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15+ Sites to Download Free MP3 Songs 2017

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At LoudTronix, it’s all about the music. Its homepage features a simple design, with the search bar dominating the page.

You can browse the top 100 charts, filtering your search by the following genres:

  • Mixed Top 100
  • Classical
  • Country
  • Dance
  • Electronic
  • Hip-hop/Rap
  • Jazz
  • Pop
  • Rock

If you prefer, you can make an account and create online playlists.

Their blog features news and updates, including their response to any issues with the site. They work quickly to resolve problems, which are few and far between.

If you don’t understand how to use the site or if you have any other problems, check the LoudTronix FAQ. If you have any questions, they offer email support; the email address is listed on their FAQ page.

BandcampBand Camp

Bandcamp is my own go-to place for music download. Not only does it have a huge variety of music for listeners, from rock to electronic to classical to even spoken word and podcasts, but it also treats the artists who put their music on their site very well. It is an accepting environment for new and indie musicians, all of whom are allowed to sign up for free. Artists are then allowed to upload whatever and however many songs they want. Then, artists are allowed to name their own price for listeners to download their music and the company takes a flat percentage of 10-15%. In addition, listeners who want to contribute a little more to their favorite artists can choose to pay a little more as artists only set the minimum price and the website allows you to name your own price. Compared to big name sites like iTunes where the majority of the profits are taken by the company and the record label, leaving the artists with almost nothing, Bandcamp is far superior.

The name your own price tool is also kind to the listener. While you can always listen to the songs on the website, you will probably want to download it for yourself. Many artists set no minimum cost on their albums as they may be looking primarily for exposure and donations. This allows listeners to download their music for free. All you have to do is click on buy now and name your price at $0. It doesn’t cost you or the artist a cent. You can search for artists you have heard before, but if you are looking for something new, Bandcamp provides excellent resources for discovering music. Bandcamp regularly posts daily and weekly recommendations on its homepage. It has a constantly updating section for what listeners are buying right now. It has a section for new and notable music. It even has resources for music news and behind the scenes features for its artists. Bandcamp is the perfect place for listeners and artists.

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