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Best Websites to Learn Coding Online in 2016

It’s really important to have basic knowledge of at least one of the programming languages. People with programming skills are finding it easier to land a job because every business in now moving on to Internet to expand its consumer base and they need people who can code. So if you have an interest in learning programming and want to get started with it, then here are some of the best websites to learn coding online in 2016.

Previously, we wrote an article on the best programming languages that you can learn in 2016. The reason we are now sharing the list of websites to learn programming online is that you will be able to do more complex tasks yourself. Even if you don’t know how to write codes for software, but if you have some basic coding knowledge, then you can communication with the developers and let them know exactly what you are looking for. So, you need to go to these best websites to learn coding online and gain at least some knowledge of the programming skills.

best sites learn coding online

Best Websites to Learn Coding Online

A few years back, when someone wanted to learn coding, they had to join some expensive classes and pay a lot of fees to learn the language. Those days are long gone and now you can learn your favorite programming language for free and directly from home.

If you are ready to get started, then you can go through the list of the websites to learn coding online. I have mentioned the best websites and the coding languages that you can learn from there.

1. Codecademy

Codecademy is one of the best websites where you can learn different programming languages for free. You can join any course for free and the estimated duration of the course is around 3-15 hours. With hundreds of thousands of students currently enrolled with these courses, you can understand the quality of the courses offered.

Courses offered:

codecademy learn coding online

2. Code Avengers

Code Avengers is another awesome website to learn programming online. The website offers 3 levels of courses for every programming language. The first level is the basic level which is free while the other two levels are advance levels that are paid. You can buy lifetime access to all courses for a one-time fee of $146.

However, if you just want to learn the basics of languages like PHP, Python or HTML/CSS, then you can do that for free. The website has over 100 hours of lessons on how to code and you can even learn to create website, build apps and games using your skills.

Courses Offered: < Link >

  • HTML5/CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • Python 3

codeavengers learn programming

3. Code School

Code School is one of the very few websites that offers more detailed courses to expand your skills and capabilities. The best part about Code School is that most of the courses offered are free to join and only some courses are paid. The fee for paid course is $25/month and you will be able to access screencasts and challenges.

Courses Offered:

codeschool coding online

4. Tutsplus

Tutsplus offers a wide variety of courses for free. These courses range from HTML/CSS, PHP to courses like A/B Testing for web designers and building a portfolio with bootstrap. You will be able to find courses for almost all the popular programming languages on Tutsplus.

Courses Offered:

tutsplus coding website

5. Treehouse

If you are looking for project-oriented courses, then Treehouse is the perfect place for you to get started. The website offers you various coding projects that you can join to perfect your programming skills. You can even join the coding courses to learn languages like HTML, PHP, Ruby etc.

The first level is free and beyond that you will have to pay a $25 monthly subscription fee to get the advanced knowledge.

Courses Offered:


6. Khan Academy

Although Khan Academy’s courses are not as structured as the other websites in this list, you can find it extremely easy to get started with the programming courses on the site. You can learn the basic of programming.

The academy does not focus on any particular coding language, but rather it focuses on patterns that can be adopted anywhere. Some of its courses focus on drawing and animations, game visualization and simulations, making webpages etc.

< Visit Site >

khanacademy computer programming
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Other Sites to Learn Coding Online:

Though I have only mentioned a few websites where you can learn coding online, there are still a lot more websites on the Internet that you can join.

Some of the websites focuses on a single programming language, while the others offer courses on multiple languages. You can select any of them depending on the language you want to learn. Here are more websites to learn programming online.

For Every Other Programming Course: Coursera, Lynda, edX, Udemy and PluralSight.

So these were some of the best websites that you can join for free to learn programming skills online. You can find almost all the coding language training on various different sites, so visit these websites and choose the one that you think is perfect for your preferred programming language.

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