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7 Best WhatsApp Alternatives for Your Smartphone

WhatsApp Messenger is the most popular chat apps for all the smartphone operating systems. There’s no denying that everyone who owns a smartphone, whether Android, iPhone, BlackBerry or Windows Phone, must have used the app at least once and almost all of them might still be using it. The reason WhatsApp has become so popular is because it doesn’t focus on making money by showing advertisements but it provides you a platform to chat with your friends without any disturbances or any other kind of notifications or pop-ups.

However, there might be some moments when you feel that you should try out some other chat apps as well on your device. I feel the same way too, so I decided to list down the best WhatsApp alternatives for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone. These apps are considered to be the best, after WhatsApp Messenger and most of them provides more features than what our favorite app does. So let’s get to the post and see the best alternatives apps and which one is the best among all of them.

Best WhatsApp Alternatives for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone

1. WeChat

The best apps for chatting with your friends, other than WhatsApp, should be WeChat app and if you are looking for the best alternative then WeChat is the application you should install.

With WeChat app on your smartphone, you can easily send free text messages to your contacts and you also get the feature to make free voice and video calls to your loved ones and that too in HD quality. The app offers you a wide variety of stickers that you can use in your conversation and you can also send and receive media files like images and videos as well.

Download: Android | iPhone | Windows Phone

wechat best whatsapp alternative

2. Kik Messenger

This app is quite different from other chat applications on this list because this app requires you to create an account online before you start using the app.

You can pick a username and it doesn’t require you to add your phone number. You can find new friends by using their usernames and chat with them. The app is not only a chat app because you can surf the Internet and find funny images and videos and news articles from within the app and send them to your friends using the chat feature.

Download: Android | iPhone | Windows Phone

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kik messenger alternative whatsapp


If you consider having a social media-type interface is a good thing, then you are going to love LINE application on your smartphone because you can actually update your status and post on your timeline.

With LINE app, you get everything you expect from a chat app like free text messaging and the ability to send and receive multimedia files but it also allows you to make free international voice calls and video calls to other LINE users. There are currently more than 500 million users who use this app to send messages daily, so why can’t you give this awesome alternative to WhatsApp a try!

Download: Android | iPhone | Windows Phone

line messenger app

4. Viber

When it comes to having an app that gives you the ability to make free video calls as well as voice calls to other smartphone users worldwide, Viber tops the list because it provides that feature to all its users.

If you download and install Viber on your smartphone, then you will be able to make free calls to other Viber users and if you want to make calls to non-Viber users, you can do that too for a very cheap rate. Plus, it offers you the regular feature to send and receive text messages and multimedia files so I can’t think of any reasons why you can’t install this WhatsApp alternative on Android, iPhone or Windows Phone.

Download: Android | iPhone | Windows Phone

viber chat app

5. BBM

Before there was WhatsApp or any other chat app, there was BBM and it made text messaging one of the most needed features in a smartphone.

We all know that BBM means BlackBerry Messenger, but over the years as Android, iOS and Windows Phone OS gained popularity, BBM app was launched for other mobile OS as well. Now you can download BBM app on your smartphone and chat with your friends using the BBM Pin.

Download: Android | iPhone | Windows Phone

bbm blackberry messenger

6. Telegram

Telegram is relatively newer applications when compared to other chat apps and alternatives on this list but there are some features that comes with Telegram that makes it one of the best chat apps.

Telegram can be considered as the closest alternative to WhatsApp because it has the same user interface and design and allows you to send and receive free text messages. However, what’s awesome about this app is that it allows you to send images, videos and other files of size of up to 1.5 GB, which is huge compared to other apps on the list and it also features a self-destructing message like in Snapchat. Telegram is fast and secure and one of the best WhatsApp alternatives apps.

Download: Android | iPhone | Windows Phone

telegram app

7. Facebook Messenger

Everyone knows about Facebook Messenger because each and every person on the Internet has a Facebook account and also use the social network on their smartphones.

So if you have Facebook on your mobile device or tablet, then you can download Facebook Messenger as well to chat with your friends and send them multimedia files. You can easily login to Facebook account to start chatting with your online friends. Though you can’t chat with friends who are not on Facebook, but still it is one of the best chat apps for mobile devices. You can also make calls for free over WiFi connection.

Download: Android | iPhone | Windows Phone

facebook messenger

So those were the best WhatsApp alternatives that you can download and install right now on your smartphone or tablet running Android, iOS or Windows Phone OS. The applications are all free to use and there are no hidden costs to send and receive text messages or for voice and video calls.


If you know of other best alternatives to WhatsApp that you use and love, then let us know about it via the comments section below!

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