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10 Most Popular DLNA Streaming Apps for Android

If you don’t know what DLNA stands for, it means Digital Living Network Alliance. There’s so much you can achieve with your smartphone if you have DLNA server that enables it to work as a media server. It never occurred to anyone before that you could share the media content you have on your smartphone to other DLNA enabled devices and TV screens. However, with constantly evolving technologies, it’s now possible to enjoy your smartphone content on television so long as there’s an active Wi-Fi connection to facilitate streaming. Once you’ve configured DLNA server and have a good Wi-Fi connection, you’re good to go. Below are the most popular DLNA Streaming Apps for Android.

Skiftaskifta-mobile dlna

Skifta is a common DLNA app that makes it possible for you to play your favorite media content i.e photos, music and videos on any connected and compatible devices. Skifta is known for media sifting with assistance from DLNA/UPnP. As a DLNA certified server app, this app comes packed with convenient features that eliminate the need for you to use wires. In addition, you don’t need to download the app and therefore, save users from going through a lot of hassles. Using your smartphone, you can conveniently control digital media content from anywhere and facilitate streaming to other gadgets such as PS3, TV and other compatible gadgets over a Wi-Fi network.

iMedia Share DLNA appiMediaShare Dlna android app

If you’re looking for an app that will enable you play both online and personal media files, iMedia Share DLNA app will make it possible to view your digital content on television without the need to download other TV apps or rely on numerous wires and cables to establish a connection. All you require is to select your video and watch it on a bigger screen that is near to you. Users love iMedia Share App because it offers a wide variety of content designed to meet the needs of a diverse population. The channels available include family, health, business, food, movies and sports. With only one tap, you can enjoy entertainment on larger screens.

Media House UPnP/ DLNA BrowserMediahouse Stream Media

You no longer have to worry about how to watch your smartphone content on a wider screen because Media House UPnP/DLNA Browser simplifies everything. Using this amazing app, you can enjoy streaming videos, photos and movies to your TV set, PC, NAS and other devices that can work with UPnP/DLNA. This app can automatically scans your Home network using Wi-Fi network to find suitable devices. By default, search categories are classified into Play From and Play To.

ArkMC DLNA UPnP Media CentreArkMC streaming to tv

Users who appreciate good performance and convenience can benefit a great deal from using this Media Center because not only is it a certified app, it has a user friendly menu which is enables you to watch HD videos and other digital media content from your smartphone. In addition, you can add and delete YouTube Channels. Other cool functions that come with this app are; stop, pause, forward, backward, scroll and volume control. You can easily move digital media between DLNA/UPnP devices.

Air Play Free

This is a perfect android app with the ability to stream videos, photos, music as well as other media types in your Android device via Wi-Fi to your selected DLNA/UPnP certified devices. Some of the devices you can connect your smartphone to include TV, Xbox 360, PS3 among others. In addition, this app can enable you to watch your content over Windows 7 Media Players.

Servers Ultimate Pro

This is a powerful app that can run efficiently on different platforms. Unlike DLNA/UPnP apps currently retailing in the market, Servers Ultimate Pro is cheaper and comes with over 70 protocols and runs on 60 different servers. With such significant addons, Servers Ultimate Pro app is an instant attraction for many users. It’s very simple to use this app; all you need to do is tap on your device to include new IP’s as well as add more users to your social network.

Pixel Media Server – DMS

Pixel Media Server is a popular DNLA/UPnP Media Server that works perfectly for all devices that run on Android such as Tablets, smartphones, STB among others. Using this app, you can easily and conveniently share different types of digital media content from different formats. You can view digital content on your smartphone or tablet on DLNA/UPnP devices. If you have a digital Media Controller (DMC) enabled in your home, you can discover the Pixel Media Server. If you have Pixel Media Server DMS, you don’t need to install any other app on your Android phone; you’re good to go.

DLNA Server

If you have DLNA Server app installed on your gadget, you’re free to use it as a media server. So long as you have Wi-Fi in your house, you can freely stream digital content such as music, photos and video from your Android device to a compatible DLNA/UPnP device near you. In addition, you’re free to specify which files you want to be public on your network. Using this app, three directories can comfortably share one DLNA server.


If you’re in need of a powerful DLNA streaming app for your android device, AnDLNA is a smart choice. If you have this app installed, you can enjoy your digital media to any external compatible device. There’s so much you can do; you can watch videos, play music or browse photographs thanks to your DLNA server.


This app enables you to preview your media content as well as watch and play it from any compatible DLNA/UPnP enabled device. In addition, this server app can facilitate a convenient way of streaming media from a media device to your android gadgets. This app is absolutely free of charge for the limited version.


This app is famous for its high performance and top efficiency levels. Using it, you can conveniently broadcast your content from your gadget to a compatible DLNA device. BubbleUPnP UPnP/DLNA supports DLNA enabled televisions, Chromecast and new gaming consoles. Aside from streaming, this app can also help with editing of playlists. Other features include a sleep timer, playback queue, scrobbling and numerous shuffle modes. This app also comes with a full-screen image viewer and a feature for controlling your content. The best news is this app is absolutely free and you can download it from Google Play Store.


If you have a couple of DLNA compatible devices and you’re interested in an app that can facilitate content streaming to all your devices, AllCast is the best application you need to acquire. Even though there are numerous apps that perform this function very well, having a comprehensive app that can offer you more compatibility is ideal. AllCast can stream to Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Xbox360, Xbox One and Chromecast as well as other DLNA enabled devices. Also, you can use it to stream content from your Dropbox as well as eliminate the need to download content and replay it again.

With the above apps, you’re guaranteed to have your entertainment experience go a notch higher. If you have an Android enabled device, you don’t need to be restricted where to watch your content.

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