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Best Download Managers For Windows

There are so many web browsers out there and it is different to keep track of them. Every person has their favorite browser but not all of them have download managers that will satisfy their users. In fact, most of them, lack the download manager that users only dream of having.

When it comes to downloading, we want only the best which is why we compiled this list of the top 10 Download Manager for Windows. This article will focus on the different download managers that we believe deserve to be in the top 10. We do not expect you to agree with us, but we hope you do to some degree.

While everybody loves a freebie, we have all Googled free things at some point, are we right? Luckily, there is such a thing as free download managers.

Before we go into the rest of the article, we would recommend to that before any of the programs are downloaded that you do thorough research on them before going through with the downloads.

One last thing before we enter into the article: The sub-headings are numbered so that it easier to determine which one is which. Please also note further that the programs have not been ranked from best to worse.

Free Download ManagerFree_Download_Manager

Known best as FDM, the Free Download Manager has a very diverse set of tools. It is a very easy program to get your head around. The download speed is astonishing and has the program has the ability to resume and pause downloads.

These features are great and make the ideal alternative for anyone that is hoping to avoid using the browser download manager to maintain their downloads. This manager is ideal for anyone that uses Google Chrome.

FDM supports HTTMP and FTP and supports torrent downloads.

The Free Download Manager enables the user to look at downloaded files without ever having to open a separate tool.

Like most programs, the FDM has a ‘lite’ version available that has a smooth workflow on PCs that are low configuration.

All in all, the Free Download Manager is great download manager for the Windows operating system especially, when the program is open source and want to know the best part? It has no ads!


The JDownloader is an open source program that is, you guessed it, free to download and to use. The program was established in Java and has the feature to pause downloads.

It has a load of features that do not forget to satisfy even the pickiest of users. One of the standout features just so happens to be the ability to download from the popular video websites such as famed video sites, Vimeo and YouTube.

JDownloader is also available for Mac and Linux. It is ideal for anything that downloads a lot of things at any time.


Seen as more than a standalone application for download management, DownloadThemAll is actually an extension for Mozilla, also known as Firefox. The extension provides advancement to the download management that Mozilla has its disposal.

The one thing that cannot be achieved when you use DownThemAll is comparing it to other download managers that have either been mentioned above.

The extension improves on download speed and the extension’s ability to customize downloads which will appear to have priority.

Having the extension means that Firefox is completely integrated and will give high and successful results and even provides spider pages which become useful. It also has an automatic renaming tool.

So, to put an end to this section, it is evident that DownThemAll is one of the best download managers out there.

Orbit DownloadOrbit_downloader_screenshot

While there are plenty of download managers out there, who doesn’t love the idea of having a manager named after something space related? We sure as hell love it!

Orbit, as the manager is called was made specially for the Windows line of operating systems. Orbit likes to call itself by a different name: Download Manager Resolution because it has the ability to download from websites like Pandora and YouTube.

These features need to be accompanied by a simplified UI (User Interface). The download manager provides support for protocols for HTTP, FTP, MSS and RTSP and allows for a server proxy that allows the user to have support for RapidShare.

Orbit is incredibly powerful. It is also free to download and use on your Windows operated computer.


Want a simple download management program and has a minimal UI? FlashGet is ideal for these two things. Despite FlashGet having the least number of resources, the upside is that when items are being downloaded from the download speed is optimized.

There are plenty of nifty features. Like:

  • Search

  • Rename

  • Drag and Drop transfer

Unlike other download managers, there are skins that you can install and also add-ons like getting emails when files are downloaded through a remote PC. This can only happen if FlashGet is actually installed on that PC.

The manager is promising and is great for the management of downloads. One last thing, it is great in professional arenas.

Download NinjaExtensionDownload-Ninja

Google Chrome has been mentioned in this article before. Download Ninja is exceptional when managing downloads come into play. It extends its more advanced options to Chrome.

Download Ninja is another extension to the Google web browser. It will only take a couple of clicks to make it become enabled in Chrome.

Like with most of the other download managers, downloads can be paused and resumed.

Download Ninja features include:

  • Download Queuing

  • Speed Limiting

  • Shredding files

  • Support for multiple languages

  • Ability to edit themes

For anyone that uses Google Chrome, Download Ninja is ideal and we would recommend adding it to your browser arsenal.

Microsoft Download ManagerMicrosoft-Download-Manager

Believe it or not, the Microsoft Download Manager is the only item within our top 10 that is actually manufactured by Microsoft.

The MDM is a very basic tool that is no bigger than 2MB. The manager will contribute in the management of your downloads, regardless if they are broken.

The application is currently available on 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. It even comes with a solution to any integration issues for anyone that has a later model device. Downloads can be managed smoothly and it doesn’t matter what size the files are.

Download Accelerator PlusDownload-Accelerator-Plus

Want something colorful? Well, Download Accelerator Plus is for you. It is free to download. You might be wondering as to what that means. Well, it means that it has quick download speeds.

The download engine has been described as dynamic and will even supply multiple sources for a file.

The interface is super easy to use so you don’t have to worry about any complex interfaces.

There is also a of different versions of the programs. The version we have just mentioned is the free one. The second one has advanced capabilities and is the premium version.

Download Accelerator Plus includes support for the downloading of YouTube videos. It even allows for YouTube videos to be converted into MP3 files.

Basically, there are a number of features even if it is only the free version. The paid version will give you a lot more freedom and it should as it costs $24.95. Personally, we would recommend the free version.

Internet Download Manageridm

Want a download manager that is popular? Well, the Internet Download Manager is the one for you. It can be incorporated into even the most popular of today’s web browsers. The features that are on offer include:

  • Drag and drop system with a command line support

  • It even has a timer that assists when scheduling downloading

  • There is even queue support

  • Files can be sorted into categories

According to the latest version that has been released, the program is now supported on Windows 10. It even has the capability to download video from web players, MSS protocol support and more.

However, unlike many of the download managers that are described in this article, the IDM comes with a price tag of $29.95.

Internet Download AcceleratorInternet-Download-Accelerator

IDA, or Internet Download Accelerator has awesome features. It is a major piece of software that comes in handy when it comes to downloading.

It has efficient management and it is very simple to use which is great for beginners who will simply love it.

The program’s User Interface has Active Visual Cart (or AVC) that assists in the running of the tool and doesn’t require the program to be opened in full window mode. The application also assists in productivity and is great when handling content that is web based.

Despite the application looking rather rudimentary, we have come to realize that it futile to underestimate the powers that IDA clearly possesses. It has a great array of features that include:

  • ZIP Preview

  • Watching half downloaded videos

  • FTP Explorer

There are only a few of the features that the app has at its disposal.

So, with the vast availability of the app’s features as well as the other capabilities that it has, makes it a good program to take into consideration when looking into all the different download managers that are available for download.


So there you have it. A list of the finest download managers for Windows. We are rather proud of this list and hope to expand on it in the near future. If you have used any of these download managers, do not forget to tell us. Perhaps you use a program that is not listed in this article. If so, do not be afraid to tell us.

With that being said, we bid you good day.

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