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32+ Groupon Alternatives 2017 – Best Sites Like Groupon

Groupon Alternatives: People have started using the Internet in their day to day life and a lot of people use it to purchase various items online. There is no hassle as you can order new items and it will be delivered right at your doorstep and that’s why the eCommerce market is one of the most profitable market on the Internet. To take advantage of this trend, a lot of coupon websites have come up to provide discount coupons to people so that they can save money whenever they make a purchase. One of the best websites to offer deals and coupons is Groupon and it is is the most popular website on the Internet.

When you use Groupon, you can get daily deals on a lot of things. You can get discount codes for travelling, hotel booking, gym memberships, spas, food and drinks, electronics and a lot more. There is always a deal for everything you can think of on Groupon. But, if you feel that you are not getting a good deal on the website, then you can check out some Groupon alternatives as well to see if they offer a better deal. There are several websites similar to Groupon offering discount coupons and deals on various things. In this article, we are going to see the best sites like Groupon where you can find amazing deals.

Best Groupon Alternatives For 2017

When you buy stuff on the Internet, there are always chances to save money by using various coupons and deals. The E-Commerce market is a very competitive market and the companies keep on offering a number of deals to attract more clients and to retain their user base.

Since, these websites are providing amazing deals, we are at the advantage to save as much money as we can. However, you can’t find a better deal if you don’t look for it. There are high chances that there is a better deal waiting out there to be used and sites like Groupon make sure that you get the best discount on your purchase.

best sites like groupon alternatives

Groupon is the most popular website to find new deals but there are other websites like Groupon as well and in this article, we are going to see some of the best Groupon alternatives that have made it their goal to provide the best deals to people like us.

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BlackboardEatsblackbaord eats


Just as the name suggests, this Groupon alternative site focuses on restaurants. The site has numerous reviews from hundreds of U.S. restaurants from major cities such as Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco. The reviews aren’t limited to popular and established restaurants alone; new and well-kept secrets are also included in the review list. So, how can you benefit from discounted deals on BlackboardEats? It’s simple. When you sign up, you get special passcodes via email which you can use to get discounts on restaurant bills. All you need to do is to mention to your waiter who will then include the discount before the final bill is presented to you. When you subscribe, you enjoy added benefits such as a paid V.I.P account.



Looking for unbelievable discounts on luxurious lifestyle deals? Look no further because Cudo is a nice Groupon alternative that gives the buyers the chance to enjoy selected items at discounted deals within a specified timeframe after which the product reverts back to its original price. Just like other Groupon alternatives, you earn credit if you refer your friends. You earn $5 when any of your referrals makes their first purchase on Cudo. The more referrals you bring on board, the higher you earn. Furthermore, you can immediately redeem using electronic vouchers. A notable feature of Cudo is the Luxury Escapes Fare Guarantee where Cudo awards you with a $250 Luxury Escapes Voucher if you find a cheaper price for a product. Cudo matches and verifies the information before awarding the voucher; however, terms and conditions apply.



CoolSavings is a popular online portal whose role is availing a collection of grocery coupons which can be printed specifically for home based products which are consumed on a daily basis as well as accessories. CoolSavings is perfect because it’s a one stop shop that offers numerous deals all under one roof. On this site, you get to enjoy using coupons that give you a chance to save money on a daily deals, shop for groceries and enjoy online comparison shopping.



If you want to avoid the popular discount providers which are flooded with buyers, DealLeak is the perfect choice that lets you explore numerous local deals at the most attractive prices. The advantage of using DealLeak is you’re able to find offers and deals based on your local area. DealLeak has a user friendly interface that is simple to use making it easy and convenient for users to quickly search for deals according to their categories of preference.



Savings is a large online portal that enables buyers to enjoy special discounted products, promo codes, coupons as well as deals. The promo codes and coupons available on the site are free of charge; you don’t need to pay anything. All you need to do is explore the website and you will find them. Leading brands across the globe use this platform to make sales and therefore, it’s an all inclusive giant marketplace. If you are looking for a platform where you can get amazing deals and make huge savings, this is a great place to begin.

