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Top 5 Social Media Tools to Manage Your Social Presence

Best Social Media Tools: Social profile is your digital resume now and the face you put up there is the face people know you with. So you need to worry about how you look over there otherwise you’re likely to lose a lot of things. On other case if you have a brand social profile and a presence which everyone notices then you’re going to make lots of money with that. Many internet marketing gurus are making huge money only via their social profiles. And since a lot of people are always active on various social networking platforms, you might be missing out on some potential customers by ignoring the power of social media.

So you need to have a branded social profile or at least try to create one by putting up all latest updates as per the industry you’re in. This is first thing you need to do. Second thing you need to worry about is that there are lots of social platforms and you need to target maximum of them every single day.

There is Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and many other and you can’t find all of your friends on a single platform. You need to have your network everywhere or at least on the sites I mentioned above.

best social media tools

Top 5 Social Media Tools

So having a profile on every platform and managing updates regularly on most of them together on daily basis isn’t possible for a single person. Here comes the role of Social Media Tools. There are many of them available and here I’m sharing top 5 Social Media tools to manage your social presence.

1. Buffer

Buffer is a free tool using which you can get a lot of things done. You can spread out, schedule posts on time which you feel like perfect as per the update.

Basically its free to use for persons using it for personal usage but in case if you wish to have most of its features enabled then you can have a look at different plans start form $10. In short, it’s simplest but very powerful tool to help you manage most of your social profiles.

2. HootSuite

This isn’t a free tool to use but you can obviously start using it for 30 days for free. Its best feature is its multi-column design which can be used to enable and manage different social platforms at the one single location.

This is designed pretty well and overall it manages its elegancy throughout the platform. It’s simple to learn and powerful to use. You are even going to get analytics regarding your common profile.

3. Post Planner

Another free to use tool for personal usage which can be used to post status on Facebook but other platforms can also be used and managed within.

4. SocialBro

The above tool was for Facebook while this one is for Twitter. You’re likely to find almost every feature offered by that micro-blogging website and you’re going to find it useful for sure.

5. Sprout Social

Last but not the least, available for 30 days free trial and its best feature is that you can see analytics using Google Analytics which is an in-built feature. Unlimited presentations can be done while there is no limit on reports.

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So these were the best social media tools that you can use to connect all your social accounts and share posts and tweets from one single dashboard. This will save your time and make you more active on the social networks and in turn will prove beneficial for yourself as well as your business.

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