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Free 30GB for iCloud Storage

Need more iCloud storage? How about 30 extra gigabytes? If you’re currently making payments on a yearly basis for an iCloud Storage Plan set up before September 2015, you may be able to get those 30GB at no extra cost. You just need to maximize your options by choosing a more current plan.

ICloud Annual Storage Plan Users

If you became a member of an annual iCloud Storage Plan before September 16, 2015, you may not realize that most iCloud storage limits were increased on that date. Some were not. For example, the basic 5GB of free storage that are provided to everyone signed up to iCloud through their iOS device has remained the same. However, members who are paying for larger storage plans have new options.

Know What You’re Paying for Storage

If you’re a paying member of an annual iCloud Storage Plan set up before September 2015, check to see how much you’re paying per month for your plan. Also look to see how many gigabytes of storage your plan is providing to you.

Check Out Your Options

To see whether or not you can take advantage of the increased storage limits, select iCloud in the Settings menu of your device. The Storage tab will display the number of unused iCloud storage gigabytes that you still have available to you. Click on the tab to see the total number of storage gigabytes you currently own in iCloud.

Under Manage Storage, you will find the option to Change Storage Plan. This is where you’ll discover whether or not there is a better plan available to you. Although iCloud storage limits were upgraded, your plan may not have been.

For example, new plans offer 50 gigabytes of storage at $0.99 a month. Plans before September 2015 offered only 20 gigabytes of storage for the exact same monthly price. This means you can receive 30 more gigabytes of storage — for free — simply by upgrading your storage plan! Who wouldn’t?

Choose a New Storage Plan

Before choosing a plan, make sure you’re selecting one that provides as much storage space as you’ll need. You can change your monthly plan at any time, but this is a good opportunity to review your needs and set up a data storage plan that will be sufficient for you and your family. The plan you choose will automatically renew until it is cancelled.

Whichever plan you choose, notice that storage limits have been increased for most plans even though pricing may have remained similar. Check to see how much data storage you’re currently using. Depending on your needs, you may even be able to downgrade to a cheaper plan and still have all the gigabytes of storage you really need.

Complete the Transaction

Have your iTunes password ready? An iTunes password is required to purchase a new iCloud Storage Plan even if you’re downgrading to a cheaper one.

After you’ve selected a new plan, your existing annual storage plan will be automatically cancelled and cannot be renewed. If you’ve paid for time remaining on the cancelled plan, the cost of your new plan will be prorated to reflect the difference so that you won’t be losing any money by making the switch to a new plan.

And that’s it! By choosing an updated plan, you’ve increased your iCloud storage limits by 30 additional gigabytes that won’t cost you an extra dime. Plus, you’ve acquired the knowledge of how to do it. Shared judiciously, that’s something that could even win you a couple new friends.


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