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Download Hotstar APK For Android Free, Install Hotstar APp

Entertainment is a billion dollar industry and when you mix entertainment with technology, the prospects look brighter. We all have heard of Netflix and how it making its impact on the entertainment industry. Lately, they have entered the Indian market, but there is another player that you might want to give attention to.

Hotstar is a free app streaming service, available for both iOS and Android smartphones. And, it has one big advantage over Netflix. You don’t have to pay a single penny to watch media on the app. It is completely free and requires only a smartphone capable of rendering the stream.

For Android users, the APK file of Hotstar can easily enable them to use the app in their smartphone. You can download the Hotstar APK for free and use it without any issues of licensing.

The APK is very useful for many people. Not every smartphone supports Hotstar application as they are flagged by the developers themselves. A good way around is using the APK file and store is for the future. Also, regular updates can easily break the application and might make you regret the decision of updating. In that case also, the APK is mighty useful. The advantages are impressive compared to normal installation using Google PlayStore.

We will go through a simple guide on how to use the APK file and install it without any problems. The installation process only takes a few minutes and you will be left with tons of content to watch for.

But, before we jump onto the guide, let’s learn more about Hotstar.

Hotstar Application

Hotstar application is now a year or more old. At first, it didn’t really stand the expectations of the consumers. But, slowly it improved and provided a seamless experience worth your time.

So, who owns the app? Star TV are the owner of this amazing app is they make sure that all the content reaches you without any hassle for free.

The variety of content available on Hotstar is great. You can watch TV, Movies, Sports, Channels and much more.

As it is targetted towards the Indian audience, the app supports a handful of languages. At the time of writing the article, Hotstar supports 8 languages. They are Hindi, English, Malayalam, Tamil, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, and Kannada.

The variety in languages enables the app to reach a larger audience and stand tall for the unity in diversity.

My personal favorite categories are sports and movies. Live sports events such as IPL or Ranji are broadcasted through the app. The last year’s IPL was streamed live on the Hotstar app and that would surely increase the number of users. Cricket is very popular in India and there is no reason why Hotstar should have missed the chance. It also offers steam of other sports such as Kabaddi, Football, etc.

As the app is free and you don’t need to pay for anything, the app monetizes its content through advertisement during the shows. It is a standard approach for media groups, and the most popular example would be Youtube, who utilizes the same monetization procedure.

For users, the app is a demanding one. Even though if you are using an Android or iOS app, having a 1 GB RAM, good amount of internal memory storage and a dual-core process would easily improve the experience.

Hotstar also offers the option to download the videos and watch them offline. But, not all videos can have this feature enabled.

Download Hotstar

How to Install Hotstar App?

Congratulations on downloading the app. The next step is to install the app and experience the amazing world of entertainment.

If you are using Android, you need to enable the option to install apps from 3rd party resources.

You can do so, by going to the settings > Security > Unknown sources.

Next step is to enable the option. Check the image below to understand it better.


Now, you need to open the APK file on your device. If you have not downloaded the APK file yet, you can do it using the download link given above.

Once, you click on the APK file, it will ask for your permission. Go forward and press “Install” to start the installation. If the installation is successful, you will get a notification for the same.

Congratulations, you now have the app installed on your android device. Now, you need to tap open it and enjoy your favorite movie, TV serial or sports!


Hotstar is a great app for entertainment purpose. It is free and easy to use. The only downside is the advertisement within the video. You need to have a good connection to enjoy the app as well.

If you are still stuck with the app, don’t forget to use the comment section below.

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