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Cute Collection of Minions Wallpapers – Upcoming Minions Movie (2015)

We all can agree on one thing that Minions are really cute. If you ask any person what they think about the Minions, you will get only one answer and that is that they absolutely love them. Different people like to watch different movies. Some like comedy, some like action, while the others like romance, drama or thriller movies. But there are 2 movies – Despicable Me 1 & 2 – that almost everyone has watched and loved the Minion characters. And since there is an upcoming Minions movie about to release, I thought of sharing the best and the cutest collection of Minions wallpapers that you can use on your device.

Though Minions were did not have the lead role in Despicable Me 1 and 2 movies, the upcoming movie focuses on the minions and is a prequel set on how the minions roamed the planet in search for an evil master before the met Gru. Since we all love them, I put together a list of some of the best Minions wallpapers. Scroll down and check out the complete collection of minion wallpapers, images and fan arts.

Apart from the wallpapers, we are also going to share some of the fan art that creative designers have come up with. You will see your favorite minions dressed up as Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Wolverine and other iconic superheroes and game characters. You can use these artwork as your desktop wallpaper or use it on your iPhone, iPad or Android device as a background.

Minion of Steel Wallpaper

minion of steel wallpaper

Despicable Me Minions Creed

despicable me minions creed

Minion Art Despicable Me

minion art despicable me

Agent 47 Minion Hitman Wallpaper

agent 47 minion hitman wallpaper

Minimalist Minions Wallpaper

minimalist minions wallpaper

Supernatural Minion Wallpaper

supernatural minion wallpaper

Batman Minion | The Dark Knight Background

batman minion the dark knight background

Minion Captain America Wallpaper

All Minion Avengers Edition Wallpapers taken from Behance!

minion captain america wallpaper

Minion Iron Man Wallpaper

minion iron man wallpaper

Minion Thor Wallpaper

minion thor wallpaper

Minion Loki Wallpaper

minion loki wallpaper

Minions Nick Fury Avenger Wallpaper

minions nick fury avengers wallpaper

Superman Minions Wallpaper

superman minions wallpaper

Batman Minion Wallpaper

minion batman wallpaper

Spider-man Minion Fan art

spiderman minions fan art

Minion Retired Trooper Fan Art

minion retired troopers fan art

X-Men Wolverine Minion Background

x-men wolverine minion background

Cyclops Minion Wallpaper Background

cyclops minion wallpaper background

Ghostbuster Minion Fan Art

ghostbuster minion fan art

Samurai Minion Wallpaper

samurai minion wallpaper

Shingeki No Minion | Attack on Titan Background

shingeki no minion attack on titan background

Despicable me 2 Minions Wallpaper HD

despicable me 2 minions wallpaper hd

Minion Lightyear Toy Story Wallpaper

minion lightyear toy story wallpaper

Minion Picasso Wallpaper HD

picasso minion wallpaper hd

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These were some of the best Minions wallpapers in HD that you can use on your computer desktop or also download as iPhone wallpapers or for Android devices.

The creative artists and designers around the world created these awesome wallpapers, backgrounds and fan arts and all the credit goes to the respective designers. So if you liked these cute collection of Minions wallpapers, then share the article with your friends!

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