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Best Android Apps for Blocking Callers

Are you tired of receiving unsolicited calls? Have you ever had someone calling you all the time, and you just don’t want to talk to that person? Maybe it’s an ex-girlfriend or boyfriend? Maybe it’s a telemarketer? A spammer? Maybe it’s your boss calling to tell you to come in to work early?

With your Android smartphone, you can always block a number or numbers by using third-party apps. Once you have installed the blocking app, you will not receive calls or text messages from any of the numbers you have blocked. The call-blocking feature does come installed on certain high-end Android phones, but many phones still don’t come with call blocking capabilities. The best option for an Android user is to download and install a third-party app.

Below are the best Android apps for blocking callers. These apps have been ranked based on their features, ease of use, and cost. Call blocking apps are not created equal and each has different features (filters, notifications and schedules) that make it easier or harder for the user to block calls. These apps are designed for blocking calls from specific numbers pulled from database or entered by the user. Some of the apps even block all calls, which is a handy tool if you are on deadline or trying to sleep.

Tired of receiving calls from telemarketers selling an insurance service? A user can block any type of annoying callers for any reason by using one of the apps detailed below. Just choose an app that is right for you and begin living a life free of annoying phone interruptions.

#1 Safest Call Blockerblock-android-callsjpg-10

Like the name suggests, Safest Call Blocker is the best Android app for blocking callers. Safest Call Blocker is a free download, but is a call blocker supported by ads. Safest Call Blocker does come with a premium version that cancels the ads.

Safest Call Blocker is a simple app so you don’t have to mess around with a lot of settings menus. This also makes blocking callers fast. The user simply adds numbers to block list from either their contacts list or call logs.

Safest Call Blocker also has an option to block the last call received. If the user has received an annoying call, Safest Call Blocker allows the user to tap a button and add that number to the blocked call list.

While Safest Call Blocker blocks calls from ringing through to your smartphone, the app also notifies the user of blocked calls inside the app to keep track of what time and date each blocked call rang. The blocked calls do not ring through and the user can just check Safest Call Blocker’s history logs at an appropriate time.

#2 Mr. Numberblock-android-callsjpg-5

Mr. Number is a free call blocker app that allows users to block unwanted calls and texts. Mr. Number gives users twenty free caller lookups for looking up unknown numbers. After the twenty free caller lookups are used, the user will have to pay for caller lookups.

Mr. Number also allows users to protect themselves against spammers. Mr Number was built to automatically block spam messages without the users having to blacklist numbers. Mr. Number does this by creating a large database of numbers that have been identified as spam. Mr. Number checks every incoming call against that database and automatically blocks numbers that have a match in the database.

If a new number comes in that the user identifies as spam, the user can block the number. Remember up to twenty numbers can be blocked for free. The user can also identify numbers as spam. When a number is identified as spam, it is logged into the Mr. Number database which helps other Mr. Number users.

#3 Calls Blacklistblock-android-callsjpg-2

Calls Blacklist is a single app that blocks both calls and SMS messages. Calls Blacklist will block both calls and SMS messages from identified unwanted numbers. The user can easily block calls and messages by adding unwanted numbers to the blacklist or by enabling a blocking option. Calls Blacklist allows users to assign the following labels to phone numbers: “Private Numbers”, “Unknown Numbers”, and “All Calls.”

However, for enabling the SMS feature the user will have to make the Calls Blacklist app the default SMS app if the user is running Android 4.4 or newer. This may not be the easiest option to take advantage of. If the user only wants to enable the call blocking feature, they can decline the SMS offer to make Calls Blacklist the default texting app. The user can just use Calls Blacklist as a call blocking app.

Calls Blacklist will let the user block calls from contacts, call logs and messages log. The user can also specify specific area codes to block calls from specific numbers. This is especially handy for blocking telemarketers and spammers.

Calls Blacklist also allows users to create a blacklist of numbers, export it to a personal file, and load it to another phone. Calls Blacklist also has a function called whitelist. Whitelist is a list of numbers which should never be blocked in any situation.

#4 Call Blocker FREEblock-android-callsjpg-3

As the name suggests Call Blocker FREE is a completely free app. Call Blocker FREE has no ads at all. This app will let the user block both SMS, MMS and calls. However, SMS and MMS blocking is not available for Android 4.4 and above.