Checkout 51c51share


If you love shopping at your favorite stores but would love to make some great savings, Checkout 51 will do that for you. This site is one of the top providers of discounted deals and coupons allowing buyers to save on their most preferred brands. You get to access new deals on a weekly basis which can be a disappointment for those looking for daily deals. However, the good news is you can buy your goods from any store.



SavingStar is a unique coupons provider and discounted deals platform which enables you to recoup most of the cash you’ve spent on making purchases of your desired products and brands. This platform allows visitors to shop from authorized online grocery stores found on SavingStar in return for great discounts. This enables buyers to save more and in turn, shop for more products. SavingStar is completely free to use; all you need to do is register and you’re good to go.



Ebates is an online platform that brings together numerous deals, promo codes, coupons and a cash back system. The reason why this platform is popular is because it brings together thousands of famous products and brands from around the world. If you are looking for a site that will allow you to buy more stuff and save a great deal, Ebates offers you promo codes, deals, inline discount offers as well as rebates.



CatchOfTheDay is a superb online platform that comes with coupons and incredible deals on a daily basis. This site covers beauty, technology, fashionable accessories and many others according to your preference. If you’re a looking for a rewarding and satisfying shopping experience, this platform ensures you have access to the best offers and deals to save you money. The best thing about CatchOfTheDay is it comes with a notification system that alerts you so long as you’re online.


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LivingSocial is considered to be one of the biggest competitor to Groupon and is quite similar to it as well. When you create your account with LivingSocial, you need to tell the website where you are and what you are looking for and the website will find the best deals for you. You can book spa packages, tours, restaurant meals and a lot of things using this Groupon alternative.


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Woot is not quite similar to Groupon but can be considered as a great alternative because it offer daily deals to its visitors. Woot is not a big company like Groupon so you may feel that the customer support is not the best. However, you can find great deals on a lot of items like electronics, home maintenance, sports equipment, jewellery, clothing, etc.


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I have used RetailMeNot a lot of times and in my opinion, RetailMeNot is the best site to find the best coupon code to get a discount on your purchase. You can find awesome deals on items like clothing, gadgets, food items, electronics as well as deals on items like Victoria’s Secret clothing. There are over 500,000 coupons for more than 50,000 stores on RetailMeNot making it one of the best alternatives to Groupon.


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Yipit is a very simple website providing daily deals to its users. You simply go to the website and select your city and the website will provides you all the deals available in your city. You will have to register on the website using your email address, but since the registration is free, you can start using the Yipit website to find daily deals in your locality.


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As the name suggests, the website offers deals related to your travel requirements. If you are looking to head out on a trip, then you can find a good number of deals on hotels, restaurants, airfare, cruises, spas, holiday activities as well as on car rentals. You can also book a vacation package at an affordable price using TravelZoo website which makes it the best Groupon alternative for holiday deals.


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If you are a foodie and you love to try new restaurants and new cuisines, then Restaurant.com is the best website that you can register with. The website deals with hotel reviews and provides you coupons and deals to save up to 50% on your bill. You can also add your review of hotels and cuisines and help other members with their choices.


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SlickDeals provides you a number of discount coupon and promo codes on various items like electronics items, clothing, games, groceries, home supplies, jewllery, automotive etc. If you want coupons for some particular store like Amazon or BestBuy, then you can get that too. The site has all the coupons and deals categorized according to the items and the online stores to make it easy for us to find the best coupons.


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FatWallet is the most interesting coupons website because it not only offers you coupons to save money on your purchase but it also offers you a cash-back program to save even more money. There are sites like Groupon that only provides you coupons and deals, but FatWallet takes it a step forward and gives you cash back on all your purchases that you make using their links and coupons. Once you have got enough cash-back in your account, you can request a payment.


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Previously DealChicken, LocalFlavor is one of the best alternatives to Groupon because it daily deals, coupons and gift certificates for various items near you. You can create your account with the website and enter your locality to find the best deals for various activities like adventure sports and indoor sports, spa and gym packages or on various services.


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1Sale is a great website to find new daily deals in categories like electronics, home and family, kids and toys, fashion and jewellery, entertainment and credit cards. The deals on the website changes everyday and there is a timer clock on top that gives you the exact time remaining for the new deals to go live.

