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How to Download Dragon City 3.6 Modded APK

It’s no surprise that many people are glued to watching fiction movies involving dragons. The same interest for Dragons is replicated in numerous online games that revolve around dragons. However, Dragon City is a highly rated action and addictive game whose enacting is focused around the city of Dragons. So, if you think dragons are bad, you need to play this incredible game filled with fun and excitement. If you’re interested in raising a dragon in a video game setting, Dragon City is the best online video game that can help you to achieve this purpose. The game is not only about you having dragons and raising them, you can also train them in order to battle and compete with dragons from other players around the world. In this game, you have a chance to demonstrate your creativity and construct magical cities with buildings.

Dragon City is an RPG (Role Playing Game) where you start as a breeder and rise to become a dragon master. There are various types of dragon collections, well over 100 and it’s up to you to choose what you want. The good thing is you only need to buy the dragons and take care of them. However, a lot of players find this a challenge because you require plenty of money and resources to successfully breed a dragon. However this doesn’t need to be a problem anymore because Dragon City has the latest mod, Dragon City 3.6 APK Modded which comes with unlimited money. This means you can make use of this money to purchase any resource you wish to have. This update was released on July 29, 2015 and has simplified how players can easily and conveniently access resources. Remember, the performance of your dragons in battles depends on how you train them.

What is Dragon City 3.6 APK Modded?

Dragon City Modded APK simply refers to the mod version of the game. When you’ve installed this mod version, you’re privileged to have unlimited gold, unlimited gems and any other resource you may need. You can play this mod on your Android phone, tablet or on Facebook. The exciting part about Dragon City 3.6 Modded is that it has new dragons and exciting new missions.

Features of Dragon City 3.6 Modded APK

This mod has caused a lot of excitement bearing in mind it’s associated with cool new features that make the game more captivating and fun to play.

  • For starters, this new mod is very simple to install and play. Even newbies take a short time to understand what is required of them.

  • With hundreds of missions now available, it has become more fun to play. You can never run out of options.

  • Dragon City 3.6 APK Modded can be played on both Android phones and tablets.

  • There is a new wide range of dragon collections, over 100.

  • Every week, there are new adventure dragons keeping the fun alive. This means that as days go by, the game continues to be more diverse keeping players entertained throughout.

  • When you install Dragon City 3.6 Modded APK, you have access to unlimited gold, gems as well as other resources.

  • As a newer version of Dragon City, it’s packed with the latest levels.

  • Construct amazingly beautiful cities which will cause other players to envy you.

  • With this new mod, you have the perfect chance to showcase how skillful your dragons are by participating in online battles with other players from different parts of the globe.

  • You can play with your friends, pay a visit to their islands as well as send them gifts.

  • Dragon City 3.6 Modded APK allows you to add and combine various types of dragons such as Dark Legend, Electric, Flame, Sea, Terra, Ice, Pure, Nature among others. In addition, you can acquire new and stronger hybrids which are guaranteed to perform well during battles.

Procedure of Downloading and Installing Dragon City 3.6 Modded APK on Android

  • Download Dragon City 3.6 Modded APK file. You need to make sure to choose a legitimate link that has the most recent version of the file.

  • In the event you had any previous version of Dragon City, you need to uninstall it before you proceed.

  • Then, proceed to Settings, go to Security and navigate to Allow Unknown Sources. If it is unchecked, tick it to activate the feature. When you do this, you can successfully install APKs from various third party sources.

  • Save the file you have downloaded to a specified location on your Android device.

  • To begin the installation process, tap on the APK file you’ve downloaded to start the process. The download process usually doesn’t take long to complete.

  • Once you’ve finished downloading, feel free to start the app and begin to enjoy the benefits of the new Dragon City3.6 Modded APK with unlimited money.

Just like other top online games, it is expected that newer mods for Dragon City will continue to be released in the coming days. The purpose of these mods is to make the game more interesting by introducing a whole new range of exciting addons.

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