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Download iPadian 2 iOS Emulator for PC (Windows 7, 8, 8.1 Touch)

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You Can Play Apple Apps without an Apple Device

There are so many apps out there for only the android or only the apple. There are so many good apps that we are missing out on because we don’t have the IPhone. What if you don’t have the money for an apple phone but you want the app? While everything today is apple. From the apple watch, iPad, to IPhone some of us just can’t afford to own apple at all. While now there’s a solution for that. The Ipadian 2 iOS emulator can fix this.

You can experience the apple apps on your windows pc. The IOS emulator is compatible with all computers that run windows 7, 8 and even 8.1 Touch. You can customize your PC’s desktop; run IPhone games and apps on it.

Just think, now you can use your pc like an apple phone. You can play all those games just like your friends do on their phones.

There are android emulators for PC like Youwave, BlueStacks, and Genymotion that have been out for a while but now there is one for all of us apple fans that don’t have the money to own an Apple. So how does it work? While let me go over it.


If you’re familiar with the internet at all, you probably know what an emulator is. Most emulators available for download today are for video game consoles. For instance, there are emulators for several different types of consoles, including the Nintendo 64, PlayStation 1 and 2, and Gameboy Advance. You can use these programs on nearly any computer or tablet to play old games. But do you know how these emulators work?

It’s simple. An emulator is a type of simulator for a different operating system. Essentially, the emulator runs a simulation of the software that was originally made for the device you’re emulating. So, if you’re running a Gameboy Advance emulator on a PC, the emulator program is basically running Gameboy Advance’s software, allowing you to play almost any game made for that game system.

If you’re using a PC or tablet, there obviously isn’t a slot for the physical game cartridge for whatever console you’re emulating on the PC or tablet. Therefore, you’ll have to search around on the internet for a ROM of the game, or the digitized version of the game.

The difference with the Ipadian 2 is that it’s not just a game emulator – it’s an operating system emulator. This means that your PC screen will resemble that of an iPad. Pretty cool, huh?


The iPadian 2 is the ultimate emulator. It’s a game emulator, app emulator, and OS emulator all in one! iPadian 2 is also up to date. Now you can emulate iOS 10!. If you do have an iPhone or iPad, then you might want to consider using iPadian 2 on your Windows PC, especially if you really like playing iPhone games. iPhone games are notorious for draining your phone or tablet’s battery. Now they don’t have to – you can play them on PC. You’ll be able to access them on your iPhone as well, saving you some battery life for when you go out and get the itch to play your favorite game.

IPadian comes built-in with all your favorite iTunes apps, including Mail, Calculator, Music, and iTunes App Store.

Even if you don’t have an iPhone or iPad, now you can access many of the features and apps of iOS without having to invest in an expensive device you don’t need!

The best part about the emulator is that you get offline access to all your favorite iPhone games. That will save you not only a lot of battery life, but a ton of data usage as well. You won’t have to worry about running out of your monthly data allowance early.

iPadian 2 is also portable! Now you can enjoy seamless iOS emulation anytime anywhere. Simply save the program onto a USB drive so you can emulate iOS software on almost any Windows device!

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