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How to Download and Install Subway Surfers 1.41.0 Rio Modded APK- Unlimited Coins and Keys

If you love high adrenaline online games that will keep you at the edge of your seat throughout, Subway Surfers Rio is an excellent action packed and fun game to play. Subway Surfers is a famous free to play game that features endless running where surfers move from one city to another. In Subway Surfers Rio, Jake and his accomplices are featured in the famous Brazil party city of Rio de Janeiro.

This game is simple to play; all you need to do is to keep running, dodge any hurdles that come your way, pick all the coins and goodies and avoid encountering the fat inspector and his dog. If you haven’t played Subway Surfers before, it’s simply an exciting smartphone game that is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8 users.subway surfers apk

The cool thing about Subway Surfers Rio is it keeps getting new content and updates every now and then. For the Rio version, surfers are in Brazil and have lots of energy to jump from one train to another. No doubt, this game has had one of its best updates, Subway Surfers 1.41.0 released by Kiloo, the brains behind the game. This key update debuted on 2nd July, 2015 and features a new outfit for Carmen and a brand new birdie board.

The best news is there’s Subway Surfers 1.41.0 Modded APK version which enables players to find access to unlimited money and keys which can in turn be used to get impressive scores that will make your friends envious of you.

If you haven’t tried this new version yet, you’re missing out big time. Basically, the game has maintained the same theme of playing but some cool additions have been added to make the game more captivating. The previous World Tour Edition is held in Venice before coming to Rio. You’ll definitely love some of the new features which have been included on the subway tracks of Rio. The cop who was chasing after the running character no longer has his international uniform on but has now put on Indian Police Force attire. The cop now resembles an Indian chasing after your character on the Subway of Rio to stop him/her from going any further. The local trains in Rio share the same unique colors as those seen on trains and metros in Venice where the previous competition was held.

What stands out about Subway Surfers 1.41.0 Modded APK version is you gain access to unlimited amount of coins and keys which you can use to purchase anything you want from the store. In addition, you have the freedom to select the board of your choice or pick the character you love most despite its price tag.

In this article, we shall be discussing how you can enjoy the benefits of playing Subway Surfers Rio with the assistance of modded apk version that is associated with unlimited coins and keys. Using modded apk version is highly beneficial because it enables you to unlock some features you wouldn’t manage on your own.

Whenever you get high scores, you can share them via Facebook status or publish them on the Lead-board. To gain all these benefits and take your game experience to the next level, follow the guidelines outlined below to download and install Subway Surfers 1.41.0 Modded APK on your smartphone.

Features of Subway Surfers Rio 1.41.0 Modded APK Version

Just like any other game update, this new version comes with an array of exciting cool features to ensure you have a good time playing Subway Surfers Rio.

In order to benefit from this update, you need to read and know what has been included in the new 1.41.0 Rio update:

  • As part of the Subway Surfers World Tour, visit Brazil for endless fun .
  • Party with Jake together with the crew on the beautiful and colorful Rio de Janeiro subways.
  • Utilize a maximum of three Score Boosters in a single run and go for higher scores.
  • Surf and have fun on the new Birdie Board as well as get Carmen, cool Shake attire.
  • Look for cute toucans on the Subway tracks and win Weekly Hunt prizes.

Procedure for Downloading and Installing Subway Surfers Rio 1.41.0 Modded APK on Android

If you have your device ready, the procedure for installing modded apk is as follows;

  • Find the appropriate link and download the Subway Surfers 1.41.0 Modded APK file.
  • Download the selected file straight to your Android gadget. Alternatively, you can download to your computer then transfer it to your device. Ensure you have saved the file to a specified location you can remember; you’ll need it later in the process.
  • If there are any previous versions of Subway Surfers installed on your device, you need to uninstall them before installing the downloaded file.
  • Go to the APK file you downloaded earlier, open it and begin the installation process. The installation will completely within a very short period of time.
  • Once you’ve successfully completed the installation process, start the game and feel free to play. With this new version, you’re free to access unlimited coins and keys in any content.

The advantage of having the modded APK version is that you’re empowered to play and win challenging tasks with higher impressive scores. If you don’t have the Subway Surfers Rio 1.41.0 Modded APK version, it’s time to download your new version today. In case you get stuck during the process, there are numerous online forums you can find solutions for your problem.

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