Travel Factory travelfactoryaustralia

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If you’re a regular traveler and are in need of a reliable discount site that can offer you the best deals, Travel Factory is your best bet. This site resembles Groupon’s travel section where you can discover huge discounts on flights, hotels as well as other holiday related products. Aside from offering incredible discount deals, this website has other great features that make the site a good contender. For instance, there is a travel chat/ forum that enable you to be part of community enabling you to interact as well as receive advice on holidays. In addition, there is a money-back guarantee just in case you fail to secure your ideal dates within a fortnight after the deal ends. You can pay discounts upfront on some deal which gives you time to save the rest of the amount before embarking on your trip. You have an opportunity to earn Travel Factory Credit if you refer your friends and they setup an account within 78 hours. You earn $5 immediately they spend money on the site.

Lime & Toniclimeandtonic

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Lime & Tonic is an awesome discount site that focuses on high end restaurants, social events as well as curated activities. To benefit from amazing discounts, search for events and experiences by location to have an idea of events coming up. Buyers get to enjoy gift items with either a physical gift card or electronic vouchers. The site allows users to earn credit and points for every referral that makes a purchase on the site. Both purchases and reviews earn users loyalty points which have an impact on the level of membership as well as varied bonuses.


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WagJag is giving Groupon a run for its money in Canada. This site is similar to Groupon; businesses authorize WagJag to sell discounted vouchers for their products to buyers. Customers buy vouchers and if plenty of them are sold, you are allowed to cash in one to acquire a product or service at a reduced price. Presently, WagJag only focuses on Canada but has an advantage over Groupon because it covers more specific city locations and therefore you can find deals closer to you. In the recent times, WagJag has made major customer service improvements.


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Jetsetter belongs to TripAdvisor and is part of the family travel sites owned by the group. This platform is especially useful for travelers because it offers valuable information, facts as well as extensive reviews regarding travel and tourism sites spread in different parts of the globe. In addition, Jetsetter brings together a collection of information from leading travel journalists around the globe. The best part of this site is you can find deals with up to 40% price cuts on specific giveaways. You need to be quick because these deals are hotcake and last for only 5-10 days.


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If you’re a lover of boutique brands, Gilt, a leading American fashion retailer gives you access to the hottest brands which put flash sales on the market for top and exquisite brands that get sold out very fast; you need to be quick. The unique thing about Gilt is there are sales every day that offer up to 60% discounts on top brands. In addition, you have an option of joining the Waitlist just in case you miss out on an item. By doing this, you increase your chances of getting the product whenever it comes up for sale again. You can earn yourself loyalty points whenever you make a purchase or visit the site and post on Facebook. When you accumulate loyalty points, you get to enjoy advantages such as massive discounts, early access to sales as well as free shipping. The site has a facility for live chat and shipping has been extended to Australia. If you’re keen on having access to the world’s best brands at unbelievably low prices, try Gilt.



This is an amazing Groupon alternative that you can find amazing deals. Coupon.com focuses on the good things in life such as resorts, food, spas, salons and getaway to mention but a few. This site has helpful information for your daily grocery shopping and has some amazing discounts on different items. If you are looking to save money on a daily basis, Coupon.com is an ideal site to find deals that suit your needs and wants.

When it comes to coupon.com, it all about printable coupons which can allow you to take your favorite coupons to any location and claim a variety of attractive offers. This site enables you to save from few dollars to buy one or get the second item for free. In short, there is something for everyone on this printable coupon deals site.

Aside from printable coupons, you can also find a wide selection of coupon codes that you can use online stores. Considering the fact that many people today prefer online shopping, coupon.com is an amazing site to check for online deals. One of the cool things about this site is that fact that you don’t need to register to browse through the available deals. Coupon.com also has coupon codes deals that you can use when shopping at stores such as Target and Amazon among others. You can also get to enjoy cash back offers if you use a linked credit or debit card.



Do you love watching movies? Or going out with friends to watch the latest shows on cinema? Dealflicks .com is the perfect site for you. When it comes to the best groupon alternative to save money on cinemas, this is the perfect choice. This site focuses on selling tickets in over 600 theatres across the Unites States and offers more than 60% off. This means you can go to cinema with your friends and loved ones as much as you want and at the same time save money. Isn’t it amazing being able to have fun and at the same time save some bucks?

