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Fix ‘Can’t play video file’ error Android

Can’t play video file is a common error among Android users and here I’m going to share the solution to fix it. The solution might sound stupid but, it has managed to work in most of the cases. So, go ahead with this fix and let me know if it doesn’t work in the comment section.

You must have checked that there is an application named, Google Plus which not everyone is using these days. It is a social platform, just like Facebook or Twitter, and it’s a Google product. Google tried to compete against the likes of Facebook and failed.

Still, the application exists in all Android smartphones and tablets as the app comes installed by default. There is a strong stupid connection between this error of video file cannot play on an Android device and this Google Plus application.

By default, all the apps which come pre-installed requires updates to be installed. We go to the Google Play store and allow those updates to fetch in.

Once these updates arrive, they play safe with all other apps and the parent OS files but, sometimes, there isn’t everything done perfectly by the developers behind. It’s those rare cases when such errors starts showing up.

How to Fix ‘Can’t Play Video File error’ Android

So, to fix the issue, once for all, you need to go into the Settings, and then move into the Apps.

A list of installed apps will appear. Select the Google+ app from the installed apps list.

Now, among all the details, you need to tap on Uninstall Updates button, which will clear off all the installed updates, leaving the app just like default.

Once done, it’s recommended to reboot/restart the device to let the system boot with the fresh configuration. Once it starts again, the issue will be fixed, for sure.

Second Fix for Android 5.0 and above users

If the aforementioned fix isn’t working and the ‘can’t play video file’ issue is running across YouTube app as well, then you need not to panic.

Note – this method is going to work for Android 5.0 Lollipop or above users only.

You need to go again into the Settings and scroll down to the About Phone section. Now, find the section where Build Version is mentioned and start tapping on the same.

Tapping over that option for 7 times will enable the Developer Options, making you a Developer. Or in other words, giving you access to the core of the system, which a developer needs.

Come out from the About Phone section and you’ll see an option labeled, Developer Options. Tap on the same and inside that, find this option labeled as Use AwesomePlayer.

If this option is enabled, then disable it, or if it is disabled, then enable it. Restart the device and let it settle down for a minute after booting.

The issue will be fixed.

Alternatively, if the video can’t play Android issue is with the YouTube app only, then you can go to the App settings, find the YouTube app and clear out all the caches.

Now you know how to do it, right?

These were some simple hacks and methods that will sort out this ‘can’t play video file’ error on Android and I hope this guide wasn’t anything lengthy.

There are a few things you need to be aware of, before you start the entertainment section over the YouTube or any other media playing app.

Android OS is developer friendly but, it doesn’t mean that everyone can open up those configuration options and start playing. Once the Developer Options are enabled and you make a bunch of changes, the device might misbehave. Because, it’s not configured in the native state.

So, it is advisable to stay away from all those options and make sure you don’t need to play with them, unless needed. If your case has to enable the developer options to fix this or any other particular issue, and the device starts misbehaving, it’s better to turn it off again.

To do that, go to the Developer Options inside the Settings and right at the top, you’ll see a toggle to switch it off. It’s that easy and once the device reboots, things will start getting in the old-stable format.

One key thing to note is that there are chances of having a corrupt video file, which is causing the issue. Android being an open-source platform is prone to malware and infected content. So, make sure the media content or any other file is being downloaded or grabbed from a genuine and trusted source only.

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