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Easy Steps To Use Docs.Zone For Converting Your PDF File In An Editing Mode As OCR


In the digital documentation world there are times when you require making minor corrections in a file. If you don’t have an editable file, you are in a fix. Thanks to various software that enables you to use your PDF file and make them editable by using OCR technology it is possible. However all the software has if and buts in them as well as some sort of strings attached to it.

Out of them the one that stands out is Docs.Zone. It makes things simple and you can accomplish the job by just few clicks. It is the best PDF to OCR document tool. Moreover you can do this even without installing the software. Let us see the features in the form of simple and easy step by step gude and get your conversion done in just a few clicks.


Features of Docs.Zone:

  • As said earlier, the first important feature of this software is that it does not require any installation in the desktop hence it becomes platform independent. Whether you are having Mac, Windows, Linux – not to worry, it’s all online.
  • It has flawless conversion hence it does not require formatting the converted file.
  • It is best tool that enables the conversion of PDF to Word and vice versa.
  • It is possible to select multiple files at the same time for conversion thereby saving your time and space without facing any difficulties.


Procedure to use:

The procedure is very simple in true sense. Let us go through the same.

  • The first and the foremost step is to create an account if you are first time user or just sign-in with your user-id and password if you have already created one. With Docs.Zone, online conversion of PDF files can be done without any interruption and works perfectly fine.
  • Once you have logged in with your account, you will have various tabs which gives features to convert files to PDF, combine files, convert PDF to webpages, excel, images, word tabs.
  • Select PDF to word tab to accomplish the job.
  • Browse to the document that you want to work on and you are ready to start.
  • Select the start button and the process of conversion starts. It will show the progress through the progress bar and you are done once it reaches 100%.
  • It is so super-fast that it takes hardly 15 seconds to complete the job of converting the text document file.
  • The completed file is stored in the inbox of the Docs.Zone.
  • You can either download the file or view it online and share it across to your friends or business colleagues – whatever you want.


Benefits from Docs.Zone:


  • The files once completed remains in your Inbox for six hours, which means you can finish the important work keeping the process on and download at your convenience later on.
  • Even if you are stuck up in between, it provides online and comprehensive help and easy to follow steps to complete the task.


Finally, there is some tool like Docs.Zone that is really convenient, easy to use and user-friendly – the best part of it require no installation and is platform independent. It is an online tool that allows to do the conversions anywhere at your convenience with complete efficiency.

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