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The Best YouTube Alternatives to Watch Videos Online

YouTube is no doubt the biggest video sharing platform where you can find tons of videos uploaded on a daily basis. Its a go-to place for every budding Vlogger or musicians and comedians to upload their videos and gain a following. YouTube has become a kind of place to hang out and watch videos to relax or catch on some video tutorials in various different niches including weight loss, bodybuilding, magic tricks or just some LOL stuff.

However, YouTube is not the only place where you can find high quality videos to watch online. But since YouTube is major player in the online video sharing niche, others sites are ignored. But we have made a list of 5 video sharing sites that can be counted as the best YouTube alternatives. So let’s see those sites where you can get awesome videos as well.

1. DailyMotion

dailymotion youtube alternatives
Considering the user base, DailyMotion is the second largest online video sharing site and probably the best alternative to YouTube. The user interface of DailyMotion is simple and pretty much similar to YouTube with trending videos on the homepage. With over a 100 million users, the chances of a video going viral on DailyMotion is also high.

You can simply create a free account with the site and start uploading your videos to your account. You can upload a video of 60 minutes length and about 4 GB in size with 1080p HD resolution with a free account. However if you want to remove this limit, you can upgrade your account. With DailyMotion, you can upload your videos and also earn a passive income from them.

2. Blip.tv

blip tv watch videos online
Blip.tv is quite different video site compared to others in this list as you will be finding much better videos on the site. Not just simple videos, you will be able to catch on some video series and webisodes while being on Blip TV.

You can create a free account that allows you to upload videos with up to 1 GB per video. It supports almost all the video formats. The pro account comes with some amazing perks that you might like to check out. Almost all the users can sign up with the advertising account to make income by uploading their videos.

So next time when you are working on a complete video series, you should consider uploading them on Blip TV.

3. Vimeo

Vimeo alternative to youtube
Next on our list is Vimeo. The user interface is pretty simple and you can sign up for a free account by using a valid email address. With a free account, you get 1/2 GB per week storage with only one HD upload a week. However you can upgrade to paid plans to get the maximum benefits.

Vimeo offers two different paid plans – Plus and Pro. With Vimeo Plus, you get 5 GB of storage with unlimited HD video uploads up to your storage limit that is 260 GB of HD videos per year. For Vimeo Pro, the numbers are 20 GB of storage with unlimited HD uploads limited to your storage which is 1000 GB of HD videos per year.

4. Flickr

Flickr watch videos
Flickr is mostly known as the photo-sharing and hosting site but not many people know that Flickr allows its users to upload videos to their accounts as well.

To upload videos on Flickr, you need to sign up with a free account and upload the videos just like you would upload images. Flickr comes with a 1 TB of free storage and when you upgrade your account, you get unlimited storage space and also you can monitor the performance of the videos using the detailed stats that comes with the paid plan.

5. Veoh

veoh youtube alternative
Veoh, much like YouTube, allows its users to upload videos of large lengths. You can upload a video that spans 60 seconds to a full movie of 2 hours. There is no restriction on uploading videos on Veoh.

There are not much restrictions on uploading videos on the video sharing site and has attracted a lot of videos however its user base is not as large as YouTube. With simple user interface and unlimited storage space, Veoh can surely be considered to be one of the best YouTube alternatives worth checking out.

Other Alternatives to YouTube:

Vube: The site is like a newborn baby in front of other video sharing sites above because of the fact that the site went live in early 2013 only. But within a short span, it has become one of the top 100 most visited websites in the world. The UI is simple and the quality of videos uploaded on the site is also increasing with every passing day. With this pace, it might even take over some heavy-hitters from this list.

Metacafe: I have watched a lot of videos on Metacafe but over the past few years, the quality of the videos have degraded. That doesn’t mean that the videos uploaded are not good, they are sometimes awesome but its just a personal opinion as I don’t like going over to Metacafe to watch any video.

I hope that you liked the list of the best YouTube alternatives. These are not the only sites out there, but are probably the best when it comes to watching videos online. So do share your views about the post and also let us know if you visit some other sites to watch videos online.

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