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5 Best Projectors of 2017

Pico Projectors, the handheld projectors are those products which are completely compatible with all the portable devices, like tablets, cameras and mobile phones. These mini projectors provide people a convenient way for projecting the content quickly and directly on the surface of the projection screens, notebooks and walls. There are portable projection screens which are specifically designed for these pico mini projectors. All these pico mini projectors use wither laser light or LED as a source of projecting effectively. There are many sources that provide more information about the main mini-projectors, but here I will brief about the top 5 best projectors of 2016 that you can use for yourself easily.

best projectors

Philips PicoPix PPX2340

This PicoPix mini pocket projector features a USB QuickLink, which means that it offers a USB plug with a socket for connecting the appliances directly to the digital content on 60 inch screen. It has got the LED technology, which offers colourful and bright image with high contrast. It is ultra portable as it allows the users to play the videos directly from its internal memory or its USB stick. It even helps in sharing videos directly from the video devices.

Philips PicoPix 2330

This projector features a USB port with a memory card reader, soft carrying case and a blackboard mode. It easily integrates with MP4 player and even quickly connects with the USB Stick, smartphone, camera and USB Quicklink for sharing the content.

Philips PicoPix PPX3610 TV

This pocket projector packs a Wi-Fi networking and runs on the Android operating system. It just weighs about 284 grams, which is easily carried in a big pocket or bag. It features a decent internal battery life of 2 hour projection, means that it is a proper mobile. It gives 100 lumens when it is connected to the mains and when it is connected to the battery, it gives 50 lumens. It has the screen size of 120 inches and it is not a high-definition one, but a worth to buy for sure.

Pico Genie A100 (built-in battery / speaker)

This mini projector is best suitable for iPhone users because it provides a dock for the iPhones, providing a complete system package, including battery, speaker, projector and rugged case. It helps in streaming videos, webpages, photos and much more from a 4 inch display to directly 90 inch one. It is one of the most powerful projector available in the market as well as having the portable range with brightness up to 2000+ lumens.


This mini projector by Asus delivers sharp visuals with incredible brightness and high contrast, WXGA 1280 x 800 resolution, light output with 700 lumens and detailed colored images. This projector features an Exo-LED which is mercury-free and a Wi-Fi adapter, which is specifically used for direct wireless connection. Also, it has inbuilt SD card reader with a USB port which allow the users in accessing the photos and videos without connecting it to the PC.

The projectors which are listed here above are the best ones to consider for all the mobile applications because these projectors does allow the users in viewing photos as well as watching videos and creating short presentations. These projectors lack in power thus are recommended for use in darkened environments. Although these projectors lack in brightness, but they are powered by battery, a feature which is not available in other projectors.

(Image courtesy of renjith krishnan at FreeDigitalPhotos.net)

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