Discounts on this site are available on new movie releases and also covers snacks such as soda and popcorn to ensure you have a wonderful time when watching a movie/film. Dealflicks is the ultimate site if you want to save on your next movie and a great site to find a movie to watch. The site catalogues their movies deals and supports movies from various affiliated cinemas, Rotten Tomato, trailers and flixster ratings to guide you to choose the movie that fits your preference.

As a movie lover, you can take the advantage of the fact that most of these movies are never sold by booking for tickets at a discount price. Dealflicks.com supports iOS and Android apps meaning you can easily choose a movie. This site has a referral program where you refer a friend and earn some money. Isn’t it cool? Not only do you save money but you can also make extra.



Whether you are looking for latest fashionable apparel, cool watch or jewelry, this site has what you are looking for. Boomstreet is an awesome groupon alternative because it combines both local and national wide deals thus offering a great combination.

The local deals on boomstreet focus on local areas around where you live and include spas, services and restaurants deals. On the other hand, national deals go a notch higher by including a wide variety of deals from electronics as well as luxury items. It is possible to shop directly for items by browsing the range of categories which are filled with low priced items. The deal section is also a place worth checking.

If you tend to get confused by the many deal sites, boomstreet is very similar to groupon and you will find what you are looking for on this site. The site offers personalization options which means you save a lot of time going through deals that you are keen on. This site offers amazing discounts that range from saving little to a lot of money. In case you save extra money, you can use the cash to shop another item on the site. If you want to save money on your next iphone cover or juicer, visit boomstreet to have a great shopping experience and at the same time save money.



Still looking for a groupon alternative? DollarDig is an awesome site to check. This groupon alternative lets you score great cash back deals daily. This site offers amazing deals to Canada and USA users and rewards you every time you make a purchase from any of the listed stores. Most of the popular online stores such as Aliexpress, Ebay, iTunes and Woot are listed on the site so you are covered. DollarDig helps you claim back your money on the items that you purchase on a regular basis or on large items that you purchase.

The cash back deals can range from 1% to 50% on purchase and it’s not challenging to build up a balance on the site. It’s worth noting that the balance you accumulate on your DollarDig account can be withdrawn as cold cash. With a minimum of $25 it will not take long to get your money compared to other websites with higher minimums.

If you love using coupons on your purchases, DollarDig is the site to use. The site has small coupon section that you can make use of even though their main focus is on cash back. If you are a cash back pro or you are new to the cash back world, you need to include DollarDig on your list to continue shopping and at the same time save money. This site is the best, has the most reliable cashback rebates and the best discounts online.



When it comes to best groupon alternatives, we can’t wind up the list without including Couponsurfer. This site is very similar to groupon and focuses on coupons for various household items specifically grocery. Most of the time, grocery is expensive and this site makes your dream on saving on your grocery shopping come true. Thanks to couponsurfer, you are able to purchase your favorite type of grocery without breaking the bank and the same time practice a healthy lifestyle.

Couponsurfer lets you print coupons on regular purchases and use them in stores to save from hundreds to thousands every year. This site is popular for providing access to unique coupons as well as giving helpful coupon information. CouponSurfer also provides online deals and coupon codes. When you start using the site, you also get daily coupon emails right on your inbox with all the available discounts on your favorite categories.

If you prefer to receive coupons that you can use on items you intend to purchase, CouponSurfer is the right site to use. The website has an active blog that is updated regularly with tips to help you save money by optimizing coupons. Once you select you choice of coupons, print them and redeem at your local store. Most of these coupons are manufacturer’s coupons which you can use at any store across the country that accepts coupons.


Adrenaline is a Groupon alternative that offers discount vouchers for people who love high-octane adventures. If you’re one of those individuals who are fascinated with intense experiences that cause your heart to pump or have your adrenaline rushing, this amazing site can help you to find and participate in activities such as water sports, land adventures, flying as well as driving experiences. The advantage with this site is it offers the lowest price guarantee as well as avails numerous gift vouchers. In addition, free shipping is available for orders that exceed $149. Overall, this is a great choice for adrenalin lovers.

So, these were some of the best sites like Groupon. If you have used any of these websites, then please share your experience with us and if you use some other Groupon alternatives to find deals and coupons, then also let us know. Share the article with your friends if you liked it!

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