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How to Get Flash Player for iPad and iPhone? – Best Browser Apps

One of the main drawbacks of iOS is that it doesn’t support Flash and makes it extremely difficult to view Flash content on iPhone or iPad. However, iOS users don’t need to worry as you can get Flash on iPad and iPhone using some of the awesome browsers listed in this article. This browser apps support Flash and by installing one of these apps, you can get flash player for iPad, iPhone or any other iOS device and it would be extremely easy to play videos and flash games.

Many iOS users have searched for ways to get flash on iPad but there is no requirement to download Adobe flash player or any other third party flash player app on your device because you can get it by installing a flash supported iOS browser. The web browsers mentioned in this list are both paid as well as free but since you get flash support on iPhone and iPad by installing these browser applications, they are worth buying. So, let’s see which one is the best browser app to get flash support on iOS device.

Best iOS Browsers to Get Flash Player for iPad and iPhone

1. Photon Flash Player for iPad (Browser)

Photon Flash Player app is one of the most popular choices among people looking to use flash on their iOS device. The app is not available for free, but you can get it for $3.99 from the app store and install it on your device. With a single tap, you can enable the flash support on the browser.

With Photon browser, you can play flash games on Facebook, use flash apps and play flash videos in your browser. It’s a great Safari alternative and the reason that it allows you to use flash on iPad and iPhone makes it a better choice. However, you have the manually enable the flash support because by default, it is turned off in the browser. You can turn on the support by clicking on the “Lightning icon” on the bottom right corner of the interface.

download photon flash player
photon flash player for ipad
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2. Puffin Browser

Another amazing choice for a flash-enabled web browser, Puffin browser is one of the best browser for both iOS as well as Android. The browser offers you a chance to download the free trial version on your smartphone so that you can try it out and if it meets your requirements, then you can pay $3.99 to buy the full version.

Puffin web browser is light-weight and super fast and the fact that it saves up to 90% of your bandwidth is a real plus. You can use the browser to browser the Internet at incredibly fast speed. It provides Adobe Flash support over Cloud and it also allows you to adjust Flash quality so that you can play games and run flash videos on your iPad or iPhone without any difficulties. So, you can get the free version to test it out and then buy the full version if you like it.

download puffin browser
puffin web browser
There were other applications as well like Skyfire browser and iSwifter games browser but it seems that they have been removed from the iTunes app store. However, I am looking for some new flash-supported browsers and once I have tested them, I will be updating this article to give you more apps that runs flash for iPad as well as other iOS device.

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Other Ways to Get Flash on iPad and iPhone

There is yet another way using which you can run flash content on iPad or iPhone. You can use Parallels Access to stream content from your Mac or PC directly to your iOS device. Parallels Access allows you to access the content on your Mac or PC using your iPad from anywhere in the world and you can use it to access applications like Microsoft Office, Flash player and other flash-supported contents.

However, this might not be an ideal solution if you want to get flash on iPad. The service is not free and you will have to pay $19.99 per year to get access to use Parallels Access. I would strongly recommend you to get one of the above flash supported browsers for your iOS device.

But if you want to use your Mac or PC remotely using your iPhone or iPad, then using Parallels Access might be a great choice.

flash player on ipad iphone
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So that was the complete article on how you can use flash on iPad and iPhone and how you can use a third-party service to stream content directly from your Mac or PC to your iOS device.

I hope that you liked the article and now you want face any difficulties in getting flash player on iPad or iPhone. So if you liked the article, then share it with your friends and keep visiting BigLittleGeek for more such awesome tutorials.

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