The user can specify numbers to block. These numbers can come from the users’ contacts, call logs or message logs. Call Blocker FREE also has different call block methods. When blocked numbers ring in, the user can set the app to have the phone hang up, answer and hang up, silence the call, or switch to Airplane mode.

Call Blocker FREE allows the user to block private numbers, unknown numbers and specified numbers. The user will also receive an optional notification for any blocked calls. All data recorded by Call Blocker FREE can be backed up on the users SD card.

#5 Blacklistblock-android-callsjpg-4

Even though Blacklist has a similar name to Calls Blacklist, it is a completely different app. Blacklist is a free app with an advanced call and sms filter and blocking tool.

Blacklist is a simple app that offers blocking features, blacklist and whitelist capabilities, and it is extremely light which doesn’t put a lot of pressure on the phone’s battery. Numbers can be added to the blacklist manually and numbers not in the users’ contacts or ringing in as private can be blocked. Conversely any exception to the blacklist can be added to the whitelist so that call comes through automatically.

Blacklist also offers different methods to block the call: hang up, mute, and hang up with a sent message. Blacklist will also notify the user about all the calls blocked. At any time, the user can see the blocked calls log to review which numbers have been blocked.

#6 Blacklist Plusblock-android-callsjpg-9

Are you sensing a trend here? For a blocking app to be good enough to be considered for this list the words “black” and “list” must appear in the app title. Blacklist Plus takes call blocking to a whole new level. Blacklist Plus focuses on being a powerful call blocker, ease of use with a user friendly interface and stability.

With Blacklist Plus, calls can be blocked four different ways:

  1. Any number on the blacklist is blocked.
  2. Any number that is not on the whitelist the user creates is blocked.
  3. Any number not in the users’ contacts is blocked.
  4. All numbers are blocked.

In addition, Blacklist Plus only offers two options of blocking method:

  1. Automatically disconnecting the call.
  2. Muting the call.

#7 Master Call Blockerblock-android-callsjpg-6

Master Call is a free app that comes with a simple user interface and design. Master Call is completely app free, and due to its simple design it does not drain the phone’s battery. One of the other nice features of Master Call is that the app doesn’t users to give it a lot of permissions.

Like Blacklist Plus Master Call Blocker allows users to block calls from a list, block all calls, allow calls based on Contact numbers, or create an un-block or allowed list. When a call comes in that the user does not wish to receive the call will be muted or disconnected.

One of the cool feature on Master Call Blocker is Time-Block. Time-Block allows users to block all calls during certain times during the day. Do you have an important meeting? Do you need to get work done? Enable Time-Block to get through work uninterrupted.

Master Call also logs all of the calls blocked so that users can review at their leisure.

#8 TrueCallerblock-android-callsjpg-7

Truecaller’s feature is to identify unknown callers. This helps the users not have to self-identify while trying to find out who is calling. Truecaller has a large database of callers and their identification information. This data is used to identify the person who is calling the TrueCaller user. Unfortunately, TrueCaller will only identify numbers already in the database.

TrueCaller uses this database for blocking calls and can stop all types of spam messages and telemarketers with the TrueCaller spam blocking system. Users can also manually create blacklists to block callers and whitelists to allow callers.

Users can also manually search for numbers to see who it belongs to. However, users will have to register their smart phone number to use the service.

#9 Avast Mobile Security and Antivirusblock-android-callsjpg-8

Avast, which is a renowned Antivirus program, also offers a SMS and call blocking feature in its mobile app. Avast offers a premium version of the app with more security, but the user can take advantage of the call block feature in the free version as well.

The call block feature is pretty standard. The user creates a manual blacklist to block calls. If a user is already using Avast mobile security, then the user does not have to download another app. Avast is also a trusted developer. If you are nervous about downloading apps to your smartphone but are also tired of getting unsolicited phone calls, use Avast to block calls.

Which of these apps is right for you? What features seem like they fit your lifestyle? Do you like the idea of blocking all calls to your smartphone (Master Call Blocker, Blacklist Plus)? Perhaps you want to block annoying texts (Calls Blacklist, Call Blocker Free).

Are you ready to be free? Free from unwanted calls and messages? Free from receiving multiple calls a day from people you don’t even know or don’t want to talk to? Free from answering a call and finding out it’s you boss and he wants you to come in on Sunday and miss your Grandma’s birthday party?

Take control of your life. Stop getting calls from unknown numbers or spammers. Stop getting harassed by an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. Stop missing your grandma’s birthday party. Download one of the call blockers described above and go back to living in peace.

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