of-a-kind in that the characters are thick and encircled.

Calender Note is the type of font that is noticeable. This font is simple and is great if you need a contrast in your project.

Magic School is a Harry Potter inspired font. This type face is perfect if you are working on a Harry Potter theme project or you just want to add some magic to your designs.

In conclusion, there are many fonts that people can use for their monogram projects. These fonts are the best free ones that are available online.

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