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DU Battery Saver App – Improve Battery Life of Android Phone

One of the major drawbacks of an Android smartphone is its battery drainage issue. Almost all the Android devices have multiple apps and services running in the background making the battery juice drain out sooner than expected. At such times, you can use certain battery saver apps for Android that can help you in killing background apps and optimizing the battery life of your smartphone. One of the best apps to conserve your device’s battery life is DU Battery Saver app and it not only avoids battery drainage but also helps in charging the battery the right way.

The DU Battery Saver app, when combined with DU Speed Booster app, gives you the best performance. You can use the application to charge your smartphone’s battery the right way to avoid unexpected battery drainage. Moreover, the app keeps your smartphone’s temperature in check and notifies you when the temperature exceeds the normal limits so that you can stop using certain apps for a while to cool down your device. So, in this article, we are going to see a complete DU Battery Saver app review and also learn how to use to it optimize the battery life of your Android device.

DU Battery Saver App Overview

Using multiple apps at the same time and not closing them properly, applications running in the background, several apps auto-starting at reboot, etc. – these are only some of the reasons why your smartphone battery needs multiple charges a day.

Even if you have a powerful battery, you will have to take care of it by limiting it’s usage as one of the biggest threats to your smartphone is the rising temperature when you keep using your phone for a long time. Your phone overheats because of the high CPU usage and therefore, you should limit using apps that increases CPU usage.

du battery saver app review

The phone cooling feature of DU Battery Saver app constantly monitors your phone’s temperature and when it exceeds the threat level, it disable certain apps to bring down the temperature back to the safe level.

If your phone stays overheated for a long time, then it can damage the hardware of your device. So, keep your smartphone’s temperature to a normal level using the application.

DU Battery Saver App Review

The battery saver app is available for free for Android smartphones and tablets and can be downloaded from Google Play Store directly. Click on the link below to go to the download page.

download du battery saver app from play store

Once the application is installed on your smartphone, you can follow the steps below to optimize the battery life of your device.

Optimize Your Phone

When you launch the app, you will a lot of things on the dashboard like the time left for your battery, your phone’s temperature and the voltage and capacity of your battery as well as the graph showing the battery consumption.

To, improve the battery usage, click on the Optimize button below the time left and the app will scan for running apps and close them as well as optimize the functions of your smartphone.

This will improve the battery life of your device as not a lot of apps are running in the background and the battery juice is not used on useless things.

du battery saver app optimize

Battery Saver Modes

There are different modes available in the app that allows you to save battery life by using only a few services at a time using the Saver option. You can select various modes and keep calls and SMS feature active while deactivating the mobile Internet feature to save the battery usage.

You can also create your own custom mode using the app and choose what features you want to keep active and which ones you want to deactivate.

du battery saver app modes

Charging Your Battery

Tap on the Charge option below to open the window that shows your battery percentage and the time left before the life is drained completely.

This option is useful when you keep your smartphone in charge. Plug in your charger and then launch the charge option and keep it active for the entire duration of the charge. The app will then use 3 modes – Fast Charge, Full Charge and Trickle Charge to finish the charging process the right way.

du battery saver app healthy charging

Monitor Apps Usage

The Monitor tab shows you all the apps running in your background and their usage. You can stop the running app to save the battery life from unwanted consumption. However, don’t stop the system apps and services.

du battery saver app monitor usage

Phone Cooler Feature

One of the best features of DU Battery Saver app is the phone cooling feature. If you want to know how to use the feature, then keep on reading.

Tap on Saver option at the bottom of your screen and then tap on Smart tab at the top. You will see the Phone Cooler feature, so tap on it. It will then scan the CPU status and give you a list of the apps and services that are heating up your phone.

If the temperature of the device is not OK, then click on the Cool Down button at the bottom and the app will close all the heating apps and cool down your smartphone.

du battery saver app phone cooling

So, that’s how you can use DU Battery Saver app to improve the battery life of your Android smartphone. Download the application right now from the link below as it is completely free. (A Pro version is available with additional features for just $2.99)

download du battery saver app from play store

I hope that you liked the review article about DU Battery Saver App. If you have used the app, then do share your experience via the comments below and share the article with your friends and tell them how to save battery life of their Android smartphone.

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