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Download YouTube 6.0.11 APK for Android Devices

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Features YouTube 6.0.11 APK file:

If you are using YouTube on your computer, then you might know that it shows you recommended videos based on the type of videos that you watch regularly and the type of channels you are subscribed to.

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The same feature is present in YouTube app as well. You need to sign in with your Gmail id and you will be shows all the recommendations and the channels you have subscribed to in the app. You can easily watch the videos, use the captions, share it on social networks with your friends and even like, share and comment on the videos.

  • Check out all the recommendations on the homepage of the app.
  • Subscribe to various different channels that suit your requirements. Subscribe to sports channel, fitness channel or comedy channel – it’s completely up to you.
  • You can easily send videos directly from your phone or tablet to Chromecast, your gaming console or your smart TV.
  • You can enjoy the latest music videos of your favorite artists.
  • You can watch the videos offline instead of download YouTube videos.
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