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Best Task Managers For Android And Speed Boosters

It becomes so infuriating when your battery runs out when you need to accomplish one or two tasks with your android device. Well, toil no more! Thumbs up to Android, the most popularly used OS worldwide. But, unfortunately, some technicalities do not turn out so well for android users. Background processes tend to expend the device resources and monopolize the battery in the device. This actually implies that you need to charge your phone so frequently since the android battery gets drained too quickly. You do not have to quit downloading new applications, because you definitely need them in your Android gadget. All you need to do is simply manage the background processes so as to fully maximize the system resource; basically the programs, fonts, utilities and any other software that is installed in your machine, and therefore boost the performance of your device hence, barely experience the selfish utilization of your battery in your device. This management can be done by task manager applications, which terminate all these background processes and generally increase the performance of your android device. The six foremost android background managers and speed boosters are: –

SystemPanelLite Task ManagerSystemPanelLite

SystemPanelLite task manager is a multi-functional application that lets you manage and monitor the applications in your gadget. In addition it parades your phone’s activities and which applications are selfishly monopolizing your android gadget’s battery. It comes with a pleasant fictional science-based kind of display. The SystemPanelLite task manager brags huge love share of science fiction movie lovers due to the science-fictional appearance. It basically performs functions like:

  • Application managing
  • System observation
  • Task managing

SystemPanelLite spotlights a task manager, which allows you to see the currently running applications and the amount of processor and memory each, is taking up. Moreover, it delivers a comprehensive statistical data and even charts pertaining your device’s usage. The task manager is a surely helpful tool to every busy android user. SystemPanelLite does not only leave you with the fundamental function of killing apps, but also, provides you with exhaustive information about your precious android gadget. It comes with an installer that is capable of installing and uninstalling apps from your device and also enables you to create several backups for application versions variously installed, as you keep updating them.

SystemPanelLite keeps an eye on the usage of your Central Processing Unit for a lengthy period and enables you to record the usage, giving reports on how much power each app was consuming in the CPU and the period the consumption occurred. This data eminently tells you which applications were selfish in battery usage. The SystemPanelLite is available for free for the one or two potential users out there who would not want to purchase it. The full version combines a task manager, application manager that entails its installer and an uninstaller with a multi-version APK archival and a system monitor.

The ES Task managerES-Task-Manager

Are you the kind of a person that gets his hands full occasionally? ES Task Manager is the way out for you. It is a savior in deed. It gives you quite a number of functions that might be so convenient for you in your cleaning attempts. Suppose you are already using the app, you must have seen and realized the convenience and efficiency that accompanies it. One of the most preeminent task managers in the android platform is the ES Task Manager.

ES Task Manager launches by first bringing to your attention the currently running programs and processes, then gives you an option to either close or update a single or several or even all the running applications. ES Task Manager does not therefore basically terminate the running applications, which is a long-winded feature in the android platform. The functionality of this app makes your device to operate faster due to the released memory. The suitableness of this app enables you to even uninstall undesired apps and also include others in the whitelist so, they would be exempted from the list of apps to be closed automatically.

Some of the merits of ES Task Manager are;

  • The controls are easy to use
  • Its services are shown to you and are closeable
  • You have a choice of displaying or not displaying the system applications and the system processes.
  • It also boasts a nicely designed widget with a classic appearance.

On the other hand, applications can be moved to the whitelist only if they are running and its widget is only configurable with a single function.

Watchdog Task ManagerWatchdog-1024x640

Actually, watchdog does not absolutely close applications, but it keeps an eye on your CPU and whole system as a whole. It is an android-based application that monitors the exceedance of your CPU to a particular threshold. The heavy apps that use a large part of the CPU resources commonly cause your android device, be it a smart phone or tablet, to slow down and use up your battery so quickly.

Once in a while you have experienced your dogs barking the whole night because they have spotted an unusual case or visitor at your home. That persistent alarm the dog brings out, is precisely how Watchdog Task Manager persists when there is an unusual occurrence or usage of your android resources. Interestingly, there is no need to worry about the persistent alerts! You can optionally turn the feature off at your convenience.

The task manager inclusively lets you to customize your suspicion level. This basically implies that you can set your own CPU limit and a polling interval. The polling interval should not be too short as it would drain the battery. Fascinating enough, the watchdog will hardly bother with your whitelist applications like your dog will seldom bother chasing your family members at home. Like other task managers, watchdog also has two versions, that is the free version and a paid version, which boasts added features at $3.49. This paid version supports a blacklist feature. This feature is useful for persistently mischievous apps, where they are killed if they outstretch to the configured threshold in the CPU. The paid version also frees the app from annoying ads.

Occasionally, dogs might become obnoxious. If your watchdog app gets obnoxious, you have an option of silencing it. Watchdog being one of the best monitors, never sleeps, it keeps reviewing the apps that prove mischievous lately on its alerts tab, regardless of being in silent mode.

GO Cleaner and Task ManagerGOcleaner

This is another must have advanced app to manage your applications and save your battery for a longer period. GO Cleaner and task manager tool cleans up your cache, frees your device memory, kills background processes and most essentially monitors your android device in general as much as speeding it a great deal. In one simple touch, GO Cleaner shows you all the running and opening apps. Pioneered by the famous GO Launcher family, it is fully serviced and convenient in its functionality.

The free features of the brilliant task manager, entail freeing of your memory and closing running applications, speeding your android device by cleaning cache, doing away with the unwanted APKs to release your device memory, clearing your online and offline private tasks including call logs and your browsing particulars.

The premium features of this application entail a single tap to do away with all trash and unused files in your system with added features like:

  • A new shortcut to stop processes and free up the system memory, availed
  • Data traffic watch on how you use 2G, 3G and 4G networks.
  • Only available in rooted devices, the ability to stop startup apps.


Greenify, featured in the Lifetime Hacker as top one utilities in 2013 best android apps, it is another must have application in your android device. Your tablet or android gadget should never at all get to freeze or have the battery run out due to a lot of installed apps. Greenify enables your device to run efficiently and durably as it did in the introductory day.

Greenify is distinctive in its functionality as it hibernates the misbehaving applications, when they are not in use, so as to stop lagging your device and avoid leeching your battery leaving your device powerless. When hibernated, the misbehaving apps can barely launch themselves unless they have been explicitly launched by other applications or the user. Underway, Greenify maintains a smooth operation of your android device, giving you a maximum functionality and speed of your gadget as a whole.

Comparatively, Greenify boasts a few advantages over, other popular tools. You do not have to totally disable the app, you can still be able to use the app usually and share content with it. What a convenience! Actually, there is no need to freeze and de-frozen it.

Greenify developers have two diverse versions of the app. One version is the free Greenify app on Google Play store and the other is the paid version that is the Greenify (Donation Package) at $2.99. The paid version contains more additional features. It offers the user the ability to support the Application developer. For convenience, do not hesitate to download the Greenify app to enjoy the basic and major benefits of this application.

Zapper task killer and managerZapper

Zapper task killer and manager closes and obliterates the applications that run in the background. It is one of the easy to use applications. It stops the naughtily overstaying applications in the background, thereby providing an ample usage of your android device, either your smartphone or tablet. The tireless effort of its originators is evident in the functionality of the application. The CPU use and general appearance is catchy in its self and boasts a high level of uniqueness in the appearance. It clears away suspicious apps that do nothing much than draining your android battery. The top-tier zapping app stops apps in a single tap. The zapper task killer and manager’s charts clearly shows your device’s usage by various installed applications.

For self-launching apps that android OS kills but repeatedly launches automatically, Zapper is the best solution, as it zaps them once and for all. It is one of the most useful apps an android user will deserve in his or her android gadget. To take control of your phone, do not make tiresome toils. Simply install zapper task killer into your precious device for free from the Google play store for better appreciation of its workability.

Other task managers in the android market include:

  • Clean master
  • Advanced Task Manager
  • Super Task killer
  • Smart Task manager.

The clean master one of the most equipped task managers is released with a generous number of features, one being its basic ability to clear up junk files. Arguably, reliable statistics assert that, clean master cleans approximately 5.1 billion megabytes of junk files daily. This shows the convenience it creates amongst its numerous clientele. Clean master comes with features such as:

  • Antivirus
  • Battery saver
  • Phone boost
  • Game booster
  • App lock

The antivirus protects the android user from viruses, vulnerabilities, spy ware and Trojans. It ensures the normal and efficient operation is not interrupted by unwanted software that creep into your devices. Its battery saver hibernates the background draining applications to save power and boost the battery life. The phone boost feature does away with naughty apps that steal your device memory. The clean master game booster boosts your gaming experience by 30% thereby reducing system failures when gaming.

Another task killer used by android users is Advanced Task Manager. If you are looking for an app that would list for you all the running apps and easily kill them all, then Advance Task Manager is the right app for you. Advance Task Manager has a task-managing tool that ensures all your apps are managed under one umbrella. Unlike other task managers, Advanced Task Manager has a varying procedure of task killing. It fundamentally requires you to:

  • Long press the specific application that you want to stop
  • Select the provided option “force stop”
  • Click on “force stop” on the application information.

Apart from the Advance Task Manager and Clean master, Super Task Killer is a space efficient app that takes up less than 0.1% of your memory. It smartly saves your battery thereby prolonging your battery life. It provides you with the available battery percentage info in your device. Advance Task Manager enables you to adjust your power saving mode preferences from the various provided modes; depending on the amount of time you want your battery to be extended. It excludes your whitelist from the background app killing action. It additionally has a Cool Rocket Man feature that is a lively home screen utility to free up your memory.

Finally, the Smart Task Manager, a free app in the Google Play Store also provides task management. Conveniently, in one single tap you can manage your apps. This task manager freely provides its premium features free of charge. This enables the android user to access explicit services from the smart task manager. Amongst the diverse excellent features that smart Task Killer provides the user, an app lock is not left out as it that ensures the user’s data privacy is attained. Moreover, the problem-solving CPU process info provided by the Smart Task Killer, gives you all the rights to effectively and efficiently prolong your device’s battery life. The renowned feature, of backing up all the users’ data and easily reinstate them anytime, makes it a very eminent app to its users. You can as well choose not to close a background application by shifting the specific app to the whitelist